Witnessing dismal numbers on the App store can seem ghastly. After all, you’ve worked hard to develop an application that should generate more leads. So, is there a way to overcome such a quandary?

In a word, yes. Instead of building traditional apps, choose modern application development. Many businesses are investing in modernization tools, so why should you stay behind?

Experienced custom web application development services can assist you in creating apps that are befitting for today’s age. 

But, as a business, choosing solutions that produce results is crucial.

If you aren’t aware, fret not. This blog offers insights into some splendid practices that can help create a noticeable brand presence in the palms of your target audience.

What is Modern Application Development?

What is Modern Application Development

As the name suggests, modern application development is a contemporary approach to designing web and mobile apps. Dedicated developers use rapid innovation to build and manage your company’s app from scratch.

Simply put, this technique focuses on using the latest technologies in your app. So, a modern application stands out in the market due to cutting edge features and quicker updates.

Here are some of the prominent technologies that programmers use in modern application development:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Cloud computing
  • Microservice architecture
  • Machine learning
  • Automation and AR

You must be familiar with apps like Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. What is common in these names? Well, does ‘consistent updates’ sound familiar?

This ability to change an app dynamically is possible due to modern application development. Developers can deploy features, eliminate bugs, and install secure measures over the air with the help of some best practices.

As a result, there is an enhancement in customer experience. So, you can explore reliable custom web application development services to entice your target audience.

The Best Practices for Modern Application Development

You need to be familiar with the best practices for two scenarios:

  • Guide your team to implement modern application development 
  • Discuss the measures for building an impressive app with an outsourcing vendor

In any case, once you know the actionable tips, planning budgets and deploying required technical measures becomes easy. This section contains five proven methods to develop modern apps, be it for the web or mobile.

Bonus tip: A staggering 96% of the world’s population uses mobiles to access the internet. So, it makes sense to prioritize mobile app development over traditional desktop applications.

1. Platform Agnostic Applications

Platform Agnostic Applications

How good would it be if you could design a single app that runs on all prominent platforms?

Indeed, such a digital application can save time, money, and other invaluable resources. The concept of platform agnostic applications is similar.

Instead of developing different app variants, programmers use relevant technology to build an app only once. This approach saves the hassle of using multiple programming languages and tech stacks.

With this practice of modern application development, a unified app can run on different platforms like the web, Android, iOS, or even Linux. So, focus first on saving time and money with this development strategy.

2. Microservice Design

Microservice Design

Microservices architecture is becoming more popular amongst developers. In this approach, a programmer divides an app into distinct parts. Each part functions as the base to operate a different feature.

So, even if you want to modify a specific portion of your app, altering the code of the relevant microservice is the only necessity. There is no need to change the source code of an app. Modern application development using this practice leads to the following advantages:

  • Scalability
  • Productivity
  • Data security
  • High ROI
  • Ensure that you choose the right microservices framework to get the best results. After all, each business has distinct needs and potential. With abundant market choices, selecting a tech stack that suits your company’s requirements becomes crucial.

    3. Serverless Technology

    Serverless Technology

    Choosing serverless computing can save costs for many companies. This concept implies acquiring backend services from a specialized vendor. 

    You do not need to establish and manage servers to handle crucial backend activities of your application. This modern application development tactic reduces maintenance requirements, offers high scalability, and provides the chance to benefit from automation.

    The choice of a reliable vendor offering serverless computing becomes crucial for the success of your application.

    4. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

    Infrastructure as Code

    This concept means managing your digital infrastructure using configuration files. You can write relevant code to replace manual processes and scale up the infrastructure as per requirement.

    You must be thinking – ‘how does this strategy connect with modern application development?

    Well, the answer is simple. Your app depends on the capacity of your IT infrastructure. Once you start gaining more traction, it is essential to scale the application. With IaC, your development team can modify the resources to meet the app’s demands. 

    So, implement IaC and notice the enhancement in your modern application development.

    5. Implement CI/CD in Development

    ci cd pipeline

    Here’s what CI and CD stand for:

    • CI: Continuous Integration
    • CD: Continuous Delivery

    This best practice of developing modern apps focuses on automating the software delivery process. By creating a robust CI/CD pipeline, it is possible to release updates at any point in time.

    You can simplify and expedite the app development process by working in small iterations. So, CI/CD implementation helps build an application at a faster pace with more reliability.

    You can use automation tools like GitHub to release a dependable CI/CD pipeline.

    Main Advantages of Modern Application Development

    benefits of modern app development

    Modern application development is a present-day approach. By building apps that can sustain in today’s competitive market, you can notice the following benefits:

    • Faster app launch in the market
    • Improved cybersecurity features
    • Ability to optimize cost and time
    • Ease of scalability and high flexibility
    • Ability to work with skilled remote developers
    • Potential to create an application that stands out in the market

    So, to experience all these advantages, you can implement the best practices for modern application development.

    In the End

    Modern application development is the way forward for companies in today’s era. You can stay ahead of your domain’s competition by implementing some strategies that help create apps at a faster pace.

    Creating platform agnostic apps is an excellent way to begin your modern application development. You should also invest in designing a microservices architecture, using serverless computing, and deploying IaC to optimize the process of building a customized app.

    Finally, creating a robust CI/CD pipeline can improve scalability, development speed, and profoundly enhance your app’s features.

    If you are new to developing modern apps, consult a reliable custom web application development company. You can receive tailor-made guidance and connect with developers who build apps modernly.