In this competitive online market, having an online presence for your business or startup is a necessity. Moreover, it is important that your website is interactive and keeps your customers engaged in your content and services. And what’s better than images for making a website design interactive.

High-quality graphics raise the appeal level of the site and improve the overall aesthetics. There are several formats available, but the two popular ones are JPEG and PNG. These formats are widely used, but when it comes to quality images and ease of editing, PNG wins the race. Let us understand the difference between the two formats and then look into the top 10 sites to get free web design PNG images.

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Difference between PNG and JPEG Images

1. Overview

JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group and works on the lossy compression process. It is widely used in the photography domain. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphic and works with a lossless compression process. These images are widely used to create company logos and web designs.

2. Image Quality

As PNG uses a lossless compression process, there is no loss of any data of color and details of the photo. On the contrary, the JPEG format works on lossy compression where some data of color and detail is lost every time you edit and save the file.

3. File Size

The file size of the web design PNG images is larger than the JPEG images as there is no loss of data while editing. Web designers prefer these images but if the internet connection is weak then these images can slow down the website.

Now let us dive into top sources to get website design PNG images.

Best Resources to Download Free Web Design PNG Images



When it comes to free high-quality website design PNG images, Pngtree offers a vast library of images that will complement your design and improve the looks of your website. Besides tons of PNG images, it offers templates, illustrations, and vectors that you can use to enhance your website.

You just need to create a free account with the platform to download the images. You can even use your Facebook, Google, or other accounts to create an account on the platform.


free png image

FreePNGimg is another free platform to get high-quality PNG images. The platform is fueled by a small solid team of graphic designers. They upload mesmerizing web design PNG images that you can use on your website to make it more interactive.

There is no need to register with the platform to use the images on it. Just open the website on your browser and download any image for free to use for your own purposes. You will get tons of images of different domains with no compromise in quality and resolution.



Are you looking for interactive and different PNG images? Don’t worry. Anyrgb is here to the rescue. The platform offers a vast and distinct library of PNG art. Whether you are looking for different logos, backgrounds, templates, or other interactive images, you will find something catering to your needs on this platform.

If you have something specific in your mind, you can directly search it in the search bar and get your images. Once you get the desired image, then click on it to get proper details of it. If you are happy with the image, you can download it free by clicking on the download button beneath the image. There is no need to create an account or register with the platform.


HD Transparent PNGs

Explore the colossal library of Pngfind to get unique and beautiful PNG images of high quality and resolution. There are different categories on the platform to explore directly. There is also a search bar to find different images by using different keywords.

Once you get the image just click on it to get all the details of the images. If you wish to download it, simply right-click over it and click on the “Save Image As” option to download it.



Get your hands on one of the best collections of vectors, photos, icons, and PSDs with Freepik to make your website interactive without going through any unnecessary hassle. You can download different images for free but you will be allowed to make only 3 downloads per day if you are a non-registered user. If you register yourself with the platform then the limit is extended to 10 downloads and if you become a premium user then you can download 100 images per day.

There are several filters that you can use to get to your desired images in no time. Besides this, there are different categories that you can explore to get your images and graphics.


Transparent PNG Images For Free

SeekPNG is a vibrant community that helps in gathering supreme quality PNG images to use in your web projects. This amazing site can be your helping hand in finishing your web projects quickly. People rely on the transparent images that they receive from this site. It is because they have images of different categories that serve them in multi-faceted projects.

They also have an option of uploading high-resolution images for other photo seekers. For that, users need to upload high-resolution images of 600*600 and above without any background.


Free 3D illustrations

Iconfinder is a one-stop solution for all icons, illustrations, and other 3D designs. Anyone can get Website Design PNG images from this terrific site. It has both free as well as paid resources useful for all designers. The best part is that they also have an online color changer to help you transform your design’s colors without any hassle. Anyone can become an icon contributor by uploading supreme quality images for free.


transparent clipart & silhouette

A storehouse of outstanding transparent clipart, Pinclipart has the largest archive of different images from a myriad of categories. Anyone can easily download unlimited free images. You can search for the PNG images that you need and then, download them without any hassle. There is an option of uploading the clipart as well. Users who have high definition web design PNG images can also upload them for other photo seekers.


Flat icons

Flaticon is a popular site for web designers who seek top-notch web design PNG images. From vector icons to terrific online stickers, this site has it all. All you have to do is search for your desired icons and download them in whatever format you need. There are many other formats such as SVG, BASE 64, PSD, and EPS formats. Since these designs are designed by professionals, they are renowned all over the world.


free transparent background PNG images

TransparentPNG is a well-known site that is a home to millions of transparent website design PNG images. Users come to explore images in different categories so that they get the best background images for their websites. Just enter the keywords of your required images and the site will handpick the best ones for you!

Web Design PNG FAQs

Where can I get free PNG images for web design?

All the sites mentioned above namely, PNGTree,, Anyrgb, Flaticon, SeekPNG, etc. You can open any of the sites to get high-quality free PNG images. They help in easing your web design tasks as well as making your website designs more beautiful.

Can I use free PNG images in my web design projects?

Yes, all web designers make use of free PNG images and other resources extensively. It not only helps in saving the cost but also ensures getting great PNG images handy. There are numerous website design PNG sites that help in downloading these free PNG images for general use. Refer to the previous section to get in-depth details on the top web design PNG sites.

Where can I get high-quality PNG images for my website?

Well, there is a plethora of websites that offer high-quality PNG images for free or for a small fee. All the best free PNG sites are mentioned above such as Anyrgb, PNGTree, Flaticon,, etc. There are many paid PNG sites as well that offer excellent quality images such as Snappa, Rawpixel, Canva, Shutterstock, etc.

Can I use Google images in web design?

No, Google images cannot be used in web design projects. There are two main reasons behind this notion:

1. Google images are taken from different blogs and websites. This means that owners can claim copyright issues if those images are used without their permission.

2. Images used in website design should be of top quality. Sometimes, the image quality of Google images is not up to the standards. Thus, it may cause big trouble since the website design may not have that aesthetic professional look.


All these sites are excellent for acquiring terrific web design PNG images. Thus, all you need to do is pick any one of your favorite sites and use free PNG images wherever you need. We are sure they will enhance your overall website look in the best way. Keep following us for more such unique and in-vogue web design content!

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