Businesses are now run online. The market is flooded and for you to make it better, you need to stand out However, this increase has met the meet a large number of people who prefer to shop online. It’s a win-win situation in terms of both increases in e-commerce and the number of people opting to shop online. E-Commerce website gives your customers a lasting impression for your business.

A lot of people have opinions or rather suggestions of how the perfect website should look like. How your web is designed is very important? It acts as a window to your business for the customers.

Only if you get someone who can do it for you and have it done perfectly! Well, lucky you There are millions of freelance website designers who can do it for you.

Having your website stand out is the best you can do for your business. But, how? Worry not, here are some of the website design tips you have to consider.

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Tips to consider when getting your e-commerce website

ecommere website design tips

1. Speed

We all know how frustrating a slow loading website can be. Make the site’s speed a priority. This plays a major role in deciding if your customers will come again.

If the speed is slow, customers won’t stick around and wait. They will always go the next one that is loading website speed a little faster. By proper optimization you can easily enhance the website loading speed. It will be very useful. The slow loading speed affects the conversation as well as traffic. Around 40-50% traffic exit from website if loading speed is slow. A website designer can increase the website speed by these following techniques:

  • Take better hosting like dedicated server, virtual private server
  • Reduce server response time
  • Image size optimization
  • Enable browser cache
  • Minifying JavaScript
  • Minimise the CSS files
  • Number of redirects reduce
  • Usage of Gif’s will be minimum
  • Reduce the number of plugins
  • Using CDN (content delivery network)
  • Browser cache enable
  • Reduce the external scripts

2. Simplicity

Let your website look simple. Website visitors don’t like the complex design. This plays a major role since it comes as what they see at a glance. The more complex the less they perceive your website as less attractive.

How can you achieve this;

The sidebar; these days most people prefer the single column to the sidebar. This is because there are fewer distractions.

The standard layout; you can feel like sticking for standard layout will not work for you or its less attractive, well, you are wrong. People move to next websites that look familiar to them. Stick to a standard layout and find other ways to stand out.

3. Carousels, Tabs, Accordions, and Sliders

While they may be requested by customers or as much as you would love to have carousels on your website, research terms them as useless. Research from Notre Dame University shows that this applies to sliders, tabs, and accordions.

For instance, you can check a React Dashboard Template based on eCommerce that consists of all the required components needed.

4. Scrolling or Clicking

You are probably asking yourself if you can use carousels, tabs, accordions, and sliders how do you present your information and have it reach the visitors effectively? Here are how visitors prefer scrolling than clicking. To make it work better, put the information on one page. This makes it easier for visitors to find it.

5. Visual Clues

Web design plays a major role in directing visitors to the website. This can be one by giving priority to information differently. Be bold in doing. It helps a lot.

6. People

You can use images of people. They attract attention and direct it to where you need to be Humans connect both on the web and in real life. The photos that work most is the photos of real humans and not stock photos. You can use customer images or your worker’s images. Always avoid stock photos.

7. Listing Order

People tend to remember things in the order form and most of the time they remember the first and last in the order and forget the middle ones. When using this method to list things, do it in the order form. Place the more vital information on areas they are likely to remember or see first.

8. Social Shares, Media Mentions, and Testimonial

You can use this to gain more visitors since people do what others have done. If you show them the social shares, media mentions, and testimonials they are likely to trust your brand and use it or recommend it to others. Having positive testimonials earns you the trust of new visitors. With the testimonials, you can provide ratings also which will be helpful to gain trust factor.

9. Hick’s Law

It states that, when given more choices, the longer you take to decide. Limiting your choices will help your visitors to choose faster. How can you do this; here is how;

  • Have one call to action
  • Use social buttons you are active on
  • Have one goal in every page
  • Have fewer menu items

10. Headline

Always have a simple, clear and attention-grabbing headline at all times. However, you have to be brief as possible and not bore the visitors.

E-commerce sounds like its hard work yet it’s not. When the website is done considering the above points then it gives you more advantages than most websites some of the advantages are;

  • Your customers get to have more options all at once.
  • Reviews posted help boost your business as you’ll get more customers and more clicks.
  • Your information will available quickly and readily. The customer will be able to see the information within seconds.
  • E-commerce expands the market. Having the right website that’s is easy to use really works for you It’s one of the easy ways to capture and maintain the customer’s loyalty to your business. E-commerce helps the business reach even the rural areas and gives them what they normally wouldn’t get. This also plays a role in being recommended to others.
  • The customers get better services all the same time and faster. E-commerce has this advantage against actual businesses on the ground. This also helps improve your brand online.
  • Reduced manual paperwork. Customers online are only asked for vital information which can be given at the comfort of the customer’s home or work. This also gives them the advantage of shopping anywhere at any time.
  • The business process is now made easier by e-commerce. The at the comfort of your home slogan is made real or it’s achieved.

Freelance website designers are now more online on their websites. It’s easy to find one anytime. Using e-commerce expands your organizations and helps you reach visitors from all over the world. With minimal capital, which is used to set up an e-commerce business, anyone is able to start small and grow big. Website design plays a major role. This also has a low maintenance cost.

This also has a low workload. This is because most of the processes like billing are automatic.

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