A social media specialist has the responsibility of administering and creating content on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They look after customer engagement and audience growth. Additionally, they also respond to the readers’ comments, monitor site performance and supervise creative designs.

To become a social media specialist, you just become habituated to using social media tools and technologies. However, you need appropriate formal training from professional sources. However, you can initiate walking in this career path by increasing your followers and building a personal brand.

The present article elaborates on a guide to become a social media specialist. The prime focus has been given to the provision of Social media marketing services and common questions related to it.

What is the salary of social media specialist?

According to the reviews in Glassdoor, the average CTC of an experienced social media expert ranges between $48,000 and $66000. As a fresher, you will come across lesser packages, but it will automatically rise as you grow in experience with time.

Is social media an emerging field?

Social media is an aggressively going field in today’s world. This is because due to globalization and the advancement of internet services, social media users are rising at a faster rate.

Research studies predict that digital marketing expenditure would reach $146 billion by the end of 2023. At present, there are 3.6 billion social media users, among which 56% of all adults use more multiple social platforms regularly. By 2025, it is expected to magnify further to 4.4 billion.

Can you imagine the doorway to endless opportunities in front of you? So without wasting any more time, let’s look at the strategies to become a skilled social media expert.

Guide to Become a Social Media Specialist

1. Strengthen your presence on social media

Before selecting social media as your career goal:

  • 1. Conduct a comparative evaluation of your social media accounts.
  • 2. Make sure your presence on each platform is strongly visible.
  • 3. Grow your follower base and engage them with content on trending topics.

Put considerable effort and time into growing your follower numbers and interacting with the community. Community management is a fundamental aspect of social media.

2. Learn the Social Media Marketing fundamentals

The social media specialist job roles require basic knowledge of Best branding services, paid advertisements, Influencer marketing. SEO and SEM. Getting a firm grasp of different digital marketing forms will make you more valuable to the targeted firms.

Doing online courses is very simple, less time-consuming, and cost-effective. Many learners choose this option due to non-availability time. In this regard, Coursera and Udemy are two famous examples.

3. Measure Social Media Campaigns with analytical tools

It will help if you are highly efficient in using social media analytical tools to detect the engagement and performance of your content. You need to be fluent with analytics for augmenting the outcomes of your campaigns as well. Invest in tools like Onclusive’s PR analytics tool to gather all information and data in gauging your campaigns.

Some employers may seek sample projects where had used analytical tools. Completing a digital marketing course, either online or offline, would give you practical experiences in deploying such analytical tactics.

4. Post creative social media contents

It is the most vital point that you have to take care of if your aim is to become a social media specialist. If you are a newbie to social media, utilize the opportunity of content creation to develop your voice.

Understand what are your followers’ preferences and start creating unique content on that. Use keywords, call-to-action phrases and hashtags in your posts. This will bring more organic traffic to your profile. Be consistent in sharing content. Organizations need to maintain a steady presence on social media platforms. You can also auto-publish, which helps you to save time and increase the number of visitors.

5. Be flexible and aware of current social media trends

Social media is an evolving platform. It never slows down or pauses. Therefore, constant research is a principal driving factor. Stay updated about your competitors, their performances, strategies and their goals. Know what they are saying about you.

Additionally, you must be aware of the apps and platforms that enable experts to immerse fingers in the internet world. Want to know what your people are looking for? Google trends will give you accurate information with this. Hootsuite mobile features facilitate monitoring search trends across multiple social challenges.

6. Prepare an attractive social media portfolio

You can practice branding by social media schemes. After adhering to all the above steps, you should be confident enough to start building your portfolio. Eventually, you would begin learning how to crack a job as an efficient social media specialist.

Are you hesitating to launch a website or blog? Are you confused about whether you should start a YouTube channel? That’s a great idea to give a kick start to your dream of becoming social media specialist.

Give special attention to build your LinkedIn page. Make a striking LinkedIn profile by filling in all the details from education to professional life. Get skill badges on different topics in relation to digital marketing. Lastly, write an eye-catching bio highlighting salient points about yourself.

7. Apply to related social media jobs

Now that you are ready with an impressive portfolio start applying for relevant social media jobs. You must be qualified enough to secure a full time as a social media expert by this time. Indeed has more than 13500 social media specialist jobs with a wage of $21.15 per hour.

Some prevalent social media positions for freshers are Social Media Coordinator, Social Media Analyst and Social Media Associate.


To conclude, social media jobs are tremendously demanding these days. With a sharp uplift in the number of social media influencers, the labor market in this particular industry has become competitive. Do not give up. and keep following the strategies above.

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