Web pages play a major role in our lives, with hundreds of websites surfacing on the internet the modern solution to different aspects of websites has become a necessity. In the times of modern requirements and the process of making the technology a lot more well played than the past years, web application development came into the gameplay.

Web applications have become mainstream in the modern era, almost everybody uses such websites at least once a day, yet, we fail to acknowledge their presence. The web applications have made such a ubiquitous presence that companies Often go for Customized Web Application Development Services to get the desired features for their very own web applications that can leverage their business on the online platform.

Are you new to the concept of web applications? Well, here we are to make your journey a lot easier. Let’s dive into the basics of web applications and get the features known.

What’s a web application?

A web application is software that is hosted on a third party server. This application can be directly accessed from different browsers without prior browsing of the data. Almost every application we use today like email services, online shopping, online banking, and many others uses the web application.

What does it mean by web application development?

Web application development is the process of programming the website using server side and client side programs. The development process is a lot complex and requires ideation, designing, framework, testing, and other processes to set up the application successfully.

Web app and website, the major difference?

The difference between web apps and websites has a very thin line and is separated by only a few technological differences. The topic is quite debatable as the website also has few features that have similarities with web apps and they form major progress in the business as well. To get a quick glimpse of the difference we can simply say the following.

Web apps are dynamic applications that respond to input and outputs given by the user. The apps allow the users to perform different tasks on the web applications and use the information to further process the data.

On the contrary, websites are static and contain certain videos and images. It contains content that is informative, the website works only as an information provider and does not involve any response from the side of the user.

Both have a single difference that one responds to the user problems while the other provides information. Due to their ability to access more information from users, web applications enjoy more popularity over static websites.

Advantages of web application

Companies specially hire Customized Web Application Development Services to create the web applications. This definitely points to the several advantages it has during the time related to the web application. Let us take a look at the major advantages.

  • Web applications are a cost effective solution rather than developing mobile applications that need constant updates and development.
  • It is a one-system approach and can be accessed through different platforms in a single place. Companies do not need to have separate iOS and android to run the application. It saves significant cost as well as development time.
  • Gives you an online presence without the limitations of memory or any other accessible parameters.

Different types of web applications

Static web applications

Static web applications are non interactive applications and lack flexibility. They are developed on the server side and lack the development on the client side; this does not allow customization to a greater extent. The web apps present only information to the client.

Businesses that need no input feeds from the user can successfully use this method of application. This can help boost the time required to develop the application and give the necessary features to the app.

Dynamic web applications

Dynamic web applications involve all features like search, create a user profile, post a comment or interact in any other way. It is interactive and allows input from the client side. The web applications are programmed from both the server as well as the client side. Different technologies are used to develop the page and it uses different customizable techniques for the browser requirements of different screens.

E-commerce apps

Selling and buying online is quite common, an app that is dedicated to adding products, making payments, adding information, and other details come under the category of e-commerce apps. The apps are complex to develop and need high end technology to make the entire process a lot more accessible. This also involves developing apps that have native experience and involve features that have a user interface and experience.

Portal apps

Portal apps are websites that are dedicated to taking payments online like shopping, banking, and others. These apps use login portals and make the user login on a secure page which further leads to different tasks associated with the application.


CMS web applications are websites that allow non-technical users also to update content in the web app easily. They have different address files that allow different users to carry on the task without the need for technical knowledge. The creation of such a system is quite easy and requires initial development in a high end stage. Use the best developers to carry the job smoothly.

Progressive apps

These are the latest developments in web applications. These apps are a collaboration of dynamic web apps as well as mobile apps. They ensure to add features that are dedicated to both the application format. With progressive applications, one can download the web page link and keep it on the home screen for further access without actually having to go to the URL again and again.

The technology is faster, cheaper, and easy to develop and allows the best of native app features. This is one of the platforms that communicate with the right amount of information provided to the users.

Mobile App vs Web App: Which Development Approach Is Better?

The process related to web application development

So, like the idea of getting your web application for the below process and make the idea come into practicality.

Find an app idea

The first and foremost thing any person needs to do is formulate the plans of the app. Get to know what people want from your website, the products, services, and other information, develop a genuine plan all along with the place and curate a website that best suits the interest of the people. Planning could help you understand the hurdles of the app and make it easier and faster to develop the entire details.

Do your research

Companies and businesses always look for different ways to leverage the business, and web applications can be a perfect stop to many business owners like you. So, know the market, get your research done in such a manner that it allows you to make better decisions on the app. Know your strengths, what works best for you, and much more. This will help you formulate goals and meeting them would be a lot easier.

Define functionality

Once you have an idea at hand, know what you want to include in the app, list different functionalities of the app, and work on incorporating them into your web application. Make sure to keep the place simple yet attractive, focus on core features rather than developing extraneous features that would be rarely used.

Design the application

Once you have sealed all the functionalities of the app, the next step involves design in the look of the application. Web applications are just like any other applications and they need to look attractive to attract the attention of the user. Use looks that compliment your products, this will ensure more focus on the services. Add necessary elements like graphics and images to leverage the look of the website and to make sure the outcomes are as you decided.

Choose technology

The last part you must understand before developing the app is the technology behind it. Different technologies perform the very task of developing an application but each has its own benefit over the other. So ensure to know the technologies you want behind the process of development.

The cost of development

Cost of development is a tricky concept, when developing a web application a lot of factors come into play that decides the initial cost of developing. The cost usually takes features, technology, hosting platform, graphics, testing, updates, and other related factors. A crucial analysis of all the mentioned factors gives the final cost of the web application development.

Depending upon the factor and complexity and the time spared to develop the app it can cost anywhere around $20 to $130 to develop the application. More importantly, the UX and UI will also act as a major part of cost additions.

In the end, web application development is quite a necessity today. It is far fetched technology and is sure to leverage the business in a significant amount. One must know the technology behind the process and know what type of web apps suits them the best. Once all the parameters are considered the cost can be easily flared and taken care of.

So, go ahead, and develop your web application today.

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