Everyone searches for images on the internet. The purpose can be both personal and professional. However, image plagiarism has to be avoided so that the image creator can receive appreciation for the hard work that has been put in. The search by image option is a commendable way to check all the appearances of an image as well as determine the original source. As a user, you need to think smartly and get your hands on the best possible tools for using the search by image feature.

Here are the 7 search by image tools that are ranked at the very top:

1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo – Most reliable tools are not offered for free and this is an issue for the users. However, this search by image tools are free of cost and does not have any reliability problems. You can be absolutely sure that all the appearances of the image would be shown. The tool is used online which eliminates the need of offline installations and downloads. To use the tool, you simply need to open the link and start using it.

image search tool

2. Google Images

Google has a huge collection of images and one can find relevant pictures on any possible niche. A very simple step has to be followed to use the search by image feature. Once you have searched for an image and it has been opened with full resolution, keep the image pressed and the option “search for Google”. When this option will be clicked, you would see all appearances of the image on your screen. This option would help you in finding all the instances of an image along with the original source as well.

google image searching tool

3. Bing Image Search

When you talk about quality search by image tools, Bing image search is one of the better options. Bing has images of all possible categories. This helps users in locating similar images for each classification. As a user, you can either upload the image in file form or add the URL. This tool displays all similar images when you upload an image.

bing image search tool

4. Yandex Search by Image

The search by image option of Yandex is quite impressive as it has a lot of advantages. First of all, the interface of the tool is very simple so you do not need to spend time and learn the options. Another key benefit is completely free usage. The image search feature of this tool can be used by the users without the need of paying for a paid version. There are no limitations on usage as well. In other words, you can perform as many searches as you want. Users do not need to go through a process of signing up to use the tool. You can use the search by image feature without going through any registration process.

yandex image searching tool

5. Tin Eye

Tin Eye is a highly preferred tool which carries an impressive reputation. The user interface of this tool is easy. This tool not free for an unlimited span of time. Other than that, there are restrictions on usage as well. Once you have performed a maximum number of searches, you would have to opt for the paid version. To use the search by image feature, you can upload the desired image in JPEG, GIF and other popular formats as well. However, there is a size limitation on the image file you can upload. This is something which you need to be aware of when you are using this tool.

Tin Eye is a good tool for image owners who want to see if their original images are being used by someone else illegitimately or not. This is a big concern for all image owners. With this tool, you can see whether all the websites and domains on which a particular image has been uploaded. It is a beneficial option for image owners who wish to make sure that their images have not been uploaded on illegitimate websites.

tineye image searching tool

6. Image Font Identify

This tool is very simple to use and this is one of the key reasons why users prefer it. To know about the appearances of an image, simply drag the image and drop it on the web page. After that, you can leave everything to the tool. Image Identify would show all appearances and instances of the image. For image owners, this option works well as the can protect their copyrights. The reuse of an image is a problematic scenario for image owners. All the hard work that they put in goes to waste. If you are an image owner, it is important to keep an eye on the online usage of your image. Image Identify is a suitable tool for this purpose.

WhatTheFont image searching tool

7. IQBD image search tool

It is important to know about the online presences of an image. Particularly for image owners, such tools are important so that they can protect the image reputation from being ruined. If you have a similar requirement, IQDB is one tool which would help you a lot. This tool offers two options to upload the image. One option is that you can browse the image and upload it by entering the URL. In both cases, you would know about all the web pages on which the image is present.


Summing It Up

Search by image tools carry importance for both image seekers and owners. When you upload an image on the internet, you have to be careful so that it does not get used by someone else. This happens regularly and image owners who are not proactive about it suffer on a major scale. What does a search by image tool tell you? What kind of information can you attain through them? A search by image tool provides you with a list of all websites on which an image has been uploaded. Hence, image owners can use this tool and prevent their precious images from being misused.

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