When it comes to Artificial intelligence, many people still associate it with sci-fi movies. Though such characterization is now fading away as artificial intelligence technologies occupies a commonplace in our lives and even has a household presence in the form of Alexa and Google Home.

Experts agree that artificial intelligence will play an important role in the 21st century so countries are now focusing on tutoring and encouraging kids to take up an artificial intelligence course. Millions of students from all over the world have now taken up online courses via digital platforms to upgrade themselves and be ready for the next big technological revolution. These courses help students build a career in artificial intelligence easily.

What is Artificial intelligence?

It is a general term which refers to any computer software that engages in activities similar to humans such as planning, learning and problem-solving.

One of the most common types of artificial intelligence is machine learning. It is used primarily to process data quickly. Such algorithms learn quickly and get better at what they do. It is proven useful for working through abundant data which is captured by devices.

For example, in a production plant, the machinery is synced with a network where the connected devices feed on data streams related to production. Machine learning can analyze data rapidly and identify patterns. While machine learning is a broad topic. The development of neural networks as a web of artificial intelligence has given rise to deep learning.

Deep learning

It is a version of machine learning which relies on neural pathways to perform advanced functions such as analyse, identify and respond quickly. Deep learning algorithms can be used to help cars contextualise information to self-drive.

Deep learning models continue to learn and improve making it more reliable and scalable thus offering a great deal of promise for businesses.

Artificial intelligence and businesses

Rather than being a replacement for humans, artificial intelligence can be seen playing a supporting role. Although artificial intelligence may have difficulty in completing common sense tasks in reality, it is quick to process and analyze data. Such software can help compute the consequences of human action to streamline the decision-making process.

Machine learning can be combined with artificial intelligence to enhance the analytical process by gaining further benefits from businesses. There are a multitude of computer training centers which offer Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning courses both online and offline (in-classroom) training for businesses. This iterative class helps businesses ensure they are always up to date with business and consumer needs.

Machine learning is often used to capture vast amounts of data. For example, energy management systems collect data via sensors affixed to different assets. The data so collected are delivered to the decision-makers to help them understand energy usage and demands.

10 Artificial intelligence technologies that can help grow your business

Faster Data Processing with Graphcore

Graphcore’s intelligence processing unit technology seeks to take the top spot when it comes to machine intelligence computation. The IPU unit is capable of reducing the amount of number crunching required to be performed for a task. It can bring down the computation period from hours to minutes.

The company offers IPU-Machine, IPU-POD, IPU-Server and the Poplar software all of which have been built for AI supercomputing to ultimately benefit the businesses.

Engage your Customers with Persado

Tempt your consumers to open a marketing email with Persado. It makes use of data science and AI to create the marketing language which works best for you. The algorithms learn about what you, as a brand, want to convey to your potential customer and suggest the most effective approach.

Now you can switch from guesswork to proven science-based techniques with AI-powered message machines which understand language and break it down into critical elements such as emotions, narrative, formatting and call-to-action. Persado’s AI learns with every campaign to improve and evolve its knowledge base and generate valuable insights related to the audience.

Get the AI-powered Chatbot via LivePerson

The company’s AO powered conversational cloud allows brands to consume conversations easily. It offers the Intent Manager functionality to discover and understand what your customer wants and how you can fulfil the demands.

Create your AI-powered chatbot which works to fulfil the customer’s requirements and manage conversations using the dynamic workspace available for desktop and mobile. Get results which matter and use conversion analytics to monitor your KPIs in real-time.

Use AI for advertising with Mensio

It is touted to bring AI into TV advertising. What it allows is the precise targeting of advertising. Its algorithm ingests videos to identify the subject and allow you to link ads with relevant content such as a beverage commercial after a party scene.

The other functionality of Mensio includes competitive intelligence to understand where brands spend their ad costs and creative insights which measure what and how different brands are speaking about. Besides this, you can increase your reach by identifying the programs, networks and parts which help drive your potential audience.

Create stunning visuals with Nvidia’s GauGAN

The deep learning model developed by Nvidia is capable of turning doodles into realistic masterpieces with ease. It makes use of the generative adversarial network or GAN to convert segmentation maps to real-life images.

The tool is powerful enough to create virtual worlds to help urban planners, architects and game developers. These professionals can work on better prototypes and make changes quickly to a scene. It has been developed using the PyTorch deep learning framework where artificial intelligence is used to fill in the landscape with breathtaking results.

Enable hands-free functionality with Syntiant

The company claims to have developed an ultra low powered AI processing solution which enables voice control for several battery-powered devices which range from earbuds to laptops. It offers a highly accurate command function with nearly zero power consumption.

It is highly suited for applications such as smartphones, wearables, remote controls, drones, security cameras and sensors and brings in artificial intelligence for all battery-run devices.

Ensure water sustainability with Wint

Preventing excessive water drainage is essential to ensure a sustainable future.

With Wint, you can prevent water leakage and reduce consumption. It alerts you in case the water is leaking and shuts it down automatically. The intelligent real-time monitoring offered by Wint identifies the source of the leak and reduces water consumption.

Water leaks can damage your property and disrupt your business. Wint helps prevent the damage and stopping leakage at the source.

Take an intelligent order with Interactions

Ensure a brilliant conversation with artificial intelligence. Your customers aren’t just heard but also understood. With Interactions your customers aren’t limited to the menus, it also provides flexibility to customers to communicate in their own words irrespective of the accent, language and complexity.

Using artificial intelligence it helps communicate with customers at the natural level and lets them control the conversation.

Humanize the digital experience with Kasisto

Kasisto offers virtual assistants to help you automate and make interactive conversations across multiple channels at any time. Organizations can use virtual assistants to humanize the digital experience and build deeper customer engagement.

The company currently offers solutions for consumer banking, business banking and for managing the investment.

Manage your campaigns with ease using Beacon

It lets you manage campaign data via a single and easy to use platform. You can easily manage anything from Google Ads to email marketing, ending the struggle to keep on juggling in between multiple manager accounts.

Beacon offers reliable metrics related to ad campaigns and traffic figures to help you identify the right source of traffic.

It also comes with an ROI improvement calculator which you can use to estimate the lost traffic and make effective use of your ad budget.

Future of artificial intelligence

Predicting the future can be a tough task, but we are likely to see artificial intelligence performing the common sense tasks easily.

It means that the role of robots is likely to become more prominent in our day-to-day life.

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