Custom application development is the practice of planning, creating, deploying and maintaining software for a specific set of users, roles or systems. The native competitor, off-the-shelf software is not a multi-tasker, whereas custom software development fulfills a narrowly defined set of demands.

Custom applications are a newfangled invention that is the answer to a wide scope of issues previously faced due to ready-made software. Companies at present have their full command over how they want their software to be running!

1. Cost Effective

The initial price for the employing custom application development could possibly be high, nevertheless, its effectiveness has hence proven that the price put into it is worth it. Unlike off- the –shelf software, custom software do not comprise of native ingredients that require upgrades around the clock.

These applications could be used for a long time without any further investment making them more reliable and hence, a beneficial long term investment.

2. Secure

Since a custom application is specifically designed for your company and is only used by your team members, it is less vulnerable to outside threats. Usually, hackers and spammers are in search of popular softwares since they are well aware of their failings. This makes off-the-shelf softwares more vulnerable to threats due to its availability in the marketplace. Hackers find it more effective to hack a softwares running in multiple companies, i.e. off-the-shelf. Meanwhile, users of custom application ascend without any worries.

3. Support

With a reliable and all-time available expert support team, your journey through custom application development would become less complicated. As this team is fully competent in providing you with the best support, they are tamped up with knowledge about your software and can be of great assistance when it comes to problem-solving.

Off-the-shelf softwares are unable to supply a company with the precise requirements that they are seeking. However, with a team you can explain your idea to, customized softwares are definitely a win!

Softwares like Margasoft provide the best experience to equip all your company’s requirements and improve your overall business management experience.

4. Compatible

The problem with off-the-shelf software is that they can not gel well with other components of the system. They are only limited to some portion of the management and hence cause integration issues.

For an organization, it’s more convenient to have one software with a full scope of operating benefits. Custom made software are unique and are designed in such a way through which an organization can enjoy the benefits of its multi-tasking. The software can be updated on a regular basis based on how the company is developing.

5. Adaptability

Custom softwares can be shaped according to the demands of an organization. Meanwhile, off-the-shelf software are of less use in these circumstances and will eventually have to be altered. Custom application development can be perfectly altered with the assist of a renowned software developing company.

6. Scalability

As a business evolves, a new pressure builds up to sustain up with everything. This includes softwares too. For instance, initially you used an off-the-shelf software which was perfect for your small business, now that your clientele is maturing, the software is unable to fill the upcoming requirements. Would you rather go for and off-the-shelf software again, that will eventually be of no use in a period of time, or, would you like to take a long term, cost-effective solution. Custom-built applications are your savior, then!

7. Less control with off-the-shelf softwares

These softwares require a training program. Small scale buyers have no issue with this, however, for large enterprises, that aim at a cosmopolitan audience, this procedure wouldn’t be specific.

The centralized support systems are slow and are not of great assistance. Time zones could be an issue if your company is overseas. Off-shelf solutions don’t always fit your company’s demands. Clients are also expected to ante up in updating pricing. You do not possess the right to alter your own softwares when it comes to ready-made software.

8. Risk Factor

In cases of off-the-shelf applications, reliability is not always assured. Your developer can have any reason to leave the job and thus your company can be compelled to a major set-back. This will push you into a time-consuming journey to discover a more honest, stable and skilled developer, which will indeed be costly. So why not cut the hassle? Search for a stable custom made application development company, put forward your requirements and enjoy the benefits for as long as you need it!

9. Automation

Every company wants to gets the job done with the least amount of employees in a certain department. Automation is the technology through which least number of humanitarian assistance is required to accomplish a task. Your software will constitute research about your company’s workflow.

This information will be stored in the software and will bring up automated opportunities. With this, the organization executives can learn and specify the number of people working in a department. Hiring employees according to their needs in the company would be handled perfectly with a custom made application.

10. Large Enterprises

The custom-made software is utilized to streamline the business data from single informant. The adoption of personalized software is immense in large business enterprises. They utilize this software for many functionalities such as stock management, customer management, human resource management, capacity management, and more. Applications such as CRM, ERP are developed on the basis of custom software. Custom-made software aids in the practical integration across chief systems, enables smooth recovery of data for facilitating compliance, big data analytics, and other plans.


In the end, it can easily be concluded that if you seek a long term and effective business solution which is tailor-made for your needs and is able to fulfill the required workflow with least hassle involved, custom applications are the best option without any doubt.

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