Many organizations are unaware of the significance of customer service in their online operations. One of the difficulties with eCommerce is that your customers are cut off from someone who can answer their questions precisely when they arise.

How well does your eCommerce business look after its customers? Your company needs to spend on customer service in addition to caring about product shipping, managing your workforce, and everything else that goes on behind the scenes. The other big question that comes to mind is how can you figure out the most suitable one amongst the 400 live chat apps available on Shopify.

Also, you cannot neglect the fact customer service is, in reality, an essential piece of the eCommerce equation. According to 84% of shoppers, customer service is the deciding factor in whether or not they will buy from your firm.

Live Chat is a crucial notion that all eCommerce businesses should implement. It comes with a slew of advantages that will help you grow your internet business.

Chat is more than simply a tool to communicate with your customers; it’s a vast idea with untapped potential that can help you build a solid rapport with them while increasing your conversion rates.

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Shopify’s 8 Best Live Chats to Change the eCommerce Landscape

HelpCenter by Richpanel Live Chat Inc

Although live chat is a relatively new HelpCenter app feature, it comes with everything you’ll need to get started. You won’t have to worry about a lengthy setup process with this gem because it only takes a few minutes to get started.


  • Live Chat allows you to communicate on Phone, Email and Social Media Channels like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Availability of Shopify data near each message. One can take relevant actions like a refund, cancel, duplicate and edit.
  • It’s a highly powerful, styling and app aligning the brand value.
  • Reduce the customer queries by answering the same customer queries via a self-service opening portal.
  • Highly compatible for the management of multiple stores at once.
  • Build a multilingual LIVE chat app that is well-organized and simple to explore.
  • Easy to integrate with Aircall, Yotpo, Smile and others.

Availability: 14-day free trial and other additional charges may apply.

Tidio by TIDIO LLC

Tidio Live Chat is the highest-rated live chat software on the Shopify App Store, with 4.8 ratings.


  • Chatbots can help customers 24*7.
  • The Abandoned Cart Bot tries to reduce cart abandonment rates.
  • You are free to customize the live chat widget however you wish.
  • Customize the live Chat to reflect your company’s identity.
  • AI can be used to track results and automate chats.

Availability: Free plan and other additional charges may apply.

Gorgias by Gorgias

For eCommerce merchants, Gorgias is the ideal support desk ticketing system. It includes all of the tools you’ll need to give outstanding customer service, improve team performance, and boost revenue.


  • Encourage omni channel communication, which includes email, live Chat, phone, and social media.
  • View a customer’s entire live Chat and message history across all channels in one place.
  • Multiple shop support is available.
  • Chat with consumers who are now in your store in real-time.
  • With pre-made templates, you may respond with a single click.
  • See what pages consumers are on and what they’ve bought in the past.
  • On essential sites, such as the checkout page, activate live Chat and a popup form.
  • Without leaving the discussion, perform actions such as rewarding loyalty points.

Availability: Starting from $60/month, 7-day free trial and other additional charges may apply.

Chatra Live Chat by Roger Wilco LLC

Chatra Live Chat claims to be able to help you “sell more, answer questions, and soothe fears to assist visitors in placing an order.” It also enables you to examine the contents of a shopper’s cart in real-time, allowing you to identify the most valued consumers and provide customized support.


  • Customers who are unable to complete the checkout process should be contacted.
  • See who’s visiting your site, where they’re from, and what they’ve added to their shopping cart.
  • Directly from the app, respond to Facebook chat messages delivered to your store’s page.
  • Collaborate with other agents in group chats.
  • Save the history of prior conversations.
  • After you’ve sent the chat message, check your responses.

Availability: Free plan

Zendesk Chat by Zendesk

It is a live chat tool for Shopify stores created by Zendesk. Customers can contact you through your Shopify store, mobile apps, and other popular live chat apps.


  • Reduction in answering time as the problem of toggling between systems gets solved
  • Easy integration with third-party applications like yotpo, chargedesk, mailchimp and many other
  • This application makes it easy to access customer data like order information, billing and shipping
  • Hassle-free customization of order data that can be easily visible in Zendesk

Availability: Free plan for installation and other additional charges may apply.

Reamaze Live Chat & Helpdesk

This app comes with the top-notch customer service helpdesk, real-time chat support, Platform where FAQs can be checked. This Live chat is best suitable for Enterprise eCommerce businesses and SMBs.


  • Its highly scalable live chat app in comparison to many other live chat apps.
  • Comes handy with the onboarding, training and demos for better understanding of the app.
  • Easy integration with Shopify which further helps in the assessment of orders, cancellations, and refunds. It allows you to manage orders as well.
  • The app manages orders as well as focuses on improving the shopping experience of customers by allowing merchants to send products in chats.
  • Using the app makes customer support executives’ efforts efficient with the chatbots that are pre-built. Also, to create chatbots in multi-steps.
  • The app prioritizes the business goal of boosting sales by easy creation of marketing campaigns that are automated for cross-selling, new product announcements, ups-selling and sales periods.

Availability: Starting from $29/month, 14-day free trial and other Additional charges may apply.

Live Chat on

Tawk. To Live Chat is a Shopify chat platform that focuses on agents. It is free of cost to use. In fact, there are no restrictions on the number of agents, conversation volumes, or websites to which you can add widgets.


  • Valuable insights in real-time making it easy to monitor while chatting
  • Easy to return website visitors as agents can message before the customers leaves without shopping
  • Agents can chat from mobile and computers
  • This application is created keeping in mind the customer engagement
  • Highly compatible with the modern browsers
  • It’s simple to set up, it’s always free, and it’s safe.

Availability: Free

Facebook Messenger for Live Chat by Omega

Omega Live Chat is a good fit if you provide customer service via Facebook Messenger as this app connects your Shopify store to your Facebook page, resulting in a Facebook Messenger symbol appearing on your website.


  • Add a live chat button to your website so that customers may communicate with you immediately.
  • Set aside time during the day to enable or disengage live Chat.
  • Keep a record of all customer conversations.
  • On one page, you may see a complete overview of interactions.
  • When your customer help is unavailable, leave an offline message and return later.
  • Connect to your Facebook page and start a live chat. Simple and straightforward to use
  • For eCommerce merchants, the pricing plan is reasonable.

Availability: Free

The above were few of the Live chat apps. If you still think about why you need a Live chat app for your Shopify store, then go ahead and understand how a Live chat app can change your sales graph.

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Advantages of Shopify Live Chat Apps

Best live chat apps for Shopify are currently used by companies ranging from big giants to small-sized eCommerce shipping stores to better serve their consumers and increase response times.

1. Increase the number of sales and conversions

Enhancing sales is the first significant benefit of implementing a live Chat app for Shopify. According to the American Marketing Association use of Live Chat by B2B organizations have resulted in 20% increase in conversions on average. The LIVE chat solves queries in real-time. Moreover, it builds trust amongst the customers resulting in repeat purchases.

2. Lower the cost of support

It’s no secret that customer service is costly. When we set up a traditional call centre system, customer service agents handle queries on email and phone. But, this old-school method of handling customer queries results in a time-consuming process first and then costly. As what if two customers are trying to reach the same moment. Using LIVE chat support on your Shopify store will help in managing multiple queries at once, which requires a smaller crew to answer the customer care requested; lowering your support costs.

3. Establish a relationship of trust with your customers

Customers are understandably wary of purchasing goods from unknown brands. It’s in our nature. However, you may directly dialogue with your customer using the Live Chat app for Shopify. It allows you to create trust and bridge the gap between well-known and new eCommerce companies in the digital space. Not using Live Chats you’ll have to work much harder to gain trust from your website visitors. As when they will come to your website they won’t be much familiar with your store’s various perks. Helping them with the queries will help build trust and make a purchase too.

4. Meet the competitive edge in eCommerce Industry

Integrating a chat app while opting for shopify development services is a fantastic way to obtain a competitive advantage over your competitors. The search engines are more advanced than ever and the eCommerce competition is growing day by day. Live Chat in this competitive eCommerce world is a tool for your customers’ improved shopping experience.

5. Make the average order value higher

Live Chat may help you not only increase sales but also raise the value of a sale!
You can recommend related items and services via up-selling and cross-selling to boost the average order value by using live Chat to engage with the buyer and understand their needs.

Virgin Airlines used live chat to change their business, according to Digital Commerce 360. They used live chat software to upsell clients with new products and convert them 3.5 times more often, resulting in a 15% increase in average order value.


With the growing merchants the competition is increasing and the stress of Shopify owners to engage their visitors because of changing behaviours and continually changing customer needs is also rising. Currently, it appears that live chat is an excellent tool to bridge these gaps. It provides a simple approach for brands and their customers to communicate with one another while also removing unneeded difficulties such as extended response times or trying to get in touch in the first place. Live Chat is no longer just a glitzy new feature reserved for the wealthy.

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