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Following the launch of iPhone X Mockups, I worked to provide amazing new mobile phone in the format of Photoshop, Sketch, Adobe XD mockups to help designers.

Using this high-quality iPhone X mockups PSD template with smart-object layer, show your own design, creation, and mockup to the world.

So if you are looking to modernize the website or app previews for your clients, go ahead just grab the free iPhone X mockup on TheHotSkills.

Mockup Freebies – Best Mockups Collection on the Web

Last days, we posted a blog on iPhone X mockups sketch and we got a lot of response, feedback and ideas from our users. We listened closely and kept what all love.

So today we are refreshing our iPhone X PSD listing and making things even better to stand out you in the crowd of iPhone X PSD.

Before showcase our treasure…

Here are the answers for our most users “maybe newbies” ask in queries;

Why we use mockups?

Mockups give viewers an idea of how the final product will appear, and the implementation of interactive elements like buttons and icons also hints at the function.

Can we use one’s made mockup?

Yes, of course even we can design a mockup from scratch but it’s really time-consuming. So it’s easier if we go with already existing mockups.


So I decided to again gather not like everyone but standout in class, high-res PSD mockups and sketch templates for you all folks. You can use free mockup generator for design presentation if you’re not able to edit these mockups.

These all are different style & perspectives iPhone X mockups included in the collection to help you quickly present your mobile app, website or theme ideas with the new iPhone family.

These mockups have the photo realistic look and clean scenes that are stylish yet minimal and you just need a few clicks and drop your design to get the final result.

Now go and impress your audience with stunning iPhoneX mockups.

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I hope you enjoyed our above listing.
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