The concept of “trends” can often be perceived as something negative. However, knowledge and experimentation with the latest achievements leads to the study of new methods, the acquisition of new skills and the use of various styles in the form of a game as they appear and develop.

We love to dream of a strange and funny future, and we are surprised to analyse the following creative sites. We are really happy to live in an era when brilliant technologies almost every day deprive us of speechlessness Therefore, freelance website designer has compiled a “List of main trends in web design for 2019“.

1. Visual design and interactions

We often find in the interfaces and micro interactions vector elements animated by organic transformations that mimic liquid or sticky effects. Of course, typography also uses this type of animation and transformation.

2. Micro-interactions and mini-games

As best website designer mentioned earlier, the need to express in a more conversational manner is part of the personality of many brands. This is manifested in the main text and micro-text. This is the most hidden navigation. There will never be more inconvenient interaction. When you first see it, it may seem intriguing, but when the effect of novelty passes, it is no longer funny. Press and hold (Press 8 Hold) in terms of detection is a bad decision. Summarizing, we can say that, although this technique is mentioned on some experimental sites, it should not be taken as a general trend.

3. Press and hold

This is the most hidden navigation. There will never be more inconvenient interaction. When it comes to it, it’s no longer funny. Press and hold (Press 8 Hold) in terms of detection is a bad decision. Summarizing, experienced website designer can say that there is a general trend.

4. 3D animation

3D animation has had a big impact on design. Programs available to a large number of designers. VR, AR and 3D printing led to the resumption of production of digital 3D content, fake 3D was used, built from two-dimensional planes in different Z axes. In CSS animations this three-dimensional effect is very often imitated by website designer.

5. Editorial Layout Styles

We create layouts that are more “free” and are not limited to the grid, which needs to be restructured into different columns to create responsive control points.

6. UX copywriting, micro-text and brand personality

Many years before that, we, again and again, chose the same old standardized message exchange in our interfaces. Last 10-15 years we have seen a number of independent designers who are hired by large agencies and studios. In general, it is a minimalist portfolio based on carefully defined images, typography and micro-interactions. Micro-text used to be invisible, it now has a voice and tone that were designed specifically for the brand to maintain style and consistency throughout the user experience.

There are many changes in the style of communication between corporations and companies, the voice and tone of the brand have become fundamental. Website designer in Delhi tries talking as to a friend than communicating with a client.

According to a recent Netcraft’s Web Server Survey, more than 1 billion websites exist in the world and 380 websites are built every minute. What does that mean? If you create your site today, you’ll be competing with all those websites for attention. To be able to compete with these websites, you need to design a website that will attract and engage your target audience. In this segment, we’ve rounded up 4 key web design mistakes to avoid if you want to dominate the web in 2019:

(a). Creating mobile-unfriendly websites

According to a recent Google survey, more than 50% of global online searches happen via mobile devices. That means more people search for products online than ever before. Therefore, if your website is not mobile-friendly now, you’re missing a ton of traffic and potential sales every day. A mobile-unfriendly website means its content can’t be properly viewed on mobile devices, such as Smartphones, iPads, and tablets. In other words, mobile device users can’t view your text and images clearly. They have to adjust and resize their mobile device screens to be able to view or read your content. In fact, if your website is not mobile-friendly, your search engine rankings will suffer. So, update your website design with user friendly.

(b). Using heavy images and graphics

Heavy images can slow down your website. A slow loading web page is one of the main reasons that contribute to high bounce rates. Visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, visitors will simply click the back button and head to a competitor’s website. Therefore, when building your website, avoid heavy images and graphics. If you only have heavy images and graphics, you can optimize them for speed by choosing the right file format, compressing their sizes, or using image optimization tools, such as Imagify Image Optimizer, Optimole and Image Recycle.

(c). Not displaying your contact information clearly

64% of visitors to your website checkout your contact information after reading your content. If they cannot find your contact information easily, it affects their experience on the site Your aim of starting a website is to convert visitors into customers and brand ambassadors. If they can’t find your contact information, they can’t convert and they won’t spread the word about your product or service. When building your website, make sure to display your contact information in a strategic area where visitors can easily find it.

(d). Not having an SSL certificate on your website

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It’s a security protocol on your website that facilitates secure connections from your website server to a browser. Ideally, it ensures the security of your logins, data transfers, and credit card transactions. It can also secure you when browsing social media networks. When you install an SSL certificate on your website, your application protocol will change from HTTP to HTTPS. The “S stands for secure”. Without this certificate, no customer will want to buy anything from your site using their credit cards or other payment methods because they fear the site is insecure.

The eCommerce industry growth remains strong and there’s no sign of slowing down. Recent studies show that it will reach a 265% growth rate by 2021. It will grow from 1.3 trillion dollars in 2014 to 4.9 trillion dollars in 2021.

That’s how big the global eCommerce industry.

This upward trend is solid and consistent, in fact, the global eCommerce sales will continue to rise. And by 2021, it will account for a total of 17.5% of all retail sales.

In 2013, Amazon already invested 6 billion dollars in India. They are planning to take on the local rivals by entering into the grocery segment in Bangalore. Amazon is also planning to set up shops in other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai to challenge stiff competition.

With the eCommerce tough competition race, it is important a company should invest in efficient and effective web design.

The first impression affects the first few seconds in keeping a buyer on your website. It will have a great impact on the decision making of your customers.

A study made by Kissmetrics shows that shoppers value a store’s appearance over anything else.
Having a beautiful website helps your shop stand out against the hard competition, especially when you’re a startup.

So here are the 6 best tips to consider in designing an eCommerce website:

  • Make it standout — Owning an online store is challenging, especially when your market is getting more saturated every day. Your store should be completely different from other sites. The brand, color palette, and logo should be recognizable. Also, customer experience should be unique, smooth and pleasant.
  • User-friendly — Learn what customers want, know what’s hot, make it easy for them to find what they want. If possible, don’t make them search for items you already know they are looking for.
    Make everything accessible to them right away. Customers look for the best deals, free stuff, shipping rates, payment options, social media links, contact information, and trust badges.
    Customers could sometimes complain about the strict verification process. But it is also important to keep their information and transactions secured. There is a great deal of importance on how to balance security and ease of business. Making sure that we are protecting them while we help them avoid frustration.
  • Site navigation — User-friendliness and site navigation goes hand in hand. A user-friendly website makes it easier for customers go through process of buying. Site navigation helps a buyer get to know what they need instantly. A good site navigation should let buyers get from point A to point just one click.
  • Less is more — Customers should be able to buy your product with little to no struggle at all. Getting them to buy your product in the least time and effort helps customers have a hassle-free experience and avoids cart abandonment.
  • Loading time is important — Speeding up websites is important in customer experience. Fast websites create happy shoppers. It helps them proceed quickly in purchasing your products without any hassle.
    Also, Google values website loading speed. A fast loading site helps in improving your SEO. Web design experts in Delhi values website speed among others.
  • Make it adaptable to different devices — An adaptable eCommerce website helps in providing the needs of different groups of customers.
It takes care of whatever device they use and while providing the same level of quality customer experience. Adaptive design helps with website speed, SEO, user experience and your company’s brand impression.

In conclusion, quality user experience should be the main goal of designing an eCommerce website. Online shopping should make people happy, it will only happen with good web design planning. And of course, happy customers bring good business.

If you’re looking to dominate the web and take your business to a whole new level in 2019, it’s a good idea to avoid these web design mistakes. Through website design user will impress and interact with the website according to their need. By using few plugins in website like Whatsapp, Chat Support, Contact Form, Proper landing Page, and few more are highlight your website. Your web design plays a critical role in ensuring high search engine rankings and increased sales. If you live in Delhi and are looking for an expert to implement good website design practices on your website, you can find a freelance website designer in Delhi by visiting their physical office.

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