Using pictures is a common practice in website optimization but it is seldom considered in SEO ranking factors. But realistically speaking, investing in image search is never going to disappoint you because of the latest advancements done in this field. SEO is a technique to improve the ranking of your web pages on the result page against the keywords that the user enters. SEO is a crucial procedure to implement and is a time taking process. But once you invest in it, it gives long-lasting results which are worth investing in.

Image SEO Secrets

Below there are some Image SEO tactics that are helpful for growing website traffic:

1. Theft Solution

People used to be in doubt for uploading their intellectual images to such a platform where theft is easy. But it has been made easy to ensure the security of the property and to increase their reach by developing great software.

2. Copyright Free Images

Images are now safe to be uploaded without the fear of threat because of the reverse image search technique which has been developed, making it easy to find the popularity, backlinks, and usage of the image. Make sure to check the authenticity and copyrights of the image before using them for your site with help of a search by image tool. The image lookup utility is a great option that will help businesses a lot as they can fearlessly upload the images of their items without being cautious of other people using them.

3. SEO Friendly Process

SEO implementation is the best way to get your pages better rankings after giving your best in terms of quality service. It includes many aspects such as keywords, links, tags and the list goes on and on. This is usually done on the parameters of Google’s search engine.

No search engine has disclosed its ranking formula to prevent pages from getting top positions by rigging. But many experiments and research have helped professionals collect some data to figure the aspects on which Google ranks its pages.

4. Customer Attraction

Images are also one of the main aspects, but some people believe that they are not as important as others. Images are the main visual objects which help attract people’s attention. Also, with images, it is proven that people learn faster as compared to textual information.

5. Improved Search Clicks

Image search not only aids in theft detection but also in finding the related images according to the given input. People will not only find similar images, but the results will also include related items or images that they can find on the wide web.

6. Better Traffic

This will improve the clicks on those links as well because people will surely be interested in viewing what other products or results they can have against their input. This will boost the traffic on these platforms as more people will be visiting those resultant image links. Increased traffic means your customer digits will also rise, making a high chance of an increase in customer turnover ratio.

7. Better Reach

This is a very handy tool to be used in digital marketing. Many online shops use this as not only a tactic to provide a feeling of digital facilitation to customers, but also a feeling of commitment to the people using the platform.

People usually share such experiences openly where they either experience advanced technology or digital innovation. Image search is an infant technology that is not widely used today which is a big plus for small businesses to implement and step in the spotlight for one of the initial businesses to implement it. This can increase the popularity of your website, eventually leading to more incoming traffic.

While generating ranking results, Google also considers the titles and tags of the images. It also considers them in the category of keywords which makes them an additional point for placing the keywords instead of filling them in your content which might improve the content quality.

These images, with meaningful and related texts, can then be used in image search procedures.


Hence, images play a vital role in increasing the ranking of your pages, if used with proper keywords and tags. They can also be implemented in the image search process afterward which is a great factor from both SEO and business point of view.

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