Today, many companies have strong intentions to reach top rankings in Google. Backlinking SEO creates such opportunities for both small-scale businesses and prosperous marketing giants. However, a simple and straightforward outreach may not be the perfect tactic to generate high-quality SEO backlinks.

From dozens of existing strategies, we have selected the best backlinking SEO approaches. Read on to discover how to find backlinks that will make Google rank your website higher and help you achieve your business goals.

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Backlinking SEO: Preparatory Phase

Everything begins with a foundation. You can earn powerful backlinks only with a solid basis in the form of a professional website and quality content. That will make your web space worth linking to, as well as give you a canvas for further SEO backlink building work.

To build that basis, take a closer look at these three preparatory steps:

  • 1) Know your target audience. Relevance is essential for SEO backlink building. Figure out what your potential customer looks like and what are his or her concerns. It will be much easier to create relevant content and find an appropriate website to request a link from.
  • 2) Define the value of your website. What can you offer to the audience and site owners? Identify the benefits of using your product or service, so it will be easier to find backlinks from authoritative websites.
  • 3) Generate quality content. Make it comprehensive, simple, scannable, technically optimized. It is your chance to prove expertise and attract both new customers and quality SEO backlinks.

With these stages only, you will improve your reputation and trustworthiness in the eyes of your readers. Automatically, this will magnet organic backlinks, and any link building tactic will work well for you.

5 Ways to Earn SEO Backlinks

1. Guest Posting

While running a link building campaign, it is crucial to focus on the quality of your SEO backlinks. That means choosing proven websites with a great reputation and high domain authority, placing them throughout the content naturally, and surrounding them with a context.

If you want to get the most out of your backlinks, try to place them by yourself. Insert them properly in a piece of quality content and offer it to a website from a similar niche. As a plus, you will present your website to a wider group of an interested public.

Write a guest post as responsibly as you do it for your own website. To deliver useful information, do quick research throughout the hosting website and comment sections to figure out what its readers like most. Then, give it to them, adding your backlinks naturally and unobtrusively.

2. Track & Reach out

Looking for free ways to earn dofollow SEO backlinks even without creating new content? We have got some for you. These methods imply research and communication with partner websites.

  • Turning mentions into backlinks. If you are an experienced business, you may face people mentioning your name in their content. Reach out to them if they did not refer to your website with a backlink.
  • Broken link building. Linking to dead web pages has no SEO value. Moreover, it is a thorn in the whole link building campaign. Connect with the owner of the website where you saw this issue, and offer your backlink instead of the broken one. Eventually, you will contribute to a successful backlinking SEO for both you and your business partner.
  • Replicating competitors’ backlinks. Find your top competitors’ backlinks and contact the source website owners. If your rivals have them, why can’t you?

These tactics are great for expanding your partnership network as well as earning organic backlinks. You can also find specific mention and backlink tracking tools for a faster and more productive campaign.

3. Do Nice Things for Others

After you created a solid foundation for your business, backlinking SEO becomes all about interaction with other bloggers and businesses. In many cases, you can add natural backlinks to your profile by contributing to other businesses.

Testimonials and reviews are fruitful for earning organic backlinks. Pick a product or service you admire and write a comprehensive review for its website. Editors will surely publish it with a backlink, as they are always eager to share the opinions of real people with their audience.

A similar but faster and easier approach is writing comments on your partners’ websites. You have a chance to add a backlink to your feedback but focus primarily on contributing to the discussion, sharing more information on the topic of the post, or just giving a nice word to the author.

You can link to your partners in your posts and notify them nicely about that. Outbound backlinks are great for your rankings, but also a step further to strong relationships with other businesses in your niche and more organic backlinks in your profile.

4. Choose the Right Format

Some content formats encourage linking back to them automatically. These are informative posts like ultimate guides, how-tos, “why” posts, lists, etc. Incorporate them in your content plan to give your readers useful content and motivate other bloggers to give you natural backlinks.

Visual content is also a true website backlink generator. Videos, images, infographics can sometimes tell more than simple text. You can give a boost to your link building campaign by optimizing your visual content, creating SEO names for your images, taking care of its design, etc.

Another format that fosters link building is an original study. One way to perform it is by creating a survey on an aspect of your niche and collecting new data. Quality websites appreciate research, so they will link back to you more often.

5. Seek Expert Assistance

Some people are afraid of buying backlinks, as there are too many irresponsible services that waste the money of their clients, bringing no visible results. But if you find an agency with a great reputation, you will surely get your high quality link. Check out more details here to discover a proven link building service.

Backlinking SEO experts know everything about this marketing strategy and have enough experience and skills to guarantee you significant outcomes. Do not hesitate to connect with link building agencies if you want to delegate this part of your SEO campaign.

Wrapping Up

Our compilation includes only proven and effective tactics. However, you should never stop looking for new opportunities for building dofollow SEO backlinks. Learn more off-page SEO tactics on to enrich your knowledge about website backlinks and keep up with optimization trends.

Choose what matches your business goals most, educate yourself, combine various approaches, and enjoy the excellent SEO performance of your website in next to no time and in the long run.

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