If you want to bring professionalism to your design, you have to overlook the selection of fonts. The wrong font can thoroughly change the public’s perception, which wouldn’t be great. Unfortunately, there are a few designers who do not bother to spend some additional time encountering the best font for web design and end up regretting it when the outcome is not satisfactory.

In this guide, we will be talking about one of the widely used fonts, Gotham font, which doesn’t need any intro. Let’s jump to the main point and discuss every important point regarding this popular font.

What is Gotham Font?

It is a san-serif font that was released for the public in 2000 by a noted designer Tobias Frere Jones belongs to America. He shook hands with another designer Jesse Ragan for the release of the font. In more than 2 decades, a lot of variations of this font have been seen, including Gotham Rounded, Gotham Narrow, Gotham Condensed, etc.

Each variation received the same amount of acclaim. In 2008, the font received an overwhelming response when it caught everyone’s engagement when Obama used it in one of his campaigns. It also proved to be a turning point for this font, after which it became unstoppable. There are a number of platforms that gave a huge boost and every designer switch their focus to this font.

Benefits of using Gotham Font

For today’s designer choosing the right font has become more confusing because of plenty of options. One must be wondering why we should choose Gotham font when there are innumerable other best alternatives we can avail of.

Let’s talk about a few benefits or advantages that tell why this font should be your priority for your future project.

1. Huge Popularity

One cannot ignore the popularity and boost this font got in all these years for all the valid reasons. From being used in Obama’s speech to being featured on numerous renowned billboards, it did achieve a lot. Every designer somehow adds this font to their projects or websites mainly due to this particular reason.

2. Versatility in Style

Font versatility is also one of the leading features that make it a favorite font to use. If a particular font is versatile or contains considerable styles, the designer will be bound to use it in the designs and projects. The same is the case with Gotham font, which incorporates many styles so that the designer can prefer any one as per the requirement. It is another common reason for the popularity and boost.

3. Attractive screen Visuals

Have you ever thought about why this font is commonly used for infographics? It is because of the attractive and unique style that instantly catches everyone’s attention with a single glimpse. To make your design stand out, it is important to find a font that looks fantastic on screen, and this is what Gotham font is famous for.

4. Numerous Versions

Each design requires a different style of font containing different heights and widths. Gotham has a lot of versions, and each version differs in design, so you can make a lovely pair of fonts in a single design that will not look even the same. A few prominent versions of this font are Gotham Rounded, condensed, Narrow, etc.

How to Use Gotham Font for Infographics

There is a technique applied while using the fonts so that your design looks appealing and you are able to convey a particular message to the audience. As we all know that when it comes to sans-serif fonts, gotham font is the one that you should use creatively to make visually impactful designs and when it comes to infographics there is no match for this font. Let’s have a look at some points that depict how you can do it.

How to Use Gotham Font for Infographics

Make Proper Pair of Font Styles

Gotham is a large family containing different styles and versions, and each style offers uniqueness. If you want to use different pairs of fonts in a single design, you do not need to pick a font from another typeface family. From Ultra to thin, you can find different weights in this font family, so each design will get an equal amount of attention if you carefully make a pair of the Gotham font family.

Set Headlines and Text Carefully

It is important to ideally use Gotham font on headings and text as it makes a giant difference. The font contains a total of 4 widths, including Narrow, condensed, Extra narrow, and large. Each width is accessible to be used on smart screens. You can clearly utilize any width for small text size as well. For headings, make sure to pick a font that looks more prominent to make a complete balance.

Select Numbers

As a designer, you must be familiar with the significance of numbers used in a design. You might have come across such sites that have employed numbers to state facts. Gotham font also contains 4 different types of numbers, including tabular figures, fractions, lining figures, superscripts, and subscripts. The height of the lining figures are identical, but they differ in width. Tabular Figures have same width and they contain different styles.

Use Special Characters

There are many special characters of this font that enhance the beauty of the design when used in the right manner.

Use of Gotham Font in Different Platforms

As mentioned earlier, Gotham font has always been prominent in the last 2 decades, and every popular platform doesn’t miss a chance to be facilitated by its popularity.

Use of Gotham Font in Different Platforms

Let’s check out the big names that have used this font in their designs in the past or are still using it.

Obama’s Campaign

It is where it all began. In 2006 during Obama’s campaign, Gotham font made headlines. Earlier, Perpetua serif was used, but it switched to Gotham. In almost every other poster and signboard, Gotham became prominent, and afterward, many brands came forward and started employing it for headlines or logos. It is the most prominent use of this font. During his government, this font became the official government typeface.

Numerous Logos

It is specifically known for being used on various headings and logos, be it a television series or brand logo. A few famous examples include Coca-Cola, television shows Saturday Night Love, Customer service office, etc. It was also used in a songwriting competition held internationally named urovision Song Contest.

Educational Purposes

Various universities also didn’t miss this chance and used in the logo including New York University. A few other famous college or university names who used this font on their logos are Rowan University, University of Water Loo, Michigan State University, Singapore University and many more. There is not a single platform where you will not see this font.

Government Agencies

The government sector is another famous platform where this font made an appearance. In 2010 when Obama became president, it officially made an entry in every other government sector that significantly boosted this font. Various agencies have got their hands on Gotham font. Till 2018, Netflix also used this font and later they designed their own font with the name Netflix Sans.

Gotham Font Variations

There are a few variations of this famous font that make a complete Gotham font family. Let’s list them down below.

Gotham Rounded

As the name defines that it is a rounded version or adaption of a popular and widely used Gotham font. The corners of this font are round that gives you welcoming vibes and enhance the quality of the design. It comprises 4 weights.

Gotham Condensed

It is another famous version of Gotham font widely used in different computer applications and languages. It is available in free and paid version but free version lack some features and it cannot be used in every commercial project.

Gotham Narrow

It is one of the best variations of Gotham font as it contain a lot of weights. It is used in many applications and people are widely using it in their designs. It has become unstoppable since its release.

Gotham Bold

You can go for this version of Gotham font in places where you want instant reaction. For instance, you can use it on headings or Logos that should be prominent and distinguished. It contains different weights.

Final Thoughts

Gotham font is inarguably the best sans-serif font that can be used anywhere you want without any second thought. If you are about to start a new design and still confused about which font would look great, choose Gotham font so that your design stands out.

Many big companies, brand, universities and government sectors have enhanced its importance that’s why it is the favorite font of every designer. Choosing the right font is the first step towards the successful design or a site so never take it for granted.

Go through this guide and check out all the possible information about this font so that the decision becomes easy for you.

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