Starting a new travel blog can be challenging! There are a lot of concurrency in this field already. But if you have decided to try yourself as a travel blogger here we will give you some tips! First of all, of course you need to complete the full content plan for your blog. But more importantly, you need to pick the most suitable travel blogging platform for your blog. So in this article, we collected the best 2019 platforms to make your blogging experience easier!

All the named platforms above can offer you with more information about traveling in 2019. Also we mentioned some useful resources you can visit for traveling whenever thinking of vacation, so you will have more travel advices to share with your audience.

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Best Free Blogging Platforms for Travel Bloggers


Squarespace Blogging Platform
The platform can offer more alternatives for customization and it gives you the chance for changing everything even if you don’t know to code. This platform can give you the chance for expanding your services and this is a very great alternative for the ones using their blogs in business matters. You should, however, know some few things about coding so you can be the best in using this application.


Free Blogging Platform is the other platform for travel blogging which is best known for those who have businesses that need their websites to have blogs. There are free features which are easily used from this platform like the drop and drag options especially for the ones that don’t know much about coding. The platform is free and one can use it for web building and blogging hence it is easily conducted by the business owners since its usage is easier compared to others that separately create the websites and blogs.


This blogging platform can provide free use of interface for the experienced and beginner bloggers. This platform can have wide themes range where one can choose from and the plugins where can make your own blog. However, when using this platform, you won’t need your blog host and you also need to be prepared on coding and editing since it needs very confident bloggers.


blogger is the platform which most beginners can easily use. The platform can be freely blogged and even the beginners can simply use it without problems. The platform can need the users to have their contents typed, the photos added, and then publish them.

The platform gives users a chance for editing HTML and also adding the widgets onto the blogs and these are not offered by most platforms. The users are also encouraged to create their Google account so they can get the add-ons that are related to their blogs. Most bloggers are also known to be nurtured by this platform because it doesn’t contain the upgrade alternatives.


The platform is the alternative for blogging and is famous to young teenagers. You can simply use the platform since it has main focus into the blogger’s community and this enables it to provide more alternatives where the content can be re-blogged and shared. The platform, however, focuses majorly onto the GIFs and photos which is the best for the visual bloggers.

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