At present, it is perfectly natural to understand the value of highly expensive domain names on the internet. However, getting these domain names for free is not so easy. Remember, around 20 years ago the back domain was not the most influential aspect as it is today.

Undoubtedly today you have to take help from some digital marketing agency- for example, if you are in Australia you can choose the best digital marketing agency in Melbourne such as Digital marketing nation to help you in this regard. Since people get crazy about the internet, everything has changed.

Today investing in domain names is not less than investing in the trade. And yes it is a wise investment. No doubt all the good domain names are already in use by most people.

Given below are the names and details of the 5 most expensive domain names. Essentially, what a good domain name means and what are the valuable characteristics so let’s begin.

The Top Most Expensive Domain Names

1. (worth $345 Million)

This domain name was purchased for $7.5 million in 1999, making it one of the most expensive domain name sales ever. However, no one could have predicted that this domain would be worth 47 times more in just eight years.

After Dow Jones and The New York Times attempted to purchase in the years after 1999, the domain’s value skyrocketed. Finally, in 2007, the domain was sold for $345 million to RH Donnelly. The client, on the other hand, did not have much luck with this specific domain name transaction. Only two years after purchasing the domain, the third-largest print and online Yellow Pages publisher in the United States entered bankruptcy.

2. (worth 90 Million), LLC purchased this name in 2005 intending to combine the two domains so that both search phrases led online visitors to the travel agency from Las Vegas. The $90 million price tag ensures that this will go down in the history books as one of the most lucrative website purchases ever.

Stephens Media, the prior owner of the domain, agreed to a contract that included an initial payment of $12 million. The balance due for this domain transaction will not be due until 2040.

3. (worth $49.7 Million)

Quinstreet is a marketing and digital media company in California. It has gained huge popularity when it comes to the top at the end of last decade. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most expensive domain names ever. keep in mind, in the period last 13 months the company has also purchased the other three expensive domain names in the insurance field. Moreover, this domain name was already a highly profitable consumer site. Well, it is basically for shopping and research of the auto insurance policies.

4. (worth $35.6 Million)

Again, this domain name holds the best spot on the expensive domain names list. It comes under the high rated domains. However, this is another purchase of Quinstreet.

QuinStreet purchased the second of the trio of insurance domain names for $35.6 million in August 2010, together with all the marketing and technical assets that already had. This online service was viewed as significant since it was a popular site for analyzing insurance quotes on vehicles, health, life, house, and renters insurance, similar to

5. (worth $35 Million)

Remember, tourism was not as popular as it is today. There are uncountable ways to promote and explore more destinations. Also, there are many ways to deal with and satisfy the travelling requirements. Perhaps, vacation rentals are one of the most expensive domain names and particularly it deals with tourist destinations. Back in 2009, the CEO of HomeAway managed to buy this domain after he came to know that the rival is going to buy this domain. However, before the purchase, was already an active place and it has a good marketplace around the world.

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