Technology is always changing, and after the pandemic, companies are turning to healthcare development services as the next big trend to follow. But what exactly can a healthcare software development company do for your healthcare or pharmaceutical company? We’ve got the answers!

What Does Healthcare Development Services Entail?

Custom healthcare app development is the process of developing apps for mobile or web with either patients or medical professionals in mind. Some of these medical software development services focus strongly on the diagnostic and medical aspects of the industry; others, like this EMS dispatch software, focus on administration and creating dedicated IT systems that simplify the running of the medical institution.

What Programming Languages Does a Custom Medical Software Development Company Need to Know?

Python is probably the most commonly used language in healthcare software development services. It can be used for web apps and AI software development, multiple programming applications, databases and other systems. Medical devices that use apps usually require general-purpose languages like C++, Java, or IEC 61131.

What Healthcare Custom Software Development Applications Can Be Built?

Medical software development services are diverse, from all-in-one NDIS software, to software designed for one specific process or operation, and it can be hard finding an expert to build the exact application you want. The resources and information on this site help individuals navigate this complexity, offering insights into the varied applications and aiding in the search for specialized developers to meet specific needs. Some of the most common applications being built right now include:

EHR Software

Clinical EHR software or electronic health record software is similar to CRM. It collects information about patients’ and doctors’ notes, medical histories, and financial information. It may also include modules for invoicing and payment or a patient-facing portal where they can access prescriptions and medical notes.

Medical Databases and Research Software

Similar to EHR software, this technology categorizes information by disease, not patients’ cases. This allows doctors to cross-reference diseases and patients’ cases to come up with a better treatment plan. Medical research software is used to train and educate medical personnel and support diagnoses through sharing information about clinical cases.

AI Diagnostic Software

Medical diagnostic software uses machine learning to analyze all available patient data and generate probable diagnoses based on inputs. This was also used during the pandemic to analyze symptoms to identify whether or not a patient may have COVID-19 or not and should follow up with a visit.


Telemedicine allows healthcare professionals to see patients and provide advice over the Internet. It’s a lifesaver for countries where healthcare isn’t readily accessible, but it’s also frequently used in developed countries to maintain social distance.

Booking Software

We’ve seen this type of technology in the restaurant industry, but it’s used by hospitals and medical practices as well. It allows patients to conveniently book their appointments online via an app or web portal. In recent months, it’s been used to book vaccinations as well.

Medical Billing

Accounting software for the medical field offered by people like this medical billing company helps hospitals, clinics and practices track, and issue invoices, account for payments, and manage medical insurance claims in a single platform.

Health Tracking Apps

Health tracking apps are most often associated with fitness and dieting, but it’s expanded a lot over the years. Doctors use IoT technology to track sleep patterns, heart rates, and other health data to ensure that patients remain healthy. There are also plenty of consumer apps that help users track fertility, diet, stress levels, and fitness. Others act as health record diaries where patients can log symptoms and side effects for analysis.


The good news is that the healthcare app market is growing. If you are interested in healthcare development services, you need to work with the right developers with the right expertise. Enter the industry at the right time, and you may just develop a real goldmine.