When it comes to online marketing presence, web design plays an imperative role. In a study, it was found that 66% of visitor stays on pages only when they like web design. And, having such per cent is not a corny fact.

The above data clearly shows the importance of web designing. However, there are multiple ways to make them attractive enough, but the most crucial factor is “Top-Half of web design”. Most of the designer forgets to add them and lose the opportunity to hold visitors.

If you are new to the online business, then you may have a lack of knowledge about this Web-design method. Before we move to the vitality of it over the business, let’s learn the basics.

Top-Half of Web Design: What it Signifies

The name itself says that the top half of web page important. And it is also known as “selling point”, and this term use mainly for business purposes.

Why is It Known as a Selling Point?

You cannot expect the answer in one line. Read further to understand it in a much better way.

Most of the users visit the site; the only thing that catches the eyes is designing. It considers numerous things, like:

  • Font of the page
  • Text size
  • Colour
  • Function, such as infinite scrolling, or go to the top option
  • Content representation

There are several other things that the user noticed before reading the content. If you make the upper half attractive enough, then it increases the conversion rate. It means, the person who visits the site can be your regular customer or at least create leads.

Now, you can see how vital top-half is when it comes to amplifying the business. It is the reason, Top-Half of web design is known as “Selling point”.

However, creating such a striking web-page requires a lot of skills. And, if you are one who is initiating the online business, then make sure that you have a good web designer. Conversely, having an expert may cost you.

To save money, you can approach remote workers. They provide quality work, with less spending. And, there are options, like doorstep loans through which you can fund them immediately.

Now, let’s see how you can make it useful and what the advantages apart from holding visitors.

Ways to Make the Top-Half Web Design Effectual

If you want to hire an expert consider web design philippines or you can learn it all by yourself. Though it will take time, it can reduce many costs that you can utilize to raise the business. We have mentioned some steps. Follow them and make an attractive web design.

  • Step 1: Put the best information at the top
  • Step 2: Represent attractive and logical data
  • Step 3: Provide images as well as small videos
  • Step 4: Authenticity
  • Step 5: Add value

Let’s understand them in detail for better understanding.

Put The Best Information At The Top

Several times, the designer put attractive information at the end of the content, which is not a pleasant thing. But, performing such task creates troubles, like:

  • Increase bounce rate
  • Reduce the authenticity
  • Lower down the preference
  • Do not recommend and lose authority

You can notice how information or data plays a decisive role.

Similarly, many other factors exist that can spoil the online business within seconds. It can be avoided, if you put the valuable information at the top of the content, and do not forget to highlight them, that attract the reader most.

Represent Attractive And Logical Data

Whatever data you will mention, it should be read by the viewers. And, provide logical balance data that could increase the interest of the viewers. The best part is that it will increase the engaging rates, which eventually boost the ranking.


When you perform such a thing, make sure that you have provided the balance data. Using too much statistics can make the website bored. And the worst part is that it bothers the readers. So, use balance data that is sufficient to make the engagement.

Provide Images As Well As Small Videos

It is quite natural that human loves images more than words. The logic is simple, and, i.e. it helps the reader to understand the things easily. So, do not forget to add images and small videos. Here, the video also plays a crucial role, but keep in mind that it should not be a large one.

Having large videos or images may slow down the website speed. If readers do not get the content within seconds, then will leave it, and move to the other one. So, use small but informative videos and images to make them attractive.

The Authenticity of the Information

If you try to put random data or any irrelevant stats without doing research, then you can lose the page authenticity. So, you can also use hyperlinks, so that the reader could learn more about it. Here, the work is difficult, but as a web designer, you have to learn such things.

Even, if you provide a single data or stats, then make sure it is true. It will engage the users and convert them into the leads. With this, you can finish the half work.

Add Value in Viewers’ Life

Providing meaningful content with random videos or images won’t help you to generate leads. A good web designer put a small content in such ways that add value to human life. So, here you have to add value that can enlarge the website visitors.

It can provide many benefits that you can read below, like:

  • Boost engaging ratio
  • Search engine friendly
  • User-friendly

These are the necessary steps that can help you to build the best top-half of web design. Though learning all by yourself is not an easy task. You have to move step-by-step and follow what we have discussed above. It will surely help you to create a website that can aid you to build an active business.

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