To discuss the UI font, firstly we discuss what is a font. It is the perceptible portrayal of text that can come in different typefaces, point sizes, and even weights. Typography is essential and it includes the font styles, from its formation to development. Hence, this way of communication is more than just a chain of words. At the rate of today’s digital expenditure, it is important for a beneficial User Interface (UI) design and the selection of premium fonts that can be your very one evolving factor. A precise, yet key outlook of your website, the utilization of fonts can be to your benefit when creating your next UI.

How can we choose the right font for web design?

Choosing the perfect font is never effortless. And when your selection could make the distinction between a magnificent, easy-to-understand interface and the new app everyone loves to hate, it only becomes more exciting. When building a beautiful website, there’s a lot to concentrate on between curating an astonishing color palette and selecting the pixel-ideal background images; it’s not rare for some parts to fall by the wayside.

So selecting the right font for a user interface constitutes some distinctive challenges. With a lot of types available for users, choosing the perfect font for your website might be tricky. Here is some advice.

Get inspired

You may already have some font styles in mind, but before you make a unique conclusion, it’s sharp to spend some time checking out what other people are doing. Fortunately, the internet is overloaded with font innovation websites such as Typewolf; a site where you can search unlimited font guidance and lists to spark your creativity.

Consider personality, tone, and branding

While the reasonably infinite selection of fonts accessible on the web means it’s possible to have typography that’s special to your product, things can easily become complex-especially if you have no sense of where to start. That’s why it’s so essential to carefully assess the motive of your product, as well as your viewers.

Less is more

While it’s attractive to use numerous typefaces within a single design, it can end in an immense or cluttered interface. We suggest starting with fonts from some families (take one typeface).

If you’re rather more skillful in working with typography, or you had your heart adjust on more than one typeface, attempt and restrict yourself to three maximum. Preferably, your picked typeface should enclose enough range to allow you to select your primary, secondary and tertiary.

Evaluate the readability

When picking a font, mainly a secondary font, readability should be the top preference and some typefaces are considered more readable than others. Some of the most famous serif fonts incorporate Times New Roman and Georgia. These default font types are considered highly readable, and the best place to start if a serif font inserts in better with your picked aesthetic.

Ensure that the fonts are scalable

Some typefaces are comfortably clear when passed at larger sizes, while furthermore, typefaces with very fine letterforms or excessively embellished designs may split at smaller settings.

Scalable fonts, also called outlier fonts or vector fonts, are ones that can be extended or decreased without deformation. This we’ll provide you with a more practical idea of how well they scale.

What are the best premium fonts for your website?

Typography is very important for the visual perception of the brand. When it comes to establishing a professional-looking website, it’s necessary to not only the colors and pictures you use but also the fonts. Here are some best premium fonts to use for your web design.

John Beer Minimal

This serif font has a modern, trendy, and soft quality, which totally makes it the best for pages with a female demographic. It comes in a span of weights from italic to bold, however, it’s often used in the faded weight in headers due to its aesthetically-enjoyable nature.


This sans-serif font manages to match well with fonts like Exo and Lato, which have a comparably peculiar aesthetic. When related with a shaky purple color, Dosis perfectly fits contemporary technology business.


Evolved especially for screens, this serif font is legible even at tiny sizes. Whether it’s in italic and bold weight, it offers something that is acceptable for companies that want to present themselves with seriousness.


Lato is one of the world’s most famous fonts, due to its skillfulness-there are more than 100 alterations. It’s also one of the matured, having been everywhere since 1957. However, in spite of being quite a typical font, its undergoing demand can be assigned to its comprehensive, stylish appeal. It can be used by executives and businesses to design a clean and impressive website.


This formal sans-serif font can be simply used more or less anywhere on your website, regardless if it’s in a header or as smaller text. With an eye-catching and youthful aesthetic, it’s a magnificent selection for a millennial demographic-which is frequently why you’ll notice it used by digital and innovative agencies. Targeting the practical design facet in UI, Monsterrat can be your discovering factor if users continue to pursue details and get to their required goal in your website.


This sans-serif font is frequently described as unbiased and minimalistic, as well as highly legible. While it’s a secure choice for most kinds of websites, it manages to work best for businesses that count solidity and quality check as their top values. This font is normally used over print, web, and even mobile affiliates. It aces readability, skillfulness, and even pairs well with many other fonts!

Using this simply readable font can help your users to recognize details easily due to its neat and clean presentation. Explore these distinct weights and a selection of colors to suit it best to your brand.


This sans-serif font has a highly executive quality, but still feels comfortable and inviting. Petrichor is a magnificent selection to give brands in more serious fields like accounting a more stylish, affable feel.


This all-caps, sans-serif font performs best for attention-seeking headers. Just like Dosis, it has a bit futuristic aesthetic that is supportive of tech brands. It prefers to connect well with other fonts like Monsterrat, Lato, and Playfair.

Josefin Sans

Persuaded by 1930s font styles, Josefin Sans is a formal font with a stylish and vintage feel. It’s frequently used by fashion, design and beauty brands, due to its air of experience. It envelopes the whole spectrum of font weights, from narrow through to bold.

Abril Fatface

With a name such as Abril Fatface, a font can’t take itself too severely. Sure sufficient, this curved serif font projects comfortable, affable energy, as well as a bit playful aesthetic. It’s frequently used by brands that value inventiveness and fun.


Bolzano continues a youthful quality. The sans-serif formal font fits best for brands that are oriented on fun, joy and youth; or those who are targeted at children’s audience.


What began as a Kickstarter project has become one of the world’s most famous futuristic fonts. Exo is a formal sans-serif font with a great font family, making it an adaptable choice for forward-thinking tech and gaming companies.

Libre Baskerville

Studies express that Libre Baskerville is recognized as the most reliable brand amongst customers. It’s for this purpose that the serif font is frequently used by banks, accounting companies and other commercial providers.


Roboto is called a neo-grotesque font–which is not to speak it’s aesthetically-annoying, but preferably, credits its Gothic origins. This font is a formal and stylish font style that joints well with multiple other fonts.

The sans-serif typeface is entirely mysterious, in that it’s formal but it also has open curves. The conclusion is a font that views affable and executive at the same time. The Roboto typeface has 4 connections with numerous weights:

  • Roboto Family
  • Roboto Slab
  • Roboto Mono
  • Roboto Condensed

Playfair Display

While several designers mock Playfair Display, it’s difficult to go wrong with this typical font. The serif font is unbiased, readable, and has an enduring quality that never takes out of style. It can be viewed as typical and magnificent, even connected with a brighter color scheme.


Kissita is an executive and readable font that even now has glamour and character. The script typeface can be viewed distinctly in its several weights-however, it always controls a sense of simple sophistication.


Another sans-serif font “Gotham” is included in our list. This font has a covering of a lowercase, italics, and a full-scale scope of weights and widths. This permits you to show your brand’s products or services in whichever way you desire to.

Furthermore, with Gotham, you are capable of presenting your site with some rhythm due to its scope of typefaces. When your viewers remember the typefaces used in optics, this expresses how a font is of great value to branding.

CS Harley

This font is typically magnificent with its rounded figures and soft edges. CS Harley makes for the best dramatic header font, controlling best readability in large bodies. C this may not be the great choice for big paragraphs in small bodies, which may be exhausting for the eye after some time.

Norwegia Classic

This font is very formal, going back to the old days of printed press in respect of shapes. Not unexpectedly, this typeface provides good readability for long texts in large or small bodies.


This serif typeface makes for a stylish experience that respects typical usability standards. With semi-rounded figures and curves, Aleo is a classic font that works really great for long texts.


Mohave is a formal and minimalist sans-serif font that was created by the Late Vernon Adams. It was initially created to be used as a flaunt font but thanks to its spacing, it can work great as a text font too. Mohave also fits for web and mobile applications

Dancing Script

Dancing Script doesn’t provide too many distinct styles, but it’s still a magnificent font. The typeface has a stylish design, but even now enjoys soft lines that make for the best way to highlight content. The font looks classy and brings attraction to any text.

Asap Condensed

It comes with 8 distinct styles, incorporating semibold, bold and all their particular italics. It’s a handy font due to its systematized character width, making it simple to switch styles without having to set the text. It’s a condensed typeface that can make many headers and titles.


Barlow was made with the aim to display the general style of the state of California. This font gives out traits and common figures with the state’s license plates, road signs, and trains. It also has amazing readability, as well as 9 distinct styles to pick from.


It is another very stylish font. It is a clean typeface and provides an ample 6 styles, from extra light to bold. The perfectly-planned spacing between the design of the letter font with the best readability. This merged with the lavish bold styles makes Assistant specifically good for larger bodies.


Poppins, designed by the Indian Type Foundry, is an impressive, formal sans-serif font for use in text or show contexts. It’s also the first font on our criteria to assist the Devanagari system, which is used in over 150 languages incorporating Hindi and Sanskrit.

Why are fonts so necessary?

When you’re creating a website, it can be simple to fix the default fonts and concern yourself with other, apparently more necessary decisions. In your Prototyping gadget, looking at the final font in all its fame can lock up new light on your product.

UI Fonts are an abundantly powerful and adaptable resource for your website. Giving you an approach to over 900 fonts, these fonts can make your website view better while increasing its performance and raising the overall speed of the internet. Even finer, google makes it simple to get begun with these fonts on your website.

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