As an internet marketer and blogger, I’m always asked the secret recipe to pull readers and keep them coming back for more stuff. I started my blogging journey back in 2013. At that time, I had a blog that was getting 100 visits a month despite having 100+ posts on it. But then things changed when I discovered the secret of pulling more readers to my blog post.

My automobile blog started getting 100 visitors per day in 2016 which grew to 10000+ unique visitors in a day in 2019. Of course, the number of blog posts increased with time. But by now, I was doing the things differently.

So, let me share the secret of writing a blog post that people are really interested in reading which ultimately help you increase your website’s google page rank. These tips have worked for me over the years and hopefully will work for you as well.

Know Your Audience Just Like You Know Your Best Friend

Before you strike your fingers on the keyboard to create a stunning post that can only attract 5 visitors in total, you need to have a crystal-clear understanding of your target audience. You must ask following questions to yourself such as:

  • Who is your audience (gender, age)?
  • What are they doing for their living?
  • What they wish to learn about?

A better understanding of your target audience will help you build a better engagement through your blog post. If you are writing something generic, it will fall into internet blackhole i.e. never catching anyone’s attention. Writing an awesome blog post that your audience really wants to read separating your blog from thousands of blogs on the web.

Choose a topic that can interest you too

If you ask me how I start writing my blog post, I will say that I start brainstorming with a headline and a few keywords in mind. The first few searches you make on the web about the topic must not be a genius, but it should have something to give you an idea what you wish to convey to your audience and how will you do that.

What are the mistakes that you can make? I know them as I was also making the same mistakes 5 years back. You don’t think about different angles and ideas on what you want to write. You don’t give yourself enough time to think about what your audience will really like. Open a Word document or take a paper to note down the ideas coming in your mind.

Find your Unique Writing Style

Once you have figured out your article headlines and sorted out what you will write to impress your audience, it’s time to write. But before you start, you must define your writing style and set the tone.

What writing style do you generally use? Do you keep your content short and crispy? Or do you write long, detailed articles? Do you get a bit personal while writing or you directly talk about business?

It’s up to you what writing style you have unless your content sounds boring. Here are a few things that you shouldn’t try to do.

  • Become a writer you aren’t
  • Making use of excessive vocabulary to impress people
  • Doing keyword stuffing

Write an Awesome Introduction

You need to be a perfectionist while creating the introduction of your blog post. You need to grab the attention of the reader with an impeccable introduction. But it takes time to practice the art of writing a creative introduction to make the reader stay on your blog post.

  • Start with a question that might make people to think or make them feel worried.
  • Start with a declaration or fact.

It may sound to be a bit obvious, but these tricks will help you create an awesome introduction to which your readers can relate. An innovative introduction can make the readers read through your entire blog if the flow of your post is nice. Otherwise, they might feel cheated.

Create a Super-Catchy Title

After typing the last sentence of your article, it’s time to get creative and think of a super-catchy title for your blog post that you have just finished writing. You have to do a lot of brainstorming to create a title for your post and give it the final touch.

Yes, you have done enough brainstorming in the beginning, it’s the time to yield result. Keep patience and find out a title that can be attractive and make the user click on your webpage in the search result. Your post title must grab the reader’s attention at the beginning.

The Bottom Line

Once you have published a decent number of blogs on your website, it’s time to go back to them and study. Check your writing tone, fix all the grammar issues and make all the necessary changes. You can even interlink your articles wherever required in order to provide more information to your readers. You will see a positive growth curve in terms of number of visitors coming to your website. Keep your readers happy so that they keep coming back to find something new.

If you are not an excellent writer, you can always hire someone to write content on your behalf. Choosing an awesome digital marketing agency will not only help you promote your content but will also provide you with resources to draft content on your blog on your behalf. Brandemix is one of the popular digital marketing company in New York that can help to look after your content and marketing efforts.

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