Instagram helps brands to attract new customers, build a reputation, and raise their influence. Without competent promotion, the account will not replenish with new subscribers and convert them into buyers regardless of your expertise.

In this article, we will consider effective marketing tools for involving the audience and promoting your account.

How to raise the reach of posts?

The successful posts format as carousel can influence the increase in reach and accelerate the account promotion. It contains from 2 to 10 files and photos or videos can be combined there. You can display visuals and dose out useful information. According to statistics, the carousel format is in the lead of reach and involvement. Instagram algorithms realize that people are interested in your posts due to spending a lot of time and also interacting.

The carousel can be created in different formats. In the format of instructions, you can create useful material for your subscribers. In the format of the case, you can describe the problem you have solved in your business for your client.

The first slide in any carousel is the cover. It should have an attractive title that covers a wide audience, indicates a problem, or, on the contrary, entertains. On the last slide, it is important to make the thesis conclusions you led during the carousel. It is an excellent promotion format if you are working on involvement in your account, increasing your reach and subscribers.

From this post, a person can go to a profile. This step is good for promotion along the sales funnel and is perceived positively by Instagram algorithms.

How to effectively retain your audience in profile?

The first thing a person pays attention to in your profile is your popularity metrics. The first impression depends on this and further desire to immerse in your content. You can quickly raise the activity and buy real Instagram followers, likes, comments.

Firstly, it is a way to make your account more attractive. A profile with a large number of followers looks more advantageous and more competitive.

The second you can build trust, this is the main criterion for successful sales. People are arranged in such a way that the opinion of the majority influences their decision-making.

Third, it will increase your expertise. Account metrics play a key role in converting users to followers and customers for your business. This is the fastest way to gain popularity and start the process of constant scaling.

Use other triggers of social proof such as customer reviews, successful cases of your product use. These are effective techniques for increasing sales in any business.

For successful promotion, test different strategies and use effective marketing tools. It is important to work not only on traffic generation but also on audience retention and involvement. To do this, raise your popularity level and buy Instagram followers. Use the carousel format in your posts to increase the reach. Influence your audience with useful content and accelerate potential buyers’ decision-making through social proof and other triggers.

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