In this article, we will talk about how to create, configure and install a calculator for various calculations on a website or blog on WordPress. We discuss about calculator plugins are designed for this, we will get acquainted with the principles of their work and functionality. We also consider options for adding a calculator to the site using special services.

Why do I need a calculator on the site?

Calculators are more often used by commercial sites that provide goods or services. Depending on the direction of activity, the functional of the calculator for the site, its properties, the number of fields and so on will differ. Information sites and blogs can also be equipped with widgets useful for visitors to calculate, thereby increasing the time spent on the resource, improving behavioural factors.

Each of the calculators is based on calculation formulas, certain functions and algorithms by which the operation is performed.

So, for example, to calculate the average fuel consumption of a car, you need to specify the number of kilometers travelled by car and the gasoline spent on this path. Suppose we drove 3,000 km and burned 250 litters of gasoline. To calculate the average fuel consumption per 100 km, we need to make the following proportion.

250/3000 = x / 100, where x is the average consumption in litters, we are looking for

So, x = 250 * 100/3000 = 8.3 L

Those. The calculation of X will be based on the following formula:

X = Fuel consumption per journey * 100 / Kilometres

This is one of the simplest examples of calculations, but it is precisely such formulas that are taken as the basis when creating a calculator for a site on WordPress, or other platforms.

Let’s try to divide the most popular calculators by area of activity:

  • Cash – currency converters, calculation of the dynamics of the exchange rate, bank interest, loan repayment time, deposit accruals, taxes, etc.
  • Health – calculation of weight, calories, physical activity, the amount of water drunk, etc.
  • Construction – calculation of the amount of necessary materials for certain works;
  • Time calculators – the number of days before the summer or until the New Year, the number of days between dates, etc.
  • Mathematical – for calculating various quantities like Binary Calculator, Hexadecimal to Binary Calculator, volume, perimeter, degree, distance, etc.)
  • Culinary – to calculate the amount of ingredients in the recipe.

In addition to the listed types of calculators, there are also specialized for certain areas and industries, education, business areas. And if for more popular calculations you can find ready-made solutions, for specific types of calculators it is necessary to prescribe the functionality individually.

WordPress plugins to create a website calculator

WordPress plugins for installing calculators are also distributed in directions. For example, among money we can distinguish Loan calculator Pro (mortgage), FC’s Auto Loan Calculator (car loan), Debt Reduction Calculator (deposit), CC Savings Calculator (savings calculator), Responsive Mortgage Calculator (adaptive loan calculator). And here are some outdated health calculators: BMI BMR Calculator (weight calculator), Fitness Tracker (calculation of loads, calories).

But today there are universal WordPress plugins for creating calculators. They allow you to independently form the desired type and appearance of this element on the site.

We already considered one of them earlier – the WP Creator Calculator plugin. However, its last update was three years ago.

The next plugin has fresh updates – It allows you to make calculations with any number of inputs. There are tons of functions with which you can create a calculator for a large number of needs.

This concludes today’s review of services and plugins for creating a calculator for a WordPress site. Write in the comments your ways to add such widgets to your blog.

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