From the beginning of the net, it has been a tradition for developers and designers to share their experience and keep learning. For that reason, there are a plenty of legitimate courses for everyone who wants to learn web design and development from scratch.

today, we are featuring various free online web design courses which allow you to learn the basics of web designing and development and let you start your own career.

free onlien design courses

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W3Schools – Online Web Tutorial

online html tutorial

If you want to begin from the start up with the most basics of HTML and CSS, w3schools is one of the greatest online web design learning platform which has assisted many developers and designers to learn the basic lesson of coding. It is an excellent source for a quick look up HTML, CSS, Javascript and other front-end code or syntax that have slipped from your mind.It provides a really user-friendly, effortless and free interface for beginners.

W3Schools at a glance:

  • Beginner to Advance level
  • Free web designing resource
  • HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, Python, PHP, jQuery and many more…

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Udemy – Online Courses, Learn Anything

online courses

Udemy a great assistant for a programmer when it comes to learning new skill sets or finding tutorials on any topic they want. The website offers a great selection of many top quality free and premium online web design graphics, business & mobile courses. Everyone is independent to start their own course classes on Udemy, so the quality & price vary. Some courses are little costly but if you make most of them you get your money’s value.

Udemy at a glance:

  • Beginner to Advance level
  • Free and Start from $10
  • Get unlimited access to 2,000 of Udemy’s top courses
  • Over 45,000 courses taught by expert instructors
  • Design, Development, IT & Software, Marketing, Photography, Music and many more…

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Codecademy – Learn to Code

Web Development tutorial online

Codecademy represents itself as the easiest way to learn how to code and has built itself as a great reputation inside the learning web designing community.

Here you can study with Codecademy’s inbuilt console and easy web designing lessons in HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and Python. You can also interact and learn alongside with your friends or colleagues with its social network feature.The tutorials ordinarily follow a pre-defined path that guides you through several topics. This web design training resource is totally free after you sign up for an account.

Codecademy at a glance:

  • Beginner to Advance level
  • 45 million learners from around the globe
  • Learn: Make a website, Responsive Design, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Git, SQL and many more…

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Treehouse – Learn Web Design, Coding & Much More

Learn Web Design Online

Treehouse a video based tutorial website offers web design training in HTML, CSS, HTML5, Javascript and iOS apps using Objective-C & Xcode, with a clear and easy-to-use interface.Treehouse is a paid resource but with the very professional lessons videos covering all aspects of web design & development.

Not only that, it also has a game element to test you and awards you with achievement badges that inspire you to learn more.

Treehouse at a glance:

  • Beginner level
  • $25-46/month with 7 days free trial
  • Learn projects with access to 1000+ videos
  • 264,000+ students and companies worldwide
  • Build a Website, Learn to Code, Build an App and Start a Business

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Lynda – Online Courses, Classes, Training & Tutorials

online courses tutorials classes

Launched in 1995, a subscription-based website provides a wide range of video tutorials to master skills like web design, 3d modeling, video, photography & many more. You’ll get 10-days trial period to check out free unlimited tutorials on this trusted source. It’s basic HTML training videos covers all basics of HTML programming that includes the fundamentals, images, text, HTML5, multimedia, meta data, and much more.

Lynda at a glance:

  • Beginner to advacned level
  • 6000+ Online Courses
  • Software Development, Design, Web Development, Business, Photography and many more…

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Udacity – Free Online Courses & NanoDegree Programs

free online courses

Udacity offers robust tutorials to many various subjects, with seriously advanced Teaching lessons on everything from robotics to design theories. Unlike other Online Web design websites, this is highly concentrated on one aspect – the responsiveness in web design. All the courses managed by Pete LePage who works as a Professional Developer Advocate at Google. Before starting any course on this website a basic understanding of developing HTML pages is recommended. Well built courses, great for any intermediate web developer.

Udacity at a glance:

  • Beginner to advacned level
  • Free web designing resource
  • Courses and Nanodegree Programs: Web Design & Development Courses, Digital Marketing Courses, Android & iOS, Mobile App Development, Machine Learning and Many more…

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Tuts+ – Free How-To Tutorials & Online Courses

free online courses & tutorials

If you are looking for a quick start learning in an easy way, Tuts+ tutorials will have you diving-in, in no time. The website full of lots of WordPress tutorials and also have HTML, CSS and Javascript tutorials too.Their lessons are great when you are a just beginner because tutorials usually come with code samples you can poke around in & take you through a step-by-step guide to create a website.

Tuts+ at a glance:

  • Beginner to Advacned Level
  • 24,300+ Tutorial & 1040+ Courses
  • Free and Paid Web Designing Resources
  • How-To Tutorials, Online Courses, e-Books
  • Courses and Tutorials: Design & Illustration, Code, Web Design, 3D & Motion Graphics, Game Development and Many more…

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Coursera – Online Courses from Top Universities

online university courses

You can find here lots of courses from a variety of domains. Coursera offers courses on a large number of topics, including a robust list of information, design and tech courses. You can take Intro to HTML5, CSS3, Javascript by Michigan U on Coursera. Courses are given on a daily basis and are done more like a traditional college with weekly lessons & assignments. Each course goes from just 5 to 19 weeks or more.

Coursera at a glance:

  • Hundreds of Specializations and Courses
  • 1,800+ courses from the world’s best universities & industry partners
  • Online Courses: Business, Computer Sceince, Language Learning, Data Science and Many more…

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Alison – Free Online Courses

Online courses

ALISON is an online learning website offers free high quality courses, education services, & community support. Choose from the various subjects to pick from 750+ courses created to provide you with diploma and certificate level education. You will also be required to take assessments & score at least 80% to pass, so you can know, you are ready to move forward.

Alison at a glance:

  • 800+ Free Online Courses
  • Diploma & Certificate Courses available
  • 1+ Million Graduates
  • 10+ Million Users
  • Online Courses: IT, Language, Science, Business, Marketing & many more..

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FutureLearn – Free Online Courses

free online courses

FutureLearn offers full programs, which contain many courses in them for more great learning from the leading educational institutions & organization partners. Courses are delivered a step at a time and can be learned at your own pace while accessed from a mobile or desktop one of the great feature of Futurelearn is, its commitment to social learning allow the learners to engage in conversations with others during the courses.

FutureLearn at a glance:

  • Hundreds of online courses from top universities and specialist organisations
  • Courses, Programs and Postgraduate Degree
  • Online Courses: Business & Management, Creative Art & Media, Tech & Coding and many more..

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