Now, it’s time to change your ordinary business cards into some more beautiful minimal business card designs.

For a running firm, business card designs act as the face of the company. Business cards are the really great tool to make a good impression on customers. If the design of your business card is enough attractive and visual appealing, it is not surprising that you will find them into wallet, desk or office drawer of your clients.

If done correctly, not only business cards build personal relations between you and someone, but also make your brand more memorable. That’s why we will introduce you to minimalist business cards designs.

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What are minimalist business cards?

The type of minimalist business cards trend is to build with the help of minimalist design. In simple words, Minimalist is cutting away or removing all unnecessary elements and just only keep focused on the things that most need in the business card designs and done all the work in a simple yet attractive way.

Another great way to be trendy is by designing a digital business card. It is simple, minimal, and easy to share, and you can add more details and links. While traditional business cards have the limitation of adding a few details.

With using minimalist design trends and cutting away the unnecessary design elements from your business card, at last you get the range of attractive minimalist business cards to choose from. It’s sure that well designed business card will help you to stand out in the crowd and speak for its uniqueness and visual appeal thereby leaving an everlasting impression on the customers as well as other peoples.

So after a well-done research, we have gathered the best business card designs for every business owner, viewers and also our designers community to get inspired and be more creative with their work of business card.

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Clean, Creative and Minimal Business Card Designs

Now, just check out our 50+ best minimalist business cards for design inspiration and grab the attention of your prospects.

Power Legal by Matthew Bird

Power Legal Business Card Minimal

Satex Business Card by fluostudio

Satex Business Card

Business Card Mockup by Joel Ventura

Business Card Mockup

Mystery – Brand Identity by Alicja Surga

Mystery - Brand Identity

Minimalist Business Card by onedsgn std

Minimalist Business Card Design

Business card – UI/UX designer by Peini Chiang

Business card - UI/UX designer

Business Card – Monogram by Bartłomiej Wojdyło

Business Card - Monogram

Business Card – Small Swan by Muhammad Aoun

Business Card - Small Swan

Trinity Business card by Gaurav Singh

Trinity Business card

Minimalist business card by Mateusz Fonfara

Minimalist business card

Minimalissimo Business Card Template by William Hansen

Minimalissimo Business Card Template

ALIN – Business Card by Nahrizul Ashraf

ALIN - Business Card

Logo Architect by Fabian Krotzer

Logo Architect

Evergreen Business Card by Andres Jasso

Evergreen Business Card

RGT Business Card by Rifan Thamrin

RGT Business Card

William Pacholski Business Card by Nolan Marketti

William Pacholski Business Card

Business Card by Angelo Vito

Minimal Business Card

Personal Business Card by Semih Kodarlak

Personal Business Card

Designer Business Cards & Logo by Kate Ivanova

Designer Business Cards & Logo

Benek Gold Foil Biz Cards by Benek Lisefski

Benek Gold Foil Biz Cards

European Decorative by Vasil Enev

European Decorative

Clean Business Cards by Erin Waineo

Minimal Business Cards

Lunz Business Card Design by Nisha Droch

Lunz Business Card Design

Gentleman Apparel Business Card by Fida

Gentleman Apparel Business Card

Casa Culture by Jony

Casa Culture

VPNLUX®. Business card by Mike Yukhtenko

VPNLUX®. Business card minimal

Hunter & Folk Business Cards by Cristie Stevens

Hunter & Folk Business Cards

Helmies – A Christmas Gift by Cara Bell

Helmies - A Christmas Gift

Tracktion business card by Ollestudio

Tracktion business card

Personal Business Cards by Nathan Riley

Personal Business Card Minimal

Premium Business Card Design Templates

These templates are important for any kind of brand, profession, business, and personal use. Shop the best simple, clean and minimalist business cards design templates.

Minimal Business Card Vol. 01

Minimal Business Card

Premium Business Card Templates

Premium Business Card Templates

NATURALIS Business Card Template

NATURALIS Business Card Template

Clean Black Minimal Business Card

Clean Black Minimal Business Card

Business Card

Business Card

Simple Business Card

Simple Minimal Business Card

Minimal Business Card

Minimal Business Card

Clean Minimalist Business Card

Clean Minimalist Business Card

Business Card

Business Card Minimal

Simple Individual Business Card

Simple Individual Business Card

Magnolia Business Card Templates

Magnolia Business Card Templates

Clean Business Card Minimal

Clean Minimal Business Card

Minimal Executive – Business Card

Minimal Executive - Business Card 60

Minimal Black Business Card

Minimal Black Business Card

Minimal Individual Business Card

Minimal Individual Business Card

Business Card Template

Business Card Template

Business Card Minimal

Minimal Business Card

Minimal QR Code Business Card

Minimal QR Code Business Card

Minimal and Modern Business Card

Minimal Modern Business Card

Minimal Modern Business Card

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