Nowadays, every company and business runs on a website. It is very important to design a responsive website to engage more customers. While visiting any website, every user checks few things such as font style, image size, loading time, speed, and so on. The web design mistakes will decrease traffic on your website. They also spoil the image of your brand and company in the eyes of customers. To avoid these mistakes, the best thing to do is to hire professional web design services. They already know the basics and are experienced in making web designs based on current trends and customer preferences.

In this blog, we will discuss how to avoid few mistakes in web design and make your website more responsive and engaging. This blog will help you to design the perfect websites for your business or brand.

10 Worst Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. Lack of mobile-friendly feature

Today, you need to design a website that runs on all mobile phones. Your websites should work on all the old and new versions of mobile phones. Besides, your websites must also work on Android, iOS, and other platforms. If you fail to create a website with a mobile-friendly feature, the business might lose customers and traffic as well. You can go here for the best IT recruitment in Dubai service.

2. Wrong design thinking method

Today, most designers assume that customers will like a particular type of website design. Instead of assuming the design, you must adopt a design-thinking approach for the customers. This approach will help you to identify the needs and goals of every customer. It also helps you to know the problems of customers and solve them quickly. Not understanding your customer’s needs is one of the biggest mistakes that designers make during the website designing process.

3. Long load time of website

Users do not stay for a long time on the websites that take a lot of time. Every customer loves to use fast-running websites today to order food items or buy grocery items. The minimum time your website should take to load is 2 seconds and 3 seconds at the maximum. Websites that take more than 5 seconds to load lose traffic and users will leave them quickly.

4. Irrelevant photos and images

If you use irrelevant and low-quality images on your website, stop this practice. Irrelevant images may create confusion in the minds of the reader. Your customers will not get a precise idea about your brand or products by showing irrelevant images. As far as possible, use relevant and high-quality images that describe your business clearly.

5. Different styles of fonts

Trying different font styles is a good practice but not when you want to run your website. You must use only up to 3 font styles. Giving many font styles on the website will make it less attractive. Apart from that, the customers will also get confused while reading the content. So, the best practice is to choose the best 3 font styles for your website.

6. Hiding links from the websites

Many startups and small companies probably think that hiding important things are good for running a website. But it is not a good practice for any business. You should not hide links and other texts. Hiding information might give a wrong impression of your company to the customers. They might also think that you are deceiving them by hiding the information. You may lose traffic on your website. It will further reduce sales of the business and cause losses as well.

7. Putting social media icons at the top of the site

Do not ever put social media icons at the beginning of your website. These icons will distract your audience and they might not return to your site. Social media sites will your audience engaged for a long time and this will decrease the website’s traffic. Instead of putting social media icons on the top, you can put them in the center or at the last section of the website.

8. Mistakes of columns and grids

The layout of the website is important for its success. Improper layout, grids, and columns can also make your website a big failure. Applying the same old designs and layout for your website might not work in this digital era. You should replace the age-old float and breakpoints with all new guides and CSS grids to design the latest websites. As a web developer, you must merge old and new designs to create an engaging and user-friendly website.

9. Unsafe websites

You cannot use any website without HTTPS. Sites without HTTPS are not safe and secure and can be hacked anytime. Not having HTTPS on the site is one of the biggest mistakes that several web developers do these days. The audience will find it tough to search for your websites without HTTPS. These sites can also leak your personal information like phone number, email ID, and other details. Moreover, they will reduce the chances of online visibility.

10. Posting a lot of content on the website

Every business wants to gather traffic on its website. But that does not mean you should put a lot of content on the website to describe your products or services or about your company. You can post little content with clarity about your company, brand, and products. Do not flood your site with too much content and links. It might take away your traffic and lead to business loss as well. So, the best way to attract readers is to post interesting content on the website in a short para.

Final words

Designing a website is very necessary for every new business or startup. However, you cannot design a website without following the proper norms and rules. You have to look at hundreds of things before designing and developing a website.

We discussed several web design mistakes that could be made while designing a website. As a web developer, you must look into these mistakes and learn from them. Apart from that, you can also take advice from seniors and experienced web developers on how to improve website design.

You can talk to your customers and ask about their needs and requirements. It is important to know what your customers want on your website. These practices will solve these common mistakes before even designing a website. If you want to know more, go here for the best IT recruitment in Dubai service.

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