Android is the most popular operating system across the globe. Even if a user is a die-hard fan of iPhones, they will still carry an Android smartphone. Why? Because Android has a smooth architectural design and seamless features. It runs fast and steadily on all Android platforms such as mobile devices and desktops.

So, businesses in UAE are all in for mobile applications these days and Android apps are their priority. The reason is that a large number of online businesses have realized that their customers want seamless online shopping. Now shopping can be taken as an umbrella term for grocery shopping, ordering food, and booking a ride.

If you think they are only ahead in the oil market, you are wrong. UAE has become a technological hub and has made its IT industry a prominent name in the whole world.

Moreover, considering how busy the UAE is, having an app that can do almost all the job is a life-saver. Hence, be it small or large scale, businesses are approaching app development companies all over the UAE to get an app developed for their brand.

Types Of Android Apps

Coming to Android app development, apps made for Android devices are of three types. Native, Web, and Mobile apps.

Native apps are built specifically for one system or a platform, web apps as the term suggests, are website versions of Android apps, and mobile apps are developed to run on smart and mobile devices.

Top Trends Incorporated In The Android App Development


It’s 2024, so that means Artificial Intelligence is here to serve the mobile industries in full swing. Augment reality and Virtual reality are making rounds and almost all the Android applications have them. These two allow businesses to have a seamless user experience and grab more customers. So, AR and VR are not just limited to games but business applications also have them.

Apps For Foldable Devices

Foldable Android devices are back and have already grabbed a large number of customers. Here comes the need for foldable applications. All the leading mobile companies are looking forward to developing apps that can perfectly on foldable screens.

Since the UI design is completely different than the usual smartphones, developing apps can be a little complex. However, app development companies in UAE have exceptional developers aware of all the latest trends.

Android Apps For Wearable Devices

How can wearable devices be left behind, millions of people have at least one wearable gadget of. App development companies in the UAE are developing Android apps for smart gadgets and headsets too. Be it a ride-booking app, food ordering app, or a text-messaging app. All of these apps are built for small-sized wearable devices.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is yet another trend that app development companies are adopting. Adding voice commands to Android apps allows users to command the app to perform the tasks. Users can command the app to text someone, call, or open a certain option and perform the action.

Now that the trends are covered and highlighted, let us hop on to the companies that are delivering scalable applications in the UAE.

Tech-Savvy Companies Building The Most Valuable Applications In UAE

Businesses across the UAE and the world have been trusting these companies for more than a decade.

Let’s dive into the services they are offering.

Abtach DMCC

Abtach DMCC

Abtach DMCC is one of the leading Android app development companies in the UAE. They are operating from downtown Dubai. A full-scale company offering the best Android applications to boost businesses.

The company has been standing tall in the app development industry for a decade and has made a prominent by simply delivering top-quality applications. Their goal is to deliver applications that are developed with smart features.

Moreover, Abtach. AE is also offering post-launch services so that the quality assurance manager can look after the bugs and errors likely to be found after the apps are launched.

Brainvire Infotech Inc

Brainvire Infotech Inc

Another leading Android app development company in the UAE is Brainvire Infotech Inc. A well-known company that builds scalable applications and gives valuable digital solutions. Their services are available all over the world and not just in the UAE.

Businesses in UAE consider them for their high-tech solutions helping them to grow in the market. Be it an e-commerce business or a B2B business, Brainvire is here to fulfill all.

Also, the company is approached by many businesses Microsoft partners, enterprises, and cloud service providers. So, no matter what industry you belong to, they have excellent researchers and developers making the best kind of Android applications.



RetroCube is another prominent name in the UAE for its valuable services. They are all set to make 2024 a promising one for all the business niches. They are known as the guru of all mobile app development companies in Dubai.

Whether your business requires an Android app for ride-booking service, food ordering, or any e-commerce business. RetroCube has talented developers building the most value-adding applications for all the leading industries.

Applications at RetroCube are made after complete research to target the right audience. So, get an Android application developed by the experts at RetroCube and boost your business’s online growth.

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions

Another Android app development company to hit the list is Konstant Infosolutions. A globally recognized company for delivering scalable and full-stack applications. They have developed more than one thousand Android applications for 2500+ clients.

Furthermore, they are developing Android applications for Wearable devices and foldable devices. These two are much in demand and they can create one for your business as well.

The NineHertz

The NineHertz

The NineHertz are embarking towards the future and offering exceptional Android applications across UAE. They have a competitive name in the market and have served industry giants. Businesses can also get a custom app solution as well.

Also, apart from mobile app development services, they are offering blockchain development, game development, web development, and e-commerce solutions. All of these services are offered by them and developed by a bunch of tech-savvies.

So, a great opportunity to explore the digital world and give customers an experience to shop and order.

Fluper Ltd

Fluper Ltd

Fluper Ltd is yet another award-winning company in the UAE. Emirati businesses cannot survive without going digital so here is Fluper ltd making their business operation seamless and fast.

Running a business in an Emirate country means that your business needs to be the star of the crowd. Hence, app development companies like these top 10 are considered for developing Android applications to move forward in this fast-paced world.



A3logics has made it to the top 10 for its custom software technologies and application solutions. They have expert software engineers creating the best software for Android mobile applications that can be run on mobile devices and desktops as well.

A cutting-edge company with scalable solutions offered to businesses across the world. They have a robust team that designs, develops, and delivers quality Android applications for startups and ISVs.



A full-fledged app development company carrying out the best solutions to drive business growth and accelerate online growth. In this fast-paced digital world, having a digital presence is what businesses need the most.

VentureDive is here to offer you the best scalable app designs and solutions that engineer all modern-day business requirements. Connect with their developers and designers and share your business ideas with them.

They can build you custom software, a custom Android app, and quality assurance services all over the UAE. After all, they are an award-winning company with a strong position in the top app development companies in the UAE.

ToXSL Technologies Pvt

ToXSL Technologies Pvt

Next is ToXSL technologies which has been serving the industries for more than nine years and has served thousands of global clientele. They are called the experts of Android app development. This is yet another company in the UAE that offers quality and scalable applications to businesses of all the leading industries in the Emirates.

They specialize in designing applications with high-quality graphics. Businesses can consult them for custom solutions or if they have any idea that can be turned into a productive application.


Last but not least, Jafton made it to the list for delivering high-performance applications. They are delivering software applications and digital solutions to grow business in the online world. This company is Google-certified and is a member of the Forbes Council.

Having all these on their side, they are proud partners of many industry giants. Jafton has been serving the app development industry for many years and has made a strong position in the market by delivering nothing but perfect applications.


So, that was all about the top app development companies that have been delivering high-quality Android applications for almost more than a decade. They are trusted by a promising number of clients and have worked with leading industry giants in the Emirates.

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