A website is as good as you can make use of it. Creating sites with the purpose of meeting business requirements is entirely different from just building websites for maintaining an online existence that does not involve any commercial activity. While WordPress websites are the best choice in terms of flexibility and the amount of creativity it can support, when using it for business you must evaluate if the general offering of is capable enough of supporting the business plans that help to meet the business goals.

The basic comes with a wide range of features and functions to provide the experience that is entirely out of the box. From custom web fonts to social media sharing and superb SEO, you can make use of an array of features that can even support many of your advanced needs without using custom themes and plugins. However, the features available in the basic version of might not be sufficient to meet the unique needs of business when you are trying to take it to the next level that requires more tools and features.

Business Needs are Special

Since each business has specific requirements and goals, it becomes imperative that the website should be capable of reflecting the business plan by using business themes templates, have unlimited storage, create the business brand by freeing itself from the brand identity and integrate Google Analytics into the website. Also, it must provide support for monetizing the site with the help of SEO tools besides facilitating the use of plugins and upload themes. Whether you intend to sell products online, allow online reservations for the restaurant business, use the website for collecting payments or want to conduct loan consolidation business online, you have to use WordPress Business Plan for your site intended for e-commerce. The facility of uploading custom themes and using plugins is an added attraction.

Gain more mileage from WordPress Themes and Plugins

To give your website the right professional and corporate look that is essential for creating brand awareness that generates customer trust and helps boost conversions, there is nothing more appropriate than WordPress themes. WordPress Business gives you the opportunity of using not only the hundreds of plugins available on but also allows you to upload any custom theme of your choice. It is easy to download the .zip file of the theme, upload it and then activate it.

For enhancing the features of WordPress to get the most from it, you can use any plugins on WordPress Business websites. Whether it is for boosting SEO or performing any specific business function, there is always some plugins available. Plugins are essential for making sites do what you want for getting more leads and more customers especially in a business that offers services in debt consolidation like With the latest version of WordPress, you can install any plugins that are compatible with it and any theme that suits your business and fit for use on the platform.

Gain Competitive Advantage

When you are operating in an intensely competitive market that offers financial services in debt consolidation, having a WordPress Business website is a must. As more and more companies seek assistance in consolidating debts to make it more manageable, opportunities are in plenty of doing good business in debt consolidation provided you have a high performing website that generates trust and confidence in customers. By using the right themes and plugins that help to enhance the functionalities of the site, you can educate and guide customers to get closer to them, win their confidence and increase conversions that help to drive your business efficiently and make it grow.

Self-hosted WordPress site vs. Business

With Business, you get the same kind of experience as you would get with self-hosted in terms of flexibility and expandability. In the latter type of websites, you can gain access to features that enable fine-tune configuration of files, but you have to take the responsibility of managing the server on your own. For manipulating the code, you can directly FTP into the site, and you would also be able to SSH into the server.

On the other hand, the Business relieves you from managing the hardware and the low-level system configuration, as the WordPress managers will do it for you. However, you are still able to avail the flexibility and enhance the capabilities of the website by using suitable themes and plugins. Also, you can expect priority support and a bundle of many premium features.

Select Plugins that suit you

There is enormous flexibility in choosing plugins because regardless of the type of plugin you have in mind, you just need to assure that it is compatible with WordPress. There are no restrictions in using plugins except that you must rely only on popular themes and plugins that receive excellent rating and reviews in, which is the best place to look for the best themes and plugins. The flexibility you achieve with plugins is what makes WordPress stand apart from other Content Management Systems.

Assured security

It is normal that you must be concerned about the protection of the website that can become the target of spammers and hackers at any moment. However, you fear not about security when using WordPress themes and plugins from any source because of the superior built-in security features of Business. By using Jetpack, Business ensures your business remains protected from brute force attacks from hackers and botnets while you avail the facilities of restores, backups, and security scans. The security net is always scanning for infiltrations and malware and helps you to fix them.

The migration from to Business is not only easy, but the best thing is that all the customizations that you had done earlier remain intact as also the followers. Moreover, there is no fear of losing any content.

Make the smart move and start using WordPress Business that has the powers of catapulting your business to great heights.

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