Online recruitment is an essential process in the human resources department since it allows one to choose applicants for a position virtually. The pandemic has brought novelties in the recruitment process and revealed a new need to face a change and evolution in recruitment and selection techniques.

Without a doubt, the internet is an effective recruiting tool and means a new environment that allows recruiters to manage a greater number of resumes, pre-assessments, and interviews. There is a lot of talent out there, and to find the best candidate for the vacancy you are promoting, online recruitment can be a fundamental advantage. Know what to look for in a candidate through reading interviewing tips from Alex Gotch or an equivalent industry expert.

Good Practices for your Online Recruitment Process

The recruitment market is very competitive and to access the best resumes and attract the right talent to your company, it is necessary to maintain good online recruiting practices that allow you to get more applicants, hire the best candidates and reduce the brain drain before hiring. This is why many companies use private equity recruitment instead to source, interview, and hire new employees as they don’t feel confident or knowledgeable enough to do the task themselves.

Below we present the good practices for your hiring process, which you can implement from now on:

Guarantee the privacy of information:

It is considered good practice to ensure that candidate information is kept confidential. This is achieved through a human resources platform that allows the storage of all that information digitally and thus complies with local government regulations regarding information security. This will allow applicants to feel protected throughout the recruitment process until they are hired.

Optimize the information about the vacancy:

Make sure applicants can find your vacancy easily, and use specific titles with two or three descriptive keywords. You can use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to find out which are the most suitable keywords. In addition to the title, you should also write the job description attractively and detail all the information so that applicants understand why working for you is the best fit for them.

Adopt a flexible and simple process:

The online recruitment process is an opportunity for the human resources department to attract a greater number of talents. Therefore, it is essential to adopt a flexible process with accessible hours for virtual interviews and fewer tasks for candidates. Keep applications from being a lengthy process, consider what your candidates’ needs are, and develop a recruiting program that enhances their experience and appeals to them.

Some metrics allow the human resources department to know how many job applicants have started to fill out the application and how many have not finished it. There is nothing more frustrating than finding an interesting vacancy and being directed to another site, so you have to search for the exact place to apply for the job.

Eliminating any additional steps that end that frustration is also good practice in online recruiting. This will allow you to get more applicants quickly and avoid abandoning candidates before the process is complete.

If you look candidates up yourself, you can also use digital resources to simplify the process. Whether you use Leadar, LinkedIn, RocketReach and Clearbit to boost your recruitment process.

Optimize your website for all devices:

More than 90% of candidates use their mobile devices to search for jobs, so if your website is not optimized for these devices, applicants will likely abandon the idea to work at your company. Don’t lose any talent and make it easier for potential employees to interact with your company on any of their machines. This recruiting practice will allow people to search for your openings, apply and even upload their resumes through mobile devices.

Verify your company information:

Just as recruiters request information from candidates, the candidates in turn do research on their employers to verify the value proposition that the company has in the market and what they can get if they apply for the position.

That is why it is important that you carry out an audit of your company’s information not only on your website but also on social networks and in any online media where you appear. Make sure that information defines you and that it reflects your values and the organizational culture of your company in a positive way.

Highlight presence in social networks:

79% of candidates use social networks to find a job and 73% of millennials found their last position on a social network. Having a content strategy that includes social networks is also considered a good online recruiting practice.

It allows you to show the work environment, the success of your employees, and the achievements of your company through photographs, testimonials, and videos that attract the attention of the candidates. In addition, it helps you differentiate your company from competitors.

Use talent attraction marketing strategies:

With so many companies competing for the same candidates, it can be difficult to get the attention of the best ones. Since applicants are part of the commercial market, it is essential that recruiters know how to attract their attention through marketing strategies, and thus reach the best possible talents. With a good marketing strategy, it will be easier to maintain a constant flow of the best candidates for your vacancies.

Maintain a good brand reputation:

75% of applicants research an employer brand before applying for a job. For this reason, the reputation of a company plays a key role in whether or not a candidate applies for a vacancy. The brand that an applicant applies for must project a positive image in all respects. This good recruiting practice will help people have a clearer idea about what it means to be part of that company.

Be open to diversity:

It is very common for recruiters to look for the perfect candidates. Maintaining strict requirements that do not allow to see a more open panorama will not give good results.

Although skills and experience are important, creativity and the cultural origin of the candidates also turn out to be qualities that offer a greater competitive advantage in the market.

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Final words

Diversity helps foster creative and innovative thinking within the company. A good online recruitment practice is to stay open to sociocultural diversity, sexual orientation, and gender during the recruitment process; this will allow you to attract a greater pool of talent that you could have missed.

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