Business websites have become a necessity in the digital world that we now live in. For a business looking for good impressions about their brand and winning over new customers, the website plays an important role. Business websites are built to represent the brand in the best way possible so that it appeals to their customers and target audience.

The problem is that some companies don’t know how to build their website and make it attractive to the users. Also, customers will not engage a business well enough if their website is not well designed or attractive. So, brands need to make that little extra effort on their website to make it more appealing. Here are ten such changes that brands can make to their website.

1. Improve user experience (UX)

In creating your website experience, you have to place yourself in the position of the customers. This will allow you to create a website that is intuitive and easy to navigate such that it is easy to get information from it. Check your bounce rate and the number of times visitors spend on your pages to improve customer data.

2. Make the experience device-based and customer-focused

With the way technology – visual, voice, etc. – continue to emerge, it is changing how people engage the world around them. There are different reasons people turn to their smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV screens, etc. As a brand, you need to understand all of these nuances as it ensures that you create an experience and content that is customer-friendly and provides the required experience.

3. Use a clear CTA (call to action)

Whether you’re a big business or small business, one major problem you will have with your website is when you lack a clear CTA displayed prominently on your website. CTAs are very effective for the success of any business. Up to 80% of businesses will be able to boost their engagements and leads by simply adding a CTA button to their website home page. According to assignment help, this will push the website visitors in the right direction and make it easy for them to take that critical next step.

4. Make your website part of your sales funnel

Your website should be part of your sales funnel. Whether you get the traffic through social media, SEO, ads, newsletter, or word of mouth, there’s a huge chance that they already know what you are into. When they come to your site, they are looking for reasons to choose you. Take note of the next step in your conversion and push your prospect to take action.

5. Update your website frequently

Frequent updates to your website are essential as you are able to counterbalance brand resonance and relevance. Be sure that the service and product offerings which you have on your site align with the current business plan and market demands. The fact that the product’s service was relevant a year ago does not mean it will remain relevant today or resonate with the audience. Focus on the important things and make sure your online and offline brand expertise align.

6. Post-brand-focused content

Revamping your content to reflect your brand perfectly is a significant change you should make for your website. Using the brand-first approach for your content will help you expand your customer base as you will create better appealing content. With significant updates to content such as content structure, digital narrative, and navigation, it is easier to appeal to the digital age demographic.

7. Use excellent photography

As Michael Westley – content creator at an essay writing service – puts it, photography is essential to a brand’s value. You must invest in high-quality photography and photoshoot for your brand. Irrespective of your industry, photos give your visitors a glimpse of what your brand is about. People have a short attention span, and you only have a few seconds to get them hooked. Be sure to use photos that represent what your brand stands for.

8. Clarify your brand message

You need to take away any form of confusion around your brand. Make sure to connect with your audience in a way that clarifies the message of your brand. What they see is what they will buy. Be sure that you are making them see the right things about your brand—no ambiguity or confusion. Once you do this, they will be inspired to follow your call to action and make the purchase. This is a much better approach than trying to use them to meet a need for other customers. Be sure that you are presenting them with a very clear solution.

9. Point out the biggest pain points of your customers

One of the best gifts you can give yourself as a brand is to make your audience see you as the solution to their problems. Firstly, your business model should be built around solving the customer’s problem and providing a solution to their pain point. Take advantage of this on your website. Call out their problems and identify your brand as their solution. Make it bold and clear. This is what they came to see on your website; show it to them. They want to see how you can dive into their problems. If you don’t make this very clear and obvious on your website, they will move on (likely to your competition).

10. Increase your website speed

Now more than ever, your website speed is critical. Nobody has time to wait while your website takes all the time in the world to load. If it doesn’t load between 3 seconds or so, they will exit your website. This means you will be losing much traffic.

Boosting your website speed is an effective strategy that yet many businesses pay little attention to. There are very few websites that are hosted with fast hosting servers. Many websites also use slow plugins, which developers find convenient but are bad for website speed. You can get enough information about the performance of your website from the Google Page Speed Insight. This will help you realize the importance of website speed.


There are many changes that you can make to websites that will help improve your brains and make your business more appealing to customers. This article discusses ten changes that you should make to your website to give your business a facelift. However, these are only a few of the likely changes that you can make to your website.
Some other changes that you can make to your website include the use of SEO keywords, offering page-level support, regular website reviews, etc.

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