Are you looking for the best Procreate Color Palettes for hassle-free designing? If yes, you are at the right place! We have handcrafted this special guide to provide the most value-packed bomb that covers excellent color palettes both free as well as premium. So, get ready to download and use outstanding color palettes that are every digital artist’s favorite!

Before we do that, let’s start with the basics!

What is Procreate Color Palette?

Procreate include a myriad of beautiful color swatches and free procreate brushes that can be easily created, downloaded, and used for any of your art masterpieces at any given instant. All you have to do is go to the color circle at the top right side of the application that showcases all the preset and recently added/imported/created color palettes.

To have a practical idea on how to use them, tap here to have clear steps on everything from knowing about different color palettes to creating and using them.

Types of Colors Palette

Although you can easily adjust and manage everything from saturation, hue, and brightness with the help of the HSB sliders, knowing about the different color types can help you make informed decisions.

  • Modern Color – This includes the latest colors being used in today’s time i.e., white. However, other hues such as tan, gray, red, and blue can also be a part of your family.
  • Water Color – Water colors leave a great watery (Light) look and are perfect for creating flowy or light digital art. You can select any color here, just remember that the color will have a light shade.
  • Oil Color – Used on thick surfaces in the physical world, oil colors work their charm in the digital world as well. They showcase a unique color scheme that has all dark and bright colors.
  • Retro Color – Inspired from the 1920-1980s era, retro colors comprise all the neutral colors be it, sage green, cream, teal, blue, or yellow-brown. Besides this, you’ll find hints of pastels as well like pale pink or peach.

Free Procreate Color Palettes

Have a look at these majestic color palettes that come at absolutely no cost and save you tons of time!

37+ Free Palettes for Painting and Drawing

37 Free Procreate Color Palettes for Painting and Drawing

Enjoy 37+ amazing color swatches that can be easily used in any of your painting or drawing projects at zero cost. You just need to download any color among this collection of all types of warm, light, basic, cartoon, and watercolor palettes. We are sure that you’ll find them quite trendy and perfect for your ultimate digital art.

Download    ➜

39+ FREE Color Palettes

39 Free Color Palettes for Procreate

Looking for the best color palettes to swear by? Well, here’s the one that can be used by both Procreate and non-Procreate users at no cost. Sounds like a great deal? It actually is! Get your hands on some of the top color swatches loved by all.

Download    ➜

110+ Color Swatches & Harmonic Palettes for Procreate

110 Color Swatches & Harmonic Palettes for Procreate

Check out these top-notch collections taken from movie stills, comic art, and classic paintings. These Procreate color palettes also have a distinguished addition of Tri-o-Tone swatches. This includes a matching highlight as well as a shading tone below and above that respective color.

Download    ➜

20 Procreate Color Palettes with Matching Textures

20 Procreate Color Palettes with Matching Textures

Get your hand on this terrific library of 20 procreate palettes to shun your color selection woes away. Each color has a great set that includes five color schemes for your next big project. It will help you everywhere from creating superb Instagram posts to your upcoming business branding or other creative projects.

Download    ➜

Haze Long Procreate Portrait Color Palettes

Haze Long Procreate Portrait Color Palettes

Shoutout to all portrait painting lovers out there! This color palette is your sure shot to create warm portraits for your clients. We are sure you will truly fall for them instantly since they are pretty and classy in every way. The best thing is that they come at no cost and provide infinite value!

Download    ➜

Sketchy Procreate Palettes Free

Free Sketchy Procreate Palettes

These refined color palettes are a steal for all those looking for free and sturdy resources. Not only will they make you lean towards them every time you create illustrations but they will also aid in designing terrific artwork in less time.

Download    ➜

100+ Procreate Color Palette

100 Procreate Color Palettes Free

This set of 200 harmonious Procreate color palettes can be your best friend when looking for a variety of colors. From designing still life, landscapes, metallics, cartoons, manga, and portraits, to other art décor or pop art, this set will help you create anything without facing any issues.

Download    ➜

Free 20 Skin Palettes

20 Free Skin Color Palettes

Covering all the hues be it, dark, pale, medium, or light, this library is your go-to spot with 20 color palettes. You can use any of these 20 different skin palettes for your non-commercial projects and that too without spending any dollar.

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Premium Procreate Color Palettes

Well, we have some premium options to satiate your hunger for your gorgeous designs that will stay a bit longer in your art journey!

Procreate color Palette Bundle

32 Procreate Color Palette Bundle

This ultimate color palette bundle is everything you need in one place. You get a total of 32 Procreate swatch files that have 960 hand-selected colors along with 3 free lettering brushes and a PDF instruction guide as well. All this is available at a nominal price of $32 only.

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Retro Color Palette

Retro Color Palettes Procreate

This set of 60 retro color swatches and retro colorblock can be your guiding light for any illustration you want to make. From Illustrator, Photoshop to Procreate, you can use this palette anywhere you want without any hassle. You can buy it for $14 only!

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Realistic Watercolor Toolkit

Realistic Watercolor Toolkit for Procreate

At just $26, you get a mega bundle consisting of 60+ personalized Procreate brushes and 4 hi-resolution paper textures. You can choose among them to get the best watercolor effect by unleashing your creative edge. You will feel super efficient while designing your pieces.

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50 Procreate Color Palettes Bundle

50 Procreate Color Palettes Bundle

This ready-to-use bundle is priced at just $20 and comprises of all the exclusive combinations and colors to take your project to another level. Mind you, each Swatch file in this includes 30 different colors which are great for your upcoming Procreate project.

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Procreate Coloring Big Bundle

Procreate Coloring Big Bundle

This unique bundle is every digital artist’s dream come true with 23 swatches that have 690 colors. At a cost of a mere $23, you get a commercially licensed product that is an amalgamation of excellent colors. It can be helpful in all kinds of digital art projects and comes with a video tutorial to help you make its use efficiently.

Download    ➜

600 color swatches in 24 palettes

600 Color Swatches in Palettes for Procreate

Say hello to this exceptional all-in-one digital art gem that covers 600 color swatches in 24 palettes! This is a must-have if you are looking for a professional finish at a cheap rate of $14. So, what are you waiting for? Quickly download this to create your next corporate or personal branding materials without any hassle.

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Color Swatches for Procreate

Color Swatches for Procreate

At just $14, you get a commercially licensed set that is worth every dollar you spend. From getting 234 color swatches that are Procreate compatible to enjoying unique colors that are super hard to find elsewhere, it is a steal. Note: Just ensure that you have installed Procreate’s latest version.

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How to Import a Color Palette into Procreate App?

Read all the given steps carefully to learn about importing color palettes into the Procreate app:

  • Begin with swiping up from your Procreate document to access your iPad Dock.
  • Now you have to choose the ‘files’ folder for pulling it to your document’s side in Procreate. The width can be easily resized by smoothly dragging lines in between its sections.
  • Next, you just need to open these files at the right spot to have your color swatch file. You can use anything from DropBox, Google Drive, or even iCloud.
  • Now just open the palette you want to select to Palettes.
  • First, go to the steps for addingnew color palettes and set this to default.
  • Once this is done, swiftly drag your required color palette to a new location.
  • Voila, it’s done! You can locate your file at the end of your color palette list.


How do I get a color palette from an image in Procreate?

It’s pretty simple! All you have to do is follow 3 easy-peasy steps!

  • First, just click on the ‘+’ symbol present on the top-right side of the color palette.
  • Now, pick New from your Photos. You will be moved to your Photos app.
  • Now click on the photo and you will see how quickly you get a customized color palette from Procreate. You will find the palette’s name to be ‘Palette from image’ for easy access later.

How many color palettes can you have in Procreate App?

You will get the option of having 30 colors per palette. This allows you to choose among any of the 30 colors while making your color choice.

Is there a color match tool on Procreate?

Yes, the eyedropper tool helps you easily match colors on Procreate. You just need to choose the eyedropper tool by tapping and holding your finger on your desired color from any artwork or photo. You can find that sample color in the app’s color circle.

Where do I get brushes for Procreate?

You can easily find thousands of stunning brushes for Procreate on different website sources online. Check out the reliable sources on the Apple App store.

Final Words

By now, you must have got your hands on all the beautiful color palettes for procreate app that are helping digital artists all over the world in creating their best artworks in a jiffy. Well, if you love using the Procreate app, we are sure that you will find it super useful too. Check out all these amazing color palettes or sketch brushes and let us know in the comments below which one of these inspired you to design your terrific digital art.

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