In this competitive era, marketers have to come up with creative ideas for boosting sales. Sales are boosted when the brand reaches a wider audience. Without the power of digital channels, small businesses cannot reach a wider audience.

Thanks to videos, brands can now reach multiple states, cities, and even countries. According to recent reports, an average internet user spends 15 hours/week watching video content. The numbers are predicted to grow in the coming years, and brands have to leverage that. From video editing to video content optimization, several techniques can help a brand boost sales.

Best Ways to Drive More Sales Through Video Marketing

Read on to know some ways to boost sales via video marketing.

Focus on the perfect video length

Most marketers might disagree that video length is the most critical factor in boosting sales. But, contrary to popular belief, video length plays a crucial role in determining the success of your video. Over the years, there has been a drastic shift towards shot-sized videos on social media sites and other digital channels.

The attention spans of viewers on digital channels are short. The ideal way is to share 3-4 key points in your videos and encourage viewers to learn more about your product/service. Instead of stuffing more information and making a lengthy video, stick to shorter videos. According to reports, videos with a length of 1-2 minutes are ideal for marketers to boost sales.

Granted, the perfect video length will vary depending on the company, the product, and the message you’re trying to communicate. Longer videos are more appropriate for established brands. This is because established companies already have a built-in audience that knows and trusts the brand. As such, they’re more likely to watch a longer video without feeling bored or impatient. In the case of video production for startups, you will need to keep it short enough to hold people’s attention and get your point across quickly. A video that’s two minutes or less is typically enough time to introduce your company, present your product, and make a compelling case for why people should invest in your business.

Choose a rewarding platform to share brand videos

What’s the point of using a platform that doesn’t offer you a reward for making popular videos? If a brand has access to a vast community, it might gather more views, likes, shares, and mentions on social media channels. Many social media channels will reward you for making trending videos.

Consider the example of YouTube for video marketing. A brand should have a YouTube considering it is the second-most visited website globally. Since YouTube allows account creation for free, a brand can share as many videos as needed to boost sales. Don’t forget that a brand can earn by getting sufficient YouTube watch hours to monetize the videos on the platform.

Don’t forget to optimize marketing videos

To boost sales via video marketing, you need to reach a wider audience. If brand videos cannot reach the target audience, sales will never be boosted. Therefore, you have to optimize brand videos for every social media platform to reach a wider audience. In this competitive era, social media platforms are crowded with brand videos. To stand out from the others, you need to follow some optimization techniques like:

  • Use the most-searched keywords in the video title and description.
  • Create an attractive thumbnail that compels internet users to watch your video, especially on YouTube.
  • Embed marketing videos on your landing page to catch the attention of web browsers. According to recent trends, search engines prefer showing results with video content.
  • Use hashtags on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram with your video description.

Enhance the editing process for your videos

Before publishing brand videos, marketers add editing efforts. However, many small businesses do not have expert individuals familiar with content editing. As a result, their brand videos fail to capture viewers’ attention, and sales are downgraded. There must be something enticing in your video that compels viewers to watch it till the end.

Marketers should rely on video maker tools to create eye-catching video content. With a video editor, you can create professional brand videos without any prior experience. Many online video editors now offer an AI-led assistant to help create effective videos. With an editing platform, marketers can add eye-catching effects like animations, transitions, and overlays to their videos.

Small businesses often hesitate to purchase video editor subscriptions due to a lack of funds. They can rely on free video editing platforms to start their journey in this digital era. Once the sale is boosted, a business can switch to subscription-based and advanced video editors.

Focus on creating shareable videos

The more users see your brand video, the better chance you can boost sales. The idea is to compel viewers to engage with your brand video and share it with peers/family. So what enhances the shareability of a brand video? What makes a video viral on any social media platform?

According to recent research, it has been found that shareability is the most significant factor that makes a video viral. Therefore, marketers need to connect with the audience and compel them to share the videos with friends and family members.

Brand videos that tell a story or convey a message are likely to be shared by internet users. When many users share your video, you get free organic traffic and reach. If you create videos straight down to business, viewers might not find them interesting. Make brand videos that are preferred by your audience, and sales will be boosted automatically.

Focus on creating personalized brand videos

Usually, marketers share videos on social media platforms, and multiple viewers watch the same video. The idea of making videos individually for each viewer might sound a little absurd. However, personalized videos are now gaining hype, and businesses prefer them.

Marketers do not have to create fresh videos for each customer. They can only change the name of the customer in the video to make them look personalized. Many brands share personalized videos with their customers via email. You can share personalized videos to wish happy birthday to your customers. By making customers feel special, a brand can boost sales.

Leverage the power of CTAs

What do you want viewers to do after watching your brand video on any digital channel? A brand may need the viewers to visit the product page or view another customer testimonial video. CTAs (Call to Actions) compel/guide viewers to take any action after watching a brand video. It is why having an end screen for YouTube videos is necessary. Start using a video maker to create engaging content and boost sales!

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A good marketing video strategically inculcates the goals and objectives of the brand in the marketing campaign. Furthermore, it disseminates the same among a larger group of existing and potential consumers of a particular brand. You can increase your sales and brand awareness by simply putting your video marketing on right track.

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