Almost every person we know of nowadays has an email. And rather email is one of the most convenient and professional ways to approach someone. Even though it is one of the traditional marketing methods, about 70% of marketers still use it. Ever since the internet has set foot, emails have been an essential tool. But, what is email marketing and why choose it? What benefit does it have for your business?

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What is email marketing?

Email marketing is the form of marketing that aims at reaching out to the target audience. It is one of the popular forms of direct marketing. The email campaigns provide you with a good ROI. One can utilize it at almost every step of the buyer’s journey.

Why email marketing?

Despite so many social media platforms and other digital platforms, businesses still opt for email marketing. But why? A good email marketing strategy is an effective way of attracting and nurturing leads. The main reasons for choosing email marketing are:

  • Everyone has an email. This makes it possible for you to reach out to about 99.99%of your consumers.
  • Email marketing leads to remain constant. Unlike other social media platforms where followers keep on fluctuating.
  • Emails provide a better conversion rate. Also, they are the most professional way of engaging with the audience.

How to work your way through email marketing?

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Once you know what is email marketing, you need to find your way through email marketing. To do so, first and foremost, you need to build a sizable email list. But, for that, you need permissions from customers. Here are all steps to walk through for email marketing:

Get permissions:

You can do this by offering incentives. To seek permissions and get customer’s emails, it is important to establish credibility. You can’t simply ask people to enter emails. You can do this by offering free newsletters, eBooks, sending update lists and others. This entices people and makes them excited. Have a clear purpose in mind while taking email addresses.

Follow-up with regular emails:

Once you set expectations for customers, do not forget to take follow-ups. Set up a good email marketing strategy. You can even incorporate automation for the same. Once an individual subscribes, start by sending a welcome mail. Next, if you promised newsletters, make sure you send them consistently. Alongside, it also helps in building brand presence. Just live up to the expectations.

Shifting towards selling products:

Once you’ve established that brand image, shift towards selling. But, how? You need to have a strategy for this. Understand the kinds of products the customer shows interest in. This can be through the type of newsletters they like, the links they click on, and other customer behaviour. Then, you can start pitching the products. Put yourself in the reader’s place and understand what suits them best.

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Write a well-optimized email and newsletter:

You can’t just send anything. You have to convince customers to buy products. For this, try to send well-designed and personalized emails. Make an impact with your email. Maintain a regular routine of emails. Use good, catchy and impressive language to write emails.


If you have a handful of subscribers, responding personally to each one is viable. However, once your subscriber list grows, it becomes difficult to respond. With more complex email campaigns, you need to integrate autoresponder for emails. Alongside, automation is now an integral part of an email marketing strategy. It makes the task easier and faster.

Understand the analytics:

After knowing what is email marketing and implementation of email marketing strategy, work on analytics. You cannot send out similar emails to customers. Everyone has their specific expectations. You can do this by refining customers. For this, you need to see the click-through-rates of emails, open rates and the one who unsubscribes. Low CTR indicates less engagement. This calls for building up engagement among customers. Pay attention to email analytics and use the email analytics tool to get in-depth insight, set, and re-set target metrics, and get pivot mode to analyze numerical data. Make the customers complete the buyer’s funnel. You can do this by providing offers and sending what they like.


This plays a critical role and makes the email task easier. On the basis of several parameters, you can segment the list. This helps you to have a targeted communication. The parameters include geography, likings, sales, and others. With the right analytics, segmentation becomes even easier.

Worthy email list:

A good email list is no less than a treasure. Understand how much people are spending through your emails. Try increasing the rates and amount. Run email campaigns to churn out the best customers.

Benefits of email marketing

Benefits of email marketing
Even with technologies like AI, chatbots and others, why do marketers still trust emails so much? Not just because it is the oldest but also the most reliable form of marketing. But why? It is because it offers ample benefits. A good email marketing strategy can provide exponential growth to your company. Here is a list of all benefits of email marketing:

Highly accessible:

Not everyone is on social media, but, about 50% of the world’s population has emails. This itself just the reach emails offer. It is the most common form of communication used by all. So, with email marketing, you can garner a wide audience and high engagement easily.

Direct communication:

Emails allow you to reach out to customers directly. You do not need any mediator. Neither you have to rely on algorithms. You can even personalize them and find potential clients. Further, you can nurture the prospective leads with a good email marketing strategy.

High ROI:

Email marketing helps the business in the following ways:

  • Garnering audience
  • Increase in revenue
  • Higher sales conversions
  • Increase in traffic on the website
  • Help in increasing brand awareness and building brand reputation

Email automation:

Unlike other marketing methods, you can fully automate emails. Depending on customer demands, you can optimize mails. Further, you can schedule them depending on their activity by using such email marketing tools as Klaviyo. This makes the process simpler and faster.

Easy analysis:

You can easily measure how well your marketing campaign worked. It provides you with accurate data for customer interaction and actions. This makes it even easier to initiate conversations and influence potential customers.

Enhance brand value:

The bottom line of all marketing strategies is to successfully establish a good brand image. With a good email strategy, you can build an organic customer base for customers. Emails are undeniably the trusted method to do so. Alongside, this leads to high conversion rates and potential customers.


In brief, email marketing helps all businesses. Not just it helps you increase traffic, but also generates revenue. This process might seem complicated, but once you work your way out it is very handy. All you need to do is have a regular check of customer interaction. Email marketing requires patience and consistency. If you have not yet incorporated it, now is the time to do so. It provides massive returns for all marketers expecting good results. There is no specific formula for the success of email marketing. You will have to figure it out with time. But, what’s important is to get started with it.

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