As a content writer, I have always been looking for the most effective tools to help me rephrase my work.

I have tried more than ten different paraphrasing tools (both premium and free), but I wasn’t satisfied with their results. Eventually, after spending hours, I discovered a very useful and free tool called This freemium tool not only helped me with rephrasing but also made my life much easier than ever before.

So, in this review, I will share my experience with and how effective it is for content rephrasing.

Overview of is an online tool that is powered by advanced AI technology in its algorithms. This tool works to analyze the given text, and then its AI algorithms find the best synonyms that can be replaced with specific words to make the text more unique and engaging. It offers five different rephrasing modes, and each of them works very effectively to paraphrase the given text.

At first glance, this tool doesn’t make a bad impression on its users, as its interface is very eye-catching and simple. Along with this, it offers some very exclusive features that only premium paraphrasing tools offer.

Overview of Rephrase

Modes of Rephrasing

This rephrasing tool offers five different modes, which are:

Modes of Rephrasing

  • Fluency: This mode works to improve the tone of content and make it more fluent for readers.
  • Standard: This mode works to change complicated words with their easy synonyms to make content readable.
  • Creative: This mode works to make the content more engaging by changing simple language words with persuasive ones.
  • Smart: As the name indicates, this mode makes smart changes in the content by synonyms replacement and restructuring sentences to make it plagiarism-free.
  • Formal: This mode is quite different from other modes, and it makes very effective changes in the content.

Note ⚠: offers only two modes in its free version. The other three are accessible in the premium version. Along with this, in the free version, you can only rephrase 500 words at a time.

How Effective is This Tool for Content Rephrasing?

Now comes the main part of this title, in which I will show you how can be an effective one for content rephrasing.

Improve Content Fluency

Suppose you read the content of others’ and you like a specific one in them, and you copy it so that you can rephrase it in your own words and use it. However, you might find that the rephrased version lacks the same fluency as the original.

In such a scenario, can help you. The “Fluency” mode can be useful in helping to improve the flow of your writing.

Below is an example of how this rephrasing enhances content fluency.

Improve Content Fluency

As you can see, the sentences of the given paragraph were not in flow. has used some words to link them with each other and improve fluency.

Enhance the Readability

Sometimes while writing, you use complicated words in your content that affects readability. It also gets disturbed when you use long sentences in your content.

Always remember, while writing, to keep your audience in your mind. You need to make your content easy to understand for your readers. For this, you can change words complex words with easy synonyms or break sentences into short pieces.

If you think that breaking sentences will disturb the flow, then the “Standard” mode of can be helpful. It will make your content much more simple without disturbing the context.

Let us show you how this mode works.

Enhance the Readability

See! How this mode of has changed complex words and also breaks the sentence without disturbing the flow.

Effectively Eliminate Plagiarism can also help to eliminate plagiarism in content. As you know, it works to restate the given text in different words which didn’t disturb the real context. So, when you paste a plagiarized text in the tool (that is taken from another source), then it will make changes to it, like replacing words with synonyms and also restructuring sentences.

Here is the screenshot of how this rephrasing tool makes changes in the content.

Effectively Eliminate Plagiarism

Pricing Plan

As mentioned above, is a freemium tool that also offers a premium version in which you will be able to get access to all of its features and modes, and also word limit will be increased.

It offers three different packages in its premium version, and you can choose any one of them according to your needs and budget. The packages are shown below.

Rephrase Pricing Plan

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At last, after personally using this handy tool, I can conclude that it is an effective tool for content rephrasing.

It is because it offers various modes that can help improve the fluency and readability of your writing. Along with this, they also help to eliminate plagiarism more effectively than manual paraphrasing.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it is a freemium tool that offers some limitations for its free users, like a 600-word limit, and only two modes (Fluency & Standard) are available.

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