It is essential for any business not just to be easily identifiable and recognized, but also to have an unspoken meaning to its logo. For this, look closer at the logo or title and marvel at the creativity of the writers.

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Logos with Hidden Meanings


FedEx Logo

Check out the logo of the company You will notice an arrow made by the combination of characters “E” and “x”. According to The arrow represents an emblem of accuracy and speed and accuracy. If you happen to see the logo in a different location it will first of all notice an arrow you didn’t see before.


Unilever Logo

The company is involved in the manufacture of a variety of diverse food products, some of which are displayed in the logo. The heart symbolizes affection and love, and the bird symbolizes the freedom and joy of life.

Hope for African Children Iniative

Hope for African Children Iniative Logo

The logo is of a charity that assists African children. If you look closely at the logo and on top of two adults and a child you can see the outline of the African continent.


Amazon Logo

From a first impression, it could appear that the name of the company isn’t a clue to anything unique. However, it is important to understand the ethos of the business. The yellow arrow represents the idea of a smile. is determined to make sure that its customers are always happy. It is also connected by the letters “a” and “z” and, as such, the site offers all items that range in price from “A” to “Z”.

Yoga Australia

Yoga Australia Logo

It’s another instance of the logo, in which the country is concealed. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see an outline map for Australia within the female’s leg and arm.

Sony Vaio

Sony Vaio Logo

The initial two letters of Vaio are created by forming waves, which represent the analog signal. both words “i” and “o” are symbols for an analog signal (1 and 1 and).

Formula 1

Formula 1 Logo

Have a closer look at the logo and you’ll see the image “1” between the black letter “F” and the red stripes.


BMW Logo

Most people are aware that the story of BMW was influenced by aviation, and so many think it is the case that the propeller blades the rotating propeller can be seen in the The logo’s center. In reality, it is an actual fragment of the flag of Bavaria.


Apple Logo

Rob Yanov, the logo designer, shares about the creation that he bought a large bag of apples and placed them in the bowl. Then , he would draw for a week in the desire of finding a way to simplify the details. The primary idea was the bitten fruit, and after which the word byte (from English bite) became an internet word.

Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems Logo

The most unique thing about this logo is the fact that “sun” can be read from any angle in the rectangular.


Continental Logo

The company is engaged in the manufacturing of tires. One of them can be seen in the initial two letters, which represents an image of a wheel.


Mercedes-Benz Logo

The primary focus of the logo lies on the tri-headed star which symbolizes the superiority of three spheres: in the air as well as on the water, and in the earth.


Toblerone Logo

This chocolate producer has its headquarters within Switzerland. Swiss city Bern. Bern is known as “The city that bears. Take a close look at the mountain and you’ll spot an adorable bear.


NBC Logo

The logo was first used at the beginning of the 50s by an industry that dealt with the manufacture of color televisions. The bright tail of the peacock as well as it’s bird’s body, hidden within the colored pieces, represent an color image.


Eighty-20 Logo

Eighty-20 is a tiny consulting company. On first look, it might seem like the name has nothing to do with relate to the logo. Actually the dark squares represent the symbol “1”, and the lighter ones are zeros. It is apparent that the upper line represents the number 1010000 and the lower line represents 0110100. This number in the binary system of numbers can be “translated” as 80 by 20.

Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo

The pink letters in the letters BR symbolize that number 31. It’s not just an unintentional number. That’s the number of kinds of flavors Baskin Robbins ice cream had.

Big Ten

Big Ten Logo

Big Ten is an academic association. At first, it was comprised of 10 universities. However, after adding 11 universities it was decided to not alter the logo, instead, they added the number “11” to the image.


GreenLabs Logo

The tree’s crown is shaped like a human brain that symbolizes the intellect capabilities of employees of the company and emphasizes the word “green labs”.


Carrefour Logo

Carrefour is among the biggest European stores, with its headquarters in France. The logo is a symbol of the growth of the business and is designed with colors that match the colors that are the colors of the French flag. Furthermore, you will see the initial letter of the company’s name within the logo.

Milwaukee Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers Logo

The emblem that is used by Milwaukee Brewers, which is an American baseball team, is made up of two letters “m” and “b” It is also a resemblance to the shape of a baseball glove.

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