Life goes on and digital marketing skills have become more and more required, as the websites have become an inseparable part of each business. To reach success in an SEO campaign, you need too much effort and time. Being a digital marketer you need to be flexible and open to everything to learn. In this article, you will find some important and useful SEO extensions and use in your SEO practice.

SEO tools are the weapons for SEO specialists. However, not all tools are free or budget-friendly and not everyone can afford them, especially beginners. Here is the issue to solve. In this case, SEO extensions are coming for help.

In this article, I am going to grab your attention to the important and best Google chrome extensions for SEO specialist need to know.

Types of SEO Extensions

As Google Chrome, based on, is used by more than one billion users, all mentioned extensions are chrome-friendly ones. Unlike some SEO tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Ubbersuggest, the extensions are not all-in-one and you can find categorized SEO extensions.

We all know that SEO tools have their own metrics and the numbers can be different, the same situation we can see within the extensions. However, they are free and available to help find the required result in a minute.

Beneficial Aspects of SEO Extensions

  • Free
  • Fast
  • Effective
  • Productive
  • Reliable

The List of Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO


chrome extension for on page seo

Sitechecker is All-in-One SEO Platform. Here’s a link to our tool demo.

The main functional features of the Sitechecker allow to:

  • Conduct high-quality auditing; (You can find out more about this feature by watching this video)
  • Create constant monitoring of your site and its positions. (You can find out more about this feature by watching this video)

In addition to the above features, Sitechecker has certain pros that most of our competitors don’t have, namely:

  • Ability to integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
  • Ability to use a handy Chrome extension that you can use to audit your page in your browser. (You can find out more about this feature by watching this video)

Sitechecker (On-site):
Sitechecker’s Chrome extension is a powerful tool for optimizing SEO tasks directly in the Chrome browser. With this extension, users can conveniently access a number of SEO features while browsing websites. It allows for quick and easy on-page SEO analysis, providing information about meta tags, titles, and other important SEO elements.

Mozbar (On-site/Off-site)

This extension belongs to one of the most famous SEO blogs, The extension gives the opportunity to analyze and get the necessary information from the website. Due to Mozbar, you can learn about domain authority (DA) numbers. It consists of 100 points. The Mozbar provides very accurate information and the numbers are really reliable. Instead of a domain authority number, you can explore the link structure of the webpage, i.e. analyze the page. You can reveal the number of external and internal links, which are no-followed links, which are followed.

Overall you can find the total number of links to that page (PA). The important metrics that play an important role in page ranking are also in this section. At the same time, this opportunity is really important for analysing your competitor’s meta descriptions, meta keywords, word counts, headings.

In the page optimization section, you can find some optimizing ideas based on your webpage performance.

In addition, Mozbar has the spam score metric. It starts from 1 to 17% and shows how spammy is the website. This information is really important for link building, as having spammy backlinks are not encouraged. Mozbar alleviates your work in SERP. It provides the DA number and PA number of each result.

Ahrefs Toolbar (All-in-one)

Even though Ahrefs is a fully paid tool, you can use the service in a free option: with this Toolbar extension. It is like a Mozbar and shows the on-page audit, a number of pages internal and external links and helps to find broken links of the page. I don’t think it will be productive to use them both together, however, you can test them and find out which one you prefer. If you have an account in Ahrefs you can sign in and the extension will provide more opportunities. The free option provides only above mentioned ones.

Ubbersuggest (All-in-one)

We know that Ubbersuggest is one of the famous SEO tools and here it has its extension too. The extension provides detailed information about the website. In comparison to Mozbar, Uberssugest extension has additional information about rankings, organic keywords, organic visitors, webpage monthly traffic and top-ranking countries. The results are introduced with charts are making the extension more impressive. Using this extension, you can analyze the website position easily and set up the next strategy, based on the results.

SEOquake (On-site/ Off-site)

This extension is a rather interesting one, as it helps to do an on-site audit. With this extension, you can find information about page rankings, organic traffic, webpage performance, keyword performance and so on. Additionally, SEOquake gives some clues about the websites in SERP. Based on the results, you can miss the unnecessary websites and go on.

SEOInfo (On-site/ Off-site)

SEOInfo allows gaining a lot of information from the page. There is no specific metric that the extension focuses on as you can find the result about Core Web Vitals, learn about types and number of page links. In comparison to other extensions, this one gives information about the page resources (CSS, AJAX, Script), characteristics of page images. You can also find results about page indexing status and do a page audit.

WooRank (On-site)

Like the previous one, this extension also provides detailed information about the webpage on-site performance. It focused on all-important ranking factors and shows the exact statistics, sharing some ideas and noting which one requires improvements. Additionally, it goes on the off-page and technical SEO, showing appropriate metrics with needed results. It is really convenient to use, as you can audit your webpage with an extension. It is worth using. FatRank is an extension similar to Woorank, also focusing on page rankings.

SEO Minion (All-in-one)

This extension belongs to all-in-one extension types. It is one of the most used and recommended ones. You can find information regarding all categories with SEO Minion (on-page, link-building, technical health, SERP position). We see, that you can find more information from one extension.

Similar Web (Off-site)

The Similar Web is a really popular extension. In comparison to previous ones, this extension doesn’t offer so many metrics at all, however, it has the metrics that were not involved in previous ones. With a similar web extension, you can find out the monthly organic traffic of the website, learn in which country it belongs to and check the website’s global, country and category rank.

As you can see, this extension is focused on organic traffic which is more accurate, in comparison to other ones. Additionally, the extension separately introduces the countries and traffic percentage appropriate for each one. This extension is helpful for link building, as it helps make a decision to consider whether the website is for outreach or not.

Heading Tag Markup (On-site)

This extension is a simple one and focuses on the headings of the article. As the article structure matters to rank, this extension helps double-check the structure and detect missed issues. The Heading Tag Markup highlights all headings, showing the type.

Free Backlink Checker (Link building)

From the name, it is already clear that this extension is used for backlinks of the webpage. It crawls and reveals the number of backlinks to the webpage. It shows the types of links and reveals the broken links if they exist. This extension is easy to use during the broken link building campaign. There are similar extensions to this: Check my links, Link Miner. These extensions show the same results, concentrating on the links. (Link building)

While link building campaign it is necessary to outreach the exact and appropriate specialist. To do that you need to find the exact email address. Many websites have their contact emails displayed on their website, however, there are cases the email addresses are not shown and it is time-consuming to find sometimes. This extension is rather helpful in this situation, as it gives the list of needed emails.

It has a premium version, which provides 3000 opportunities for a month, however, the basic plan is very convenient to use. But you can not rely on the extension at all, as the Hunter can show many irrelevant emails. So, it is recommended to double-check the email address before sending the message or use the extensions only when there is no other choice.

Keywords Everywhere (Keyword research)

This extension belongs to the keyword research process. All of us know that different SEO tools for keyword research provide different numbers, I mean keyword difficulty, search volume. Either this extension. We can not say that the Keywords Everywhere extension is the best one in comparison to the Keyword Explorer of Ahrefs or SEMrush, but there is something that we can benefit from it.

This extension provides keyword ideas and their difficulties, search volumes, which I have already mentioned can not be the same in comparison to others. You can find the options such as the ideas that people also search for, long-tail keyword ideas, questions. Even though you prefer to do keyword research with another tool, this extension can be an additional source and can help you with ideas. A similar extension is Keyword Surfer. They can be a hint for finding a keyword.

GrowthBar (Keyword research)

This is one of the extensions which also focuses on keyword research. It provides the all necessary information about keywords. It allows you to track your own keywords and follow the performance. You can also find some improvement ideas.

With GrowthBar extension you can generate the article too. The AI generates the article based on the word count, keywords. As a result, you will have an article outline within a couple of minutes.

This extension is rather worth using, unfortunately, it is not free. The user should have an account to run the extension.

SEO Pro (On-site)

SEO Pro extension covers the on-page detailed information of the webpage. Parallel to this, the extension shows the technical health of the webpage. It also provides quick access to sitemap and robots.txt files of the website. You can note that this extension is the only one from the mentioned list that provides those text files.

As we see the mentioned extensions are used for on-site optimization and link building. Now let’s move on to the technical part and learn about technically functioned extensions.

Tag Assistant Legacy (Technical)

Tag Assistant helps you ensure that you have correctly installed the various Google tags on your page. Opening any page and running the extension, you will get information about the presence of tags, errors and any suggestions for improvements.

Google Lighthouse (Technical)

This extension audits the page and provides the results based on your website performance. If there be some issues, you will get suggestions for improvement from the Lighthouse.

Redirect Path (Technical)

This extension is also a part of the technical SEO. It focuses on the page redirects and shows the redirect type. As the technical health of the website is very important to rank, this extension is necessary to use. Having redirect issues will harm your website and with Redirect Path, you will monitor your redirect performance. The other extension with close functions is Link Redirect Trace. These extensions reveal redirect chains, broken redirects and other errors.

Other Additional Extensions

Note EveryWhere

The function of this extension doesn’t concern SEO at all. It allows making notes during your work anywhere in Google Chrome. It can be rather helpful in overloaded work time when you don’t have anything under your hand to note important things to remember.

Screenshot & Screen Recorder

One of the best screen capturing tools. It is very convenient to use while working remotely, in case of discussing something with a manager or just wanting to show the specific issue. Screenshot not only makes a screenshot but also record the desktop and simplifies many other actions. There are various extensions, like Lightshot, Nimbus Screenshot, Fireshot and so on.

Word Counter Plus

During the competitor analysis or using the skyscraper technique for link building, one should pay attention to the competitor’s article word count. That is the part of the process. That technique is very long-lasting and requires too much time and effort. So one should not spend too much time counting the page word count. Word Counter Plus extension provides the number of words in a minute and allows you to concentrate on other doings.

Bottom line

The extensions are too many and speaking about them, we can endlessly talk and enumerate them. I have separated them as they are mostly used and recommended by specialists. These extensions are serving as a helping hand to an SEO specialist and if you want to alleviate your work they should be a part of your everyday SEO-related actions.

As I have mentioned, there are many extensions that are similar to each other with their functions, so that there is no need to use them all together. Find which one is better for you to run your campaign. Using similar extensions may confuse you and your work, as they may show different results. In this situation, you will spend additional time and effort.

Nevertheless, you can try all the above-mentioned ones, compare them and start to benefit from the extensions in your way. Extensions are inseparable parts of SEO. Good luck.