iOS software has grown to an extent where people expect this software to present itself in the leading technology markets. This high-end model has gained popularity from iPhone and Macbook users. People who tend to use apple products may not consider any other to be a part of their daily life.

iOS game app development has become today’s talk of the town. The increase in demand for such services has spiked making a huge requirement for techies to work for their hands in building the products using iOS software. The uniqueness of this software is all about the language used. There are various iOS app development languages accessible to master and grow as a successful iOS application developer.

Top 5 iOS App Development Languages

Let’s check out the top languages that make iOS software a successful platform:

1. Swift

Swift has become a popular programming language to develop native iOS applications. A simpler learning platform easier to use and understand better about syntax.

The uniqueness of this language is, it allows a quick coding style with proper security about the auto removal of unsafe code making a secured coding environment. The source code is connected to assembly code and assembly code is connected to machine code using the LLVM tool, making the machine run native codes.

Companies like Facebook and Twitter use Swift as their mother language to build the applications.

Key Features:

  • An open-source language making it simpler to learn and experience
  • It integrates memory management.
  • Expendable functionalities when new features are added.
  • Simpler to integrate with Object-C language.
  • No separate library is required to maintain or import support functionalities.
  • Follows functional programming patterns, like a map and filter.
  • Best note for a beginner to understand the concept of programming language.

YouTube channels and courses from Udemy can be a huge benefit to master a swift language and this, in turn, helps you nurture a better programmer in creating the iOS software applications.

2. Objective-C

This is an object-oriented programming language. This is a subset of the C language. The top companies who wish to invest in top-end programming language choose this language. This is the best and culminated language that a business can happily rely on to build complicated applications.

Key Features:

  • An easier and smart way to connect and use the APIs
  • It has a dynamic auto typing method making it simpler to code
  • Best note for a beginner to understand the concept of programming language
  • Expressive syntaxes that can help a person to understand better

Each Apple product consists of unique features from other inventions which is all due to the Object-C’s usage while building the applications.

Coursera, Udemy, and YouTube channels provide infinite content regarding this language for a person to understand better and master the skill of this language.

Top applications like Snapchat, Slack, and Pinterest use this software and are working wonders in the market.

Why wait for more, whole you have the path to find your treasure of knowledge in educating oneself about this programming language.

These are the native applications that are used by the iOS companies and are working the best at their pace. However, languages are applicable for those who wish to experience hybrid iOS app development.

3. C++

This is another extension of the C programming language and a good path to learning the language. This can be used to develop operating systems, browsers, games, and much more. This is a powerful yet easy and flexible language that one can expertise.

Key Features:

  • This is case sensitive
  • Structured programming language making it easier to understand the connections.
  • The 4 pillars – Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Polymorphism. Makes the C++ language powerful.
  • Complete control over memory management.
  • Competent in utilizing small scale and large scale data.

Courses from Udemy, Coursera, and Educator are offering top C++-related courses to make the learning curve simpler.

4. JavaScript

This can be considered as an all-rounder as it gives its best work seamlessly in any environment. This is the majorly recommended language to create iOS and Android Applications.

Key Features:

  • It has object-oriented capabilities.
  • It is platform-independent.
  • It detects the user’s browser and OS.
  • Saves time in validating eros.
  • Javascript supports all modern browsers.

Applications such as Uber, Candy Crush, and LinkedIn are successful in using this language as their main street to build their applications.

Course websites unlike Codecademy, javascript 30 make the students progress higher. They can be the helping hand in javascript to create applications using this technology.


Hypertext Markup Language helps in structuring content on the world wide web. This is the best option to choose for location-based applications. It allows the user to create and structure sections, paragraphs, headings, links for web pages.

Key Features:

  • Good feature to add videos, images, and audio to web pages.
  • An HTML document can be easily displayed on Linux and Windows.
  • Best teacher for beginners.
  • Compressible text and easy to download with quick speed.

Ever thought of Netflix what makes Netflix so powerful o watch web series and movies? HTML is the hero behind such an invention. Another example is Gmail which is user-friendly yet high productive.

Codeacademy is the best source to invest in HTML learning.

With this heavy information, you must have clarity about the type of language to expertise. You would have clarity about native and hybrid application languages that creates wonders. One can practice and master this programming language according to the learning interest and demand in the market.

For more information see this site for a better understanding.


Let’s check some interesting FAQs’ for your better understanding.

Which language is the most required for iOS?

Objective-C and Swift are the two major languages that iOS works on. However, alternatives are always handy to use in iOS software.

Which is the best native application language for iOS?

Swift is the recommended native language for iOS. It makes the user learn the basics as the programming is simpler much compared to Objective-C.

What is the difference between C and C++ language?

As we know both C and C++ are programming languages and used for application development. The main difference between both these languages is C is a procedural programming language and does not support classes and objects, while C++ is a combination of both procedural and object-oriented programming languages.

Which is the best hybrid language for iOS software?

Javascript is the recommended language for hybrid app development. It has a huge developer community.

Why does iOS create such a demand?

Apple’s iOS is a single-use ecosystem of software. The company produces the hardware and operating system which has not collaborated with any other. The best part is about Siri, sending audio messages and making it more expressive. It is the best-looking operating system in the world that helps in seamless work. This software gives Apple to synchronize with hardware and software.

They have timely updates, user friendly, and quick responses for every action while using the iOS products. Apple’s car play is an added advantage as it functions smoothly and the apps are organized in a manner that can make the work of the user simple. The resale value of iOS products is in a good trade compared to android.

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