The projects your business comes across need to be dealt in a proper way. To cater to the need, project management software organize these tasks, notify you about the deadlines approaching and manage your resources besides many other tasks. However, the plus points these free project management software come up with don’t end here.

What is Project Management?

We find projects in our daily lives at home, at the workspaces, in our universities and a lot more. These are real projects with a start and end date as well as a target scope and resources and they all necessitate some sort of supervision.

Project management is a crucial discipline that involves applying skills of the method, expertise, materials, output, and strategies to project activities to make sure that project objectives and specifications are met.

Why is Project Management so Important?

Strategic Alignment

Project management is vital when it assures that what is provided, is correct and offers actual benefit towards the market opportunity.

Naturally, risks can likely arise when programs advance, become problems or even the corporate plan can adjust. However, project management can guarantee that the project is part of this readjustment. Project management matters here because for the programs that turn out to be costly or redundant or that do not respond to company requirements.


Project management is essential because it provides project leadership and guidance.

Project managers represent the team but still ensure consistent responsibilities. There is no misunderstanding with a project manager in position as to who is in charge of and in control of what is taking place in a project.

Contract managers implement processes and often hold everyone in contact with the team because they are largely responsible for the failure or success of the project.

Clear objectives

Project management is vital since it assures that a proper strategy for the implementation of strategic objectives is in place.

Sometimes the priorities of a project must adjust according to a materializing danger. Again, a project could quickly fail without dedicated supervision and management, however strong project management and a good project manager allows the team to prioritize and rethink the goals as required.


Project management is vital because it means that adequate goals are established for what to do, by when, and how much. A successful project manager provides a transparent, timely mechanism, which permits anyone on the project team to operate under realistic limits and not unrealistic demands.

Quality control

Project management is critical because it constantly marks the consistency of what is produced. Dedicated project management means not only that a project has time and money to produce, but also that the results are checked continuously at each level.

Risk Management

Project management is vital when danger is adequately handled and mitigated to prevent problems. Project management is important.

Good project management technique needs project managers to thoroughly consider the possible threats for the project, measure them, draw up a prevention strategy and implement an emergency plan. It needs the correct questions to be asked to identify threats at an early stage.

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Top 11 Free Project Management Software

Today, we will discuss about 11 free project management software options to keep your team on track. Let’s begin!


Trello - Manage Team's Projects

Trello is an easy way for Kanban to arrange the tasks. Freelancers may use Trello on a personal board to schedule their tasks. Teams will use it at all stages to create a full project workflow with visibility.

Start by generating a new board or selecting a prototype from hundreds of choices. Add a few lists for your tasks (each list has a column) In each column adds labels, due dates, participants, checklists, photos, attachments to your tasks as visual cards.

Drag the cards to the right list as you begin to complete activities. You will log all remarks and activities you list – or monitor – from the action menu.

The free plan includes unlimited boards, 10 team boards, one power-up per board, and attachments up to 10MB.

Click Up – Best Free Project Management

Clickup - Best Free Project Management

ClickUp is next in our free project management software list with strong capabilities to handle and complete all the team tasks on one platform. In a centralized workspace, users can organize assignments, arrange activities and control staff, meet and collaborate with team members and visitors.

Features for task management include task lists, subtasks, and task models, as well as the ability to browse, sort, search, reorganize and display tasks as conveniently as possible with your staff. Gantt charts, schedules, and timelines may also be created by users to visualize activities.

ClickUp provides Slack, G Suite, Dropbox, even other applications, and over 1,000+ Zapier integrations.

The free plan of ClickUp is stable and contains all the main functions. The unlimited scheme begins at $5 per account per month and provides extra features.

KissFlow Project

Kissflow - Collaborative Project management software

Kissflow project is a collaborative platform for teamwork, transparency, teamwork, and quality management. The tool also provides simplified monitoring capabilities for the visibility of items and tasks.

The Kissflow project can be customized and tailored to the requirements of your team. It provides many views for programs, including Kanban boards, list views, and swim lanes. The project states feature enables team members to identify activities with one of three status levels – on hold, in progress, and done – that lets people reduce the amount of monitoring needed.

The tool permits users to exchange project schedules, documentation, and other files as well as to address tasks in the software directly. Team participants often get updates when due dates come. The freedom to prioritize and delegate team members to them is another wonderful feature.


Teamgantt - Free online gantt chart maker software

TeamGantt is a project management platform with an upgrade to a paying package, used by Amazon and Netflix, for smaller groups and teams. TeamGantt is specialized in Gantt charts and other job preparation capabilities but it still tracks workloads and team availability, offers collaborative functionality such as chat and tagging, and offers personalized updates.

This tool’s free edition restricts you to 3 users and 1 project, which must be aware of constraints. Dependencies can be a little difficult to manage because, the more you have, the more often a mistake can change anything you have done.

TeamGantt evaluates the assessment requirements well in the usability segment because it is very flexible to use. The tool is suitable for you to set up and monitor your tasks, regardless of their structure or restrictions. Furthermore, it is great to share a “read-only” URL with external parties for input.

TeamGantt may be used by up to three members free of charge.


Wrike - Versatile & Robust Project Management Software

Wrike is an excellent project management application for teams who want the choice of personalizing workflows and editing and reviewing tasks from the software itself. The tool provides color code and layer calendars and its smartphone form helps colleagues to change on-the-go project details. You may apply feedback to sections, videos or documents and construct individual fields for the export of your company’s most important results.

  • Security controls to guarantee access to knowledge through only approved staff.
  • Activity Stream to allow project managers to handle small tasks, view chronological events, and identify team members.
  • The choice of removing unnecessary items from your own personal activities Stream.
  • Email and synchronization with the calendar.
  • Editing and approval options built-in.

Free for five members of the project. Pay plans begin at $9.80 a month per account with a minimum of five accounts.

Paymo – Manage Project


The free edition of Paymo only gives one consumer entry, so if you have a small team or freelancer, it might be an easy way to track quick hours and to charge customers. Paymo also helps you to arrange project schedules, build to-do lists, and keep up with the budgets for many tasks simultaneously.

The characteristics it holds include Kanban Boards, time tracking, Adobe CC Extension, three invoices, reporting. One consumer free. Pay schedules begin at $11.95 a month per user.



Teamwork, a project management app to get virtual personnel together, helps you to update your team members so that the remote and flexible departments recognize the plans of the staff. It also offers customer support features, including the possibility of allocating seats or viewing customer emails. (Teamwork is an application partner with HubSpot).

  • It offers customized routing to prioritise the needs of your team
  • Gantt chart for visualizing schedules and schedules of projects
  • Email messages and choice for the privacy of project information
  • Remote or flexible team member progress reports
  • It can have up to five users free of charge. With a minimum of 5 accounts, pay plans start at $9 per user per month.

Freedcamp – Free Project Management

Freedcamp - Free Project Management

Freedcamp is a feature-rich platform developed for personal and technical use for project management. Each project has its projects, milestones, files, discussions, time, tracking.

Characteristics carry message board forum type feed, with the opportunity to build and hold discussions on any subject. Powerful schedule display for all forthcoming activities. Integrations with third parties including Google Drive, Google Calendar, Dropbox, etc.

It is free forever. Price. Pay plans with extra functionality are available, beginning at $1.49 per user per month.

nTask Manager

nTaskmanager - Best Project Management Software

NTask is another free software offering a range of features for project managers and task managers. This software offers several free resources for anybody who wishes to serve as an employee or a technical project manager.

nTask is a project management tool that lets you manage several projects at once. nTask also provides an immersive Gantt Chart function to understand the desires of experienced project managers.

It has an effective collaborative framework in application, including slack integration and even more third-party applications, call on stakeholders to view programs underway, control of resources, admin-controlled task team management and various workspaces for various projects and tasks.

NTask comes with a free Basic user experience. However, payment plans start at $2.99 per user/month for small companies and reach $7.99 per user/month for small businesses.



Todoist is a basic yet versatile platform for creating powerful, collaborative listings. To-do tasks can be prioritized, delegated to, and flagged by people on the team. Activity objects may often be divided into various tasks, which makes the arrangement straightforward.

It offers inspiring and direct template lists, recurring deadline dates for repeated projects, visualization of productivity, and karma points with finished assignments and streaks!

Labels, alerts, and feeds for discussion to keep you organized.

It is free, with the premium upgrade (with additional features) for $3 per user per month available.



Letting you have the access to perform a number of tasks as conveniently as possible, Fluxble is the new trend. It offers an array of facilities and helps you have your tasks completed instantly. The user friendliness it offers helps the workforce to get familiar with all the features it carries. Virtual office, team collaboration, document sharing and storing, structured meetings, time reporting, task management, availability of templates, scheduling, messaging, video calling, screen sharing, collaborating and task management are one of the features it is acknowledged for.


What are critical success factors in project management?

Critical success factors (CSFs), also known as Key Results Areas (KRAs) are the tasks to be accomplished at a good quality level to meet your project objectives. CSFs are a means of prioritizing such activities in the implementation of the project schedule.

What to look at before selecting free project management software for my business?

You need to look for the software that meets all your needs in one place however, you must know your business size as some software are for small business and some for large business.

Why should I use the To-Do List in project management software for my business?

With a to-do list you will more effectively build, track, update, and post your lists with the to-do list feature incorporated into the project management app. Moreover, you don’t have to think about losing post-it notes or paper bits. And if you have a smartphone application with your software, you will keep the list everywhere you go.

Final words

Hopefully, now you know about the top free project management software options to keep your team on track and the benefits they carry. Well, getting yourself introduced to management software is essential. Project management software carry an array of benefits for their users. Having to run a business in a systematic way can be really tiresome and difficult. This is due to the fact that no matter how skilled your workforce is, there will always be a space for project management software. So, always read reviews to choose the right project management software for yourself.

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