The content posted on the various social media platforms plays a huge role in how the brand is widely perceived and companies today have reaped its benefits greatly. Among all digital channels, social media has hit top records with the revenue it generates and its audience reach. It has the ability to squeeze large amounts of information into bite-size sharable content that’s easier for the consumers to digest. Social media also aids in the integrated digital marketing process by ensuring that a campaign is targeted and reaching the audience at the right time. Unlike traditional marketing, social media marketing is cheaper, easier to track in real time and provides a steady return of investment for lead generation.

Social media has made it easier for companies of all sizes to communicate with their audience. Brands use social media platforms to reach their target audience through paid or organic content, depending on the budgets set. Popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have a built-in engagement tracker for admins to perform their own analysis, but it only provides basic information such as engagement, reach and followers apart from the likes and views. Posts could be boosted through paid advertising or PPC (pay-per-click) advertising to gain a wider reach.

To gain more insight, companies turn to social media tools to obtain audience behaviour, market trends and to save time. Social media tools help companies reach their campaign goals by providing the information they need to succeed, such as their consumer preferences and content appeal.

There are many tools created for promotional and research purposes after the growth of digital marketing in recent years, therefore, it’s important to pick the best tool that would serve the company’s purpose. It’s useful to access what the company wants to achieve using its digital marketing strategy, along with the best platform to focus on. For instance, brands could communicate with their customers on social channels using apps like Sprout Social and TweetDeck. Google Analytics play a huge role in analysing content reach, website clicks and audience engagement for web-content marketing. Design Wizard is a useful and quick tool in enhancing content in seconds with its drag and drop tool.

Social media tools are highly praised for their efficiency in consumer research, amplifying content, maintaining multiple social media sites on one platform and measuring advertising ROI. Digital marketers use them as they help them take advantage of the medium that magnifies their content and demonstrate what works and what doesn’t almost instantly.

Although social media is an effective medium to interact with your audience, it works best when the content is intriguing. The content output is the prime tool in determining a campaign’s success or failure. By combining compelling narrative with analytics, appealing visuals and constant monitoring, brands would be able to utilise social media to its full capacity, which would help them gain audience awareness and loyalty.

To find out more information on top social media tools, check out the following infographic by Design Wizard on 20 hottest social media marketing tools in 2018.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Top Social Media Tools

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