Instagram has soaring popularity and it is considered as third largest social platform over the web after Facebook and YouTube with its 1 billion users. Instagram has rolled out new feature Instagram TV a.k.a “IGTV” that supports the full-screen vertical videos with the one-hour-long format. There is some speculation surfacing on the mainstream media that Instagram is going to become a home for videos like YouTube and Snapchat. This Instagram move becomes very popular in a very short period of time on social media. Not unexpectedly, this means businesses will likely be climbing to discover a long-form social video plan and be the earliest to make a big squish on Instagram’s new feature IGTV.

How to Build Your Business with Instagram TV

Show High-Quality Content

Give a solid reason to the users to enjoy their IGTV views and keep coming back to your channel. Give them exclusive content. Please your viewers with something new and exciting. IGTV is basically mobile-focused vertical video format, so take benefit of this format and create the compelling content that alluring your audience in the best way. For Example, famous fashion brand LV involved the power of IGTV in their fashion show (Men’s Spring/Summer) and highlight their brand in the 12th-minute vertical video.

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Create a Video Series

Instagram let you schedule your posts and that’ why you can regularly update your Instagram profile. Using IGTV, create a video series that will give your viewers in-depth awareness about your brand. It could be the best treat for the binge-watching audience. For Instance, Buzzfeed used this strategy on IGTV. Nevertheless, it’s not a surprise for most of their audience because they have been doing the same on Snapchat Discover.

However, the company proves how brands easily use Instagram TV vertical video to their social media presence.

Share the Latest News

Sharing and reporting on latest and trending news is a great way to get ahead of the curve and IGTV give you a platform to share industry news enchantingly with your audience. However, trending news posts can be tricky because they need to keep a close eye on this industry to ensure that you have authentic news to share with your viewers. Your channel could be at first place in must-have insights if you share the authentic updates with your fan base.

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Go Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

Everybody want to know sneak peak of behind the scenes and IGTV is the best way to give depth to your BTS (Behind the scenes) stories. Give your viewers a peek of your upcoming product or new release of your brand.


What’s better than Instagram TV to create a tutorial or educational videos content? The webinar is the best way to add value to your IGTV presence. Moreover, it will establish a good credibility and can bring your more real Instagram followers. That way, you can create a resource library for your viewers. You can get more potential followers and even reach to more people using this strategy.

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