Digital marketing has revolutionized the entire functioning of a business. It has become a reliable source for every business to grow and expand their bases, be it of any type or any size. Digital marketing usually capitalizes on technology and taps the recent market by identifying with the target audience digitally. It encourages tracking results, and brand awareness, and shapes global reach.

Non-profit organizations are again on the growing front today, they also use digital marketing to grow their bases online. An organization can impersonate social media, email marketing, and other related paths to resonate with ideal clients and customers. Read to know how non-profit organizations implement digital marketing strategies to expand their online base and become successful.

Best Digital Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

Video Campaigning

Videos are ruling the digital sphere and the online business market. Having strong video campaigning ideas can create a huge difference. Video campaigns are far better than static posts as they are more engaging and involving from a user’s point of view. Videos can be used as a direct marketing initiative.

They can be used in emails with double or triple click rates. For instance, look at Kadence Market Research Agency, they have successfully used video campaigns to boost page conversion rates by 80 percent. Videos inspire and implant emotions in the mind of viewers. Non-profit organizations already work with emotions, hence video campaigns are an excellent digital marketing strategy for these.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Marketing

PPC advertising or marketing technique directs traffic to your website and is related to first-level search engines. The usual PPC source of non-profit organizations is Google Grants. They provide clients around $10,000 per month as pay-per-click advertising sources through ads service.

These grants let an organization gain exposure without spending huge amounts. Once your organization gets approval from Google Grants, it becomes eligible for promotional initiatives and organizational objectives. This makes it easy for driving traffic to your website within a few minutes. PPC can also be used as a keyword research tool method experimenting with broader keyword ranges to bring in qualified traffic to the site.


Retargeting allows people to come back to your website and gives a reason for users to interact with the organization much more than they have done in the past. Considering various non-profit organizational sites, many visitors make their donations on the page itself while others leave at the moment.

Retargeting fetches these clients and increases the chances of conversion. Some non-profit organizations use a Facebook exchange as a source of retargeting. Herein, one can easily find out people who showed interest in their brand while scrolling through the pages of Facebook. The ads and feeds expose the user’s details to the organization.


Digital marketing is an overall customary, inexpensive yet effective operation that improves the growth prospects of any business in a 360-degree aspect. They are much more beneficial than traditional tactics of marketing and are ruling the online marketing sector completely in modern times. Non-profit organizations mainly focus on social happenings and not financial gain, implementing various digital marketing strategies can essentially help their organization grow.

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