In this increasingly digital world, a website is crucial to your success as a business. According to a survey by Statista, almost a third of online consumers search for local businesses daily. An appealing and user-friendly website is your opportunity to convert these consumers into paying customers. Fortunately, WordPress makes it easier than ever to build an online presence. One of the best ways to capture the interest of potential customers browsing your website is an impressive WordPress theme.

Best WordPress Themes For Businesses And Entrepreneurs

Here are the most optimal WordPress themes for businesses and entrepreneurs hoping to stand out.


Aneeq - Free WordPress Website Theme

Aneeq is a good option for small businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t want to invest in expensive themes. Businesses can choose this budget-friendly theme without sacrificing quality.


Astra - The Most Popular Theme

Astra is the most popular WordPress theme of all time for a good reason. “Astra is highly customizable and boasts an impressive list of users such as Stanford University, NASA, and Google,” according to Elsie Davis, a tech blogger at PhD Kingdom and Originwritings.


Avada - Best Website Builder

Avada is another extremely popular theme on WordPress. It’s designed to maximize your presence online as a business, while offering a professional-looking layout.


Divi - Best WordPress Themes

Divi is currently the most popular WordPress theme worldwide. It offers businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to create a unique website in their niche.


Business - Simple WordPress Theme

Business is another ideal theme for businesses. Its design is great for businesses hoping to maximize engagement with customers. It offers many features that would be useful for a business or entrepreneur.


Cleanstart WordPress Theme

Cleanstart is one of the best themes available for small businesses. It’s responsive and easy to use. There are plenty of features designed specifically to help small businesses grow their consumer base. Small businesses will not go wrong with this choice.


Consulting Business WordPress Themes

Consulting is an excellent theme for any small business or entrepreneur in the finance industry. It’s also the perfect theme for those who offer consulting services.


Corporate WordPress Themes

Corporate is designed specifically for businesses and entrepreneurs. Its built-in features are ideal for a business website. “Sometimes, the best choice is the most obvious one,” advises Edna Coppock, a business writer at Academicbrits and Nextcoursework. “A theme purposely for businesses can help your website appear professional.”


Enfold WordPress Theme

Enfold is a good multi-purpose theme for businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s one of the most popular themes on WordPress for a good reason.

Entrepreneurs WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur is another theme especially intended for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This theme can make it incredibly easy to set up a professional website for your business.


Flat WordPress Themes

Flat is a great theme for businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking for colour on their website. Flat also excels at encouraging customer engagement with its design.

Intact WordPress Themes for Businesses

Intact WordPress Themes for Businesses

Intact is an excellent theme for businesses. Their built-in demos allow for a seamless website building experience. There are also plenty of customizations to help you create a unique website to help your business succeed.


Mama WordPress Theme

Minimalists will love the theme Mama. If your business prefers the clean and polished minimalist look, Mama is a good choice. The theme is customizable and perfect for displaying portfolios.

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is a visually stunning theme that offers impressive features such as drag and drop, and SEO-friendly outlines.



Optimize is the ideal option for businesses who want to take advantage of SEO to help consumers discover their business. This theme focuses specifically on SEO-friendly practices.



Salient is a great theme for small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to make a great first impression on consumers. Visually, the theme is unique and impactful. There are also plenty of customization features to help you create a truly unique website.

Simple Business

Simple Business WordPress Theme

Businesses and entrepreneurs who love minimal themes will not go wrong with Simple Business. Despite its minimal design, this theme does an awesome job at allowing images to shine.


Uncode Creative WordPress Themes

Uncode is another great theme for businesses and entrepreneurs. Its design looks very polished and modern.


Unos WordPress Theme

Unos is another awesome free theme for any business and entrepreneur on a budget. This theme is minimalist in nature, but offer a seemingly endless amount of features.


Zita - Free WordPress Themes for Entrepreneurs

Zita is another fantastic option for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of free themes. This theme is customizable and offers the convenience of being compatible with the most popular page builders.


While the contents of your website matters more than its appearance, the right WordPress theme can help you capture the consumer’s interest long enough to convince them to give your website a chance and keep reading.

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