Social media platforms have transformed the way people communicate with each other. Today, it is impossible to imagine a life that is devoid of social media. As content is the king of all marketing tactics, successful marketers pay attention to intriguing elements that boost content on media tools. However, it comes as no surprise that video marketing has something more rewarding than other content marketing strategies.

Social media is a powerful tool for brands to create a personal connection with their clients and make them feel valued. The proper use of social media can single-handedly steer the brand image of a firm and boost its sales. Let us have a look at how you can leverage the power of video in social media.

Additionally, for those looking to enhance the accessibility and global reach of their video content, you can explore convenient options to translate subtitles online with services like Simplified’s subtitle translator tool.

Understanding the Type of Social Media Video

Those tips-and-tricks videos that customers watch on YouTube surely help build trust. It may also establish the company as a pro in this domain. But that doesn’t have even a bit of similarity with the company’s cultural video tactics.

Similarly, there’s always a significant difference between account-based videos and influencer videos. Although the universe of B2B would love to hear from industry experts, these videos are never similar to product explainer videos.

Now, product explainer videos are a fantastic type that works pretty well on social media channels. So, there are five primary types of videos that can help you create a brand identity on social media tools.

  • 1. Video Stories – Stories in social media are available only for 24 hours from posting. That way, the viewers suffer from a major fear of missing out and pay better attention to such videos.
  • 2. How-to Videos – Sometimes, the products sold by a brand need to be assembled. Brands can post videos on social media wherein they demonstrate the assembling or usage of their business demonstrations.
  • 3. Product Release Videos – If your brand is launching a new product, you can consider coming up with product release videos to create a buzz about the product before it reaches the market.
  • 4. Testimonial Videos – As a brand, you can ask your satisfied customers to review their experience with you. Sharing such videos on social media will help you win the trust of potential customers.
  • 5. Explainer Videos – You can come up with videos wherein you explain industry-relevant topics and share the same on your social media platforms. These help to establish your industry expertise.

Depending on your business plans and social media presence, you can create any of the five types of video. Tools like InVideo give you a lot of creative freedom in video creation.

Working on Your Thumbnails and Headings

There’s always an everlasting thing about that terrific first impression. In this case, your video’s first impression, too, matters a lot. Thumbnails, titles, and video headings are your tools for casting a powerful first impression. If your video heading is engaging and conveys what the video is about, interested viewers will be less likely to skim past it.

Understand that when it comes down to creating videos for social marketing engagement, it’s better to use an affordable social media video maker. Considering the aforementioned requirement, InVideo can be your safer bet. The tool helps you organize the frames appropriately. But before you use this tool, here’s how you can upload your custom thumbnail for video-hosting channels.

  • Using a standard 16:9 ratio for the video thumbnails (it’ll make around 1280 x 720 pixels)
  • Always consider including the title in the thumbnail in legible and clear text.

Note: If the title is long, remember to focus on the primary keywords to offer viewers an inclusive understanding.

Choosing a theme is important! Have a playlist of videos? Or want to start with the series? Then, stick to a similar color scheme and layout for the video thumbnail. Try to have a pattern in the video headings, so that your viewers who watch a particular video are prompted into watching the entire series.

Optimize Your Videos

These days, thousands of videos are uploaded on social media platforms. To ensure that your video stands out, you need to be on your toes and optimize the video.

  • Spend time finding keywords that are relevant to your video content. Use these keywords in your video title and description. If possible, speak out some of these words in the video content as well.
  • Depending on the social media platform where you intend to post the video, make sure that you optimize the length of the video. For example, shorter videos are ideal for Instagram stories, whereas you can post longer ones on Facebook.
  • Since most people view social media platforms on mute, add subtitles to your video. This will optimize your video for mobile viewing.

Using Different Video Structures & Lengths for Different Media Platforms

Just how hashtags play a critical role in acquiring followers, video structures and lengths have many to do with making a compact video on social media. But different platforms require different video lengths and structures.

Let’s talk about Twitter! This platform has the smallest character limit. On this note, the ideal length for the platform tends to be from 30 to 45 seconds. Instead of compacting long videos of five minutes, one can make the right use of Twitter!

After all, you get to use it as an avenue to tease your full-length video content! Doing so would be immensely beneficial, for you get to direct your customers to one more channel to find that full-length video! To make your job seamless, here’s an overview of different social platforms based on their individual requirement for video lengths.


The videos must never exceed a time frame of 60 seconds. Instagram videos that receive the most comments range within 26 minutes on average.


10 minutes is the maximum time duration concerning LinkedIn videos. In fact, video ads on this channel can be around 30 minutes. But the most popular video ads are less than 15 seconds.


Videos on FB can range from 1 second to 240 minutes, as long as the full size isn’t more than 4 GB.

Nothing’s As Authentic As Going Live

Live videos are an authentic consideration when it’s about boosting social media presence. In fact, “going live” can be a huge move for companies or influencers to provide viewers with unscripted and real performance.

After all, these videos offer an amazing opportunity for audiences to clear out their misinterpretations or queries through the comment section. As they receive a prompt answer from the speaker, the experience becomes all the more seamless.

One more advantage of live videos is that they can reduce production time dramatically as there’s no need for editing in the post-production phase!

End Note

Brands can leverage video advertisements to attract potential customers. It is a well-established fact that a web page with video gets much higher views than one without it. If used in the right manner, video advertisements on social media can boost conversions and drive better traffic.

Considering that Google lists web pages with video higher than those without it, videos should be an integral part of your digital marketing initiatives. With tools like InVideo, you can effortlessly create promotional video content that will help to scale up your marketing initiatives.

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