Online marketing is essential for any business that wants to create a presence on the web. With so much more happening online, a business will be invisible if it does not have a web presence.

Online marketing has an algorithm all its own and does not work the same way that traditional marketing worked. This is why online marketers are so sought after. But social media platforms have not made it easy for these marketers, as most platforms ban accounts that are created on the same IP address.

Proxies are often used to protect a user while online. For example, a Brazil proxy will make it appear that you are accessing the internet from within Brazil. On the other hand, social media proxies can also help marketers create and manage multiple accounts without getting banned.

What Is the Major Difficulty Facing Online Marketers?

The biggest issue that online marketers have to overcome is getting the accounts they manage banned. As mentioned, most social media platforms do not let you create many accounts on the same IP address.

If you’re a digital marketing agency that has to create and manage hundreds of accounts. An IP ban is a sure thing unless you have a way to disguise your IP address and make it appear that you are creating an account on another IP address. For this, you can use geolocated proxies such as Brazil proxies or even specialized social media proxies.

Having many social media accounts can be beneficial in segregating audiences so that you can market accordingly. You can also share content across many accounts with the main account. You can also interact with the accounts, which will show an interest in the content and help to get it shown to more viewers.

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What Are Social Media Proxies?

Social media proxies are private virgin proxies. Unlike other proxies, such as Brazil proxies, social media proxies have never been used on that specific social platform, so you can be sure that there is no other history you are unaware of when creating accounts on that platform.

These types of proxies are very beneficial for marketers as you don’t have to worry about getting your accounts banned when using these proxies. They also come in a platform-specific manner, so you can only buy the proxy for the specific platform you need.

Social media proxies are really just private proxies that have been specifically allocated to a particular platform, such as Instagram or Twitter. Being private proxies also means that these accounts will be created and controlled by ‘one’ user and not shared.

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Instagram Proxy

Instagram proxies make it easy to create and manage multiple accounts on this popular platform without fearing a ban. Instagram is notorious for banning accounts created on the same IP address.

Twitter Proxy

Twitter is another platform that is quick to ban accounts made on the same IP address. Twitter is also a significant platform for many intellectual professions such as the medical fields, law and others. With a Twitter proxy, you are able to avoid these limitations and manage many different accounts.

Facebook Proxy

Although it is possible to manage many Facebook accounts by being added as an admin or editor to the page, you can’t create multiple accounts from the same IP address, which continues to be a problem for online marketers. A Facebook proxy can be just what you need to create and manage many Facebook accounts.

YouTube and Reddit Proxy

YouTube and Reddit are social media platforms that are not quite as business-oriented as the previous three, although they have their place within the business community. Specific industries will benefit from a marketing plan on these platforms as well. You can use YouTube and Reddit proxies to manage many accounts on these platforms without getting banned.

How Can These Proxies Help Manage Multiple Accounts?

By using a social media proxy that is allocated to a specific platform, you can create multiple accounts by rotating the IP address so that you can create each new account on its own virgin IP address.

Since these accounts are also dedicated, you can also interact, comment, like and share different posts. This makes your content appear sought-after, which will increase the number of people that the platform shows your content. With so many people using social media, being able to get your content seen by them is a great marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Marketers have a difficult job as it is. After all, they have to draw the customer in and convince them to buy your product or service. Also, these days when an online presence is critical to the success of a business, online marketers offer essential services. But, not being able to create multiple accounts without the fear of being banned is a serious obstacle. Luckily, the use of proxies such as Brazil proxies or specialized social media proxies can remove this obstacle.

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