If you’re a business in the 21st century, then it’s pretty hard to escape having an online presence. In fact, it’s necessary! Almost everyone is online in today’s world, and countless interactions and transactions take place over the web – and if your business is to make its place in this cut-throat competition, then the way it conducts itself in the digital space is of the essence.

While hardly anything is new today in the advertising sector, perfection is still a level that many are striving to achieve. And one of the most effective methods to partake in digital marketing is through web banners.

Not only do they have the potential of reaching millions of web users every single day, but when done right they lead to staggering amounts of clicks and conversions – just about what every business needs.

Are you confused about how to join the ranks of web banner design that excels and sells? Don’t worry, all it really takes is some introspection, some thought, and some design.

So, join the best of the best with these web banner design hacks:

The Tips and Tricks of Crafting a Stunning Web Banner Design

1. The Background

Let’s start off easy – the background. You might think that the background for your web banner doesn’t require much thought, but believe it or not, a background can make or break any visual – including your digital marketing web banner.

There are two ways you can go with your background: solid color or picture. And the choice that you opt for really depends on what else is going to be on your web banner. To start off, ask yourself a simple question: are you advertising a physical product?

If your answer is yes, then it might be best to go with a solid color background to avoid taking away focus from the product. However, if you’re selling a service – think IT solutions, beauty treatments, financial services, the works, really – then a picture background can be the way to go as it can help better illustrate your offerings.

But of course, these are rules that can be bent as at the end of the day it comes down to your particular brand and vision, and what you want to put out for your customers – but these design principles are a good starting point!

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2. Award-Winning Headlines

Up next is your text, better known as your web banner’s headline. The thing to remember here is that your viewers will likely only be seeing your web banner for a few seconds at most, so cramming too much information is definitely not the way to be!

What you’re trying to do is to put forward a message, concisely. In most cases, the text on your web banner advertisement should not be more than a couple of lines – short and sweet seals the deal.

But no matter what you decide to put on your web banner, there’s one argument that seems to be universal: the text needs to have a call to action. Use your tagline and supporting text to invite your viewers to do something, to take an action that directly corresponds to them buying your product or service.

And while the way that you choose to do this is completely up to you and your brand’s identity and philosophy, a couple of good words to keep in mind are: celebrate, go, come, and see. While these may be pretty simple – and definitely not exhaustive – they serve the purpose for when your creative juices may be running a little low!

3. Colors

The human mind is a tricky place, but after years and years of research, psychological experts have been able to determine which elements the brain reacts to more than others.

That said, it’s obvious why the colors you choose to put on your web banner have a big impact. Not only do they represent your brand, but they’ll also affect the viewer.

While you’re encouraged to stick to your brand colors in order to promote a sense of cohesion and loyalty, some contrasts will happen, and when choosing which palette to go for, don’t make a random decision.

Instead, read up a bit on color psychology and see which colors will best work with those of your brands. The result will be a web banner that is both aesthetically pleasing and captivating to the mind – in short, advertising nailed.

4. Putting it all Together

Once you’ve perfected each individual element in your web banner, it’s time to put it all together. And while this may seem like the easy part, it can well be the most crucial as it’s the make or break for your web banner advertisement.

A great route to go down is to compile and make your web banner using PosterMyWall’s banner maker services. Not only is it a great tool for beginners and experts alike, but the entire process lets you be in control of your design! And with dozens of banner templates to choose from, you can either make a web banner from scratch or choose to get some help – whichever suits you better. Oh, and it’s completely free, so you can make as many web banners as you want, all by yourself!

So, are you ready to design your next web banner advertisement? With these tips and tricks handy you can hack the design process for guaranteed success – your sales will thank you!

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