Now, before going through the best blogging platform free, isn’t it fine to have an idea about what is a blog! To be in a nutshell, A blog can be defined as “a great method for expressing thoughts and feelings and for creating a web presence for the company and to provide content for internet users”.

If there is any idea of creating a WordPress blog, that too without any fuss like hosting, developing and deploying it by the self, then, it is better to have a look at any of the following best free blogging platforms.

It is to be observed that such a kind of services usually provides a collection of features freely.

Best Blogging Platform for Free

Here, it is to be noted that choosing wisely a platform for blogging upon, will result in a huge impact on the overall content marketing strategy.

WordPress – Best Blogging Platform

Best blogging platform to make money
For downloading and availing as a software, the WordPress is free. But, for using WordPress upon the web it is required to have WordPress Hosting. The cost of using WordPress is comparatively minimal. The only genuine cost is web hosting and domain. So, the users can get a domain name and web hosting for less than $3.95 per month.

Today, it is mandatory to have an attractive website to run an online business. There are a wide variety of stunning premium and free WordPress themes that helps in bringing business to your company. Thus, WordPress is an ultimate best blogging platform free to create beautiful website designs according to your requirement.

The following are some of the pros and cons that a user can observe in WPS CMS. They are…

WordPress Pros

  • Easy Content Updates
  • SEO Integration
  • Flexible E-Commerce Options
  • Optimization of Tablet/Mobile/PC
  • Built-In-Blogging
  • Usage by Big Companies
  • Larger Developer Community

WordPress Cons

  • The custom Layouts and Themes can be knavery
  • WPS Software Needs Regular Updation
  • Web Development and Marketing Experience Helps

Blogger – Best Blogging Platform Free

best free blogging platform
The Blogger can be defined as a well familiar service, that is providing plenty of features for its users. For instance, it comes with a Template Designer user interface, that facilitates the user for squeezing the blog’s appearance as much as possible.

The minimum price that can be charged for blogging is at least $50 per hour for creating the post. $100 per hour will be charged for photography and $150+ per hour may be charged if it happens to be an expertise in the field. The following are the merits and demerits of the Blogger:

Blogger Merits

  • Pricing
  • Simplicity
  • Product Focus
  • Google Integration
  • Speed & Performance respectively

Blogger Demerits

  • Devoid of Customer Support
  • Lack of Versatility
  • Separate Issue of Design and Customization
  • Ongoing Investments and Features
  • Google Promise/Content Policy Respectively


Blogging Platform for Creatives
Tumblr is a renowned feature filled microblogging platform. It is offering many numbers of spectacular interesting features likewise audio blogging for sharing the music, free custom domains, and hundreds of astonishing blogging themes and so on.

Since, Tumblr is a free web-hosted service, there is no a necessity, for thinking about enterprising price fees.

Tumblr Benefits

  • The entire interests like dedicated blogs to entire gamut of the things right from TV characters to flowers, and so on can be found upon the site. Since, Tumblr Is a fabulous virtual jungle, the tags or the suggested blogs can be availed for finding the stuff, that is more interested.
  • By means of Tumblr Loads of memes and jokes and text posts can become popular.
  • Since, Tumblr is precisely, not a social media, there is no need to add the personnel, who are not required.
  • The user can have as many blogs as he pleases.

Tumblr Demerites

  • Tumblr is worst if the arguments thru Youtube comments are bad. Since, it is a blogging platform, where people are set at liberty for writing what they need, and everybody can respond it.
  • Each reblog is an isolated thread. So therefore, misinformation can expand very easily.
  • Since, the Tumblr is wonderful showcasing the art, there is a possibility of making the people for hesitating to share.
  • The Tumbler’s feature “Anonymous asks” may be misused sometimes, by the person who tends for having a large number of followers.
  • Finally, the mobile app is horrifying.


Best Blogging Platform
To be simple, Medium is a publishing platform, for blogging the posts, stories and articles. Since, it has attained its popularity a lot, during the last couple of years, more than several lakhs of people have joined in Medium. Medium is zero pricing.

Medium Benefits

  • It is very easy for using interface.
  • Other users are helpful in working upon the content.
  • It is free of cost.
  • The Typography settings are simply great.

Medium Demerits

  • There is no any custom design. The entire profiles looks one and same.
  • It has control over the publications.


Professional Blogging Platform
Ghost can be stated as a Downloadable blogging software, and a blogging platform, that is hosted. The central idea behind Ghost was to make it’s a simpler version of WordPress. And in terms of pricing, the downloadable version is free.

However, the hosted pro version is fixed at $8 to $200 depending upon the number of blogs, that needs to run and the traffic volume, that is expected.

Ghost Merits

  • Ghost is designed as a blogging platform, that stands out above entire else.
  • It enables to write and publish interface very clearly.
  • This is fast and is facilitated for SEO optimization.

Ghost Demerits

  • This is not much customizable, like that of WordPress.
  • It is devoid of plugins or extensibility.

Weebly – Best Blogging Platform

Free Blogging Platform
In addition to blogging, Weebly offers still more. Basically is an 100% featured website builder. The blog manager of Weebly attributes a drag-&-drop interface, assistance for image galleries, slideshows, video and audio maps and so on.

Weebly Pricing
The overall pricing of the Weebly is as follows: The Weebly’s starting plans are around at $8/mo that is paid up front. By adding strong attributes, the Pro plans, yet stays under $12/mo. Here, the business plans are fixed at $25/mo and the performance plans starts at $49/mo respectively.

Weebly Pro

  • Speed & Security – This can be considered as the first and foremost merit of Weebly. They tends to possess quick loading speeds. Even they take control of the security against hackers and spam. Thru business plans, they are also capable of installing and maintaining SSL across the entire site.
  • Site Building Process – There is an advertised advantage of availing an inclusive of all website builder, at which there is no need to write HTML or CSS code. The user can simply drag and drop elements.
  • Onboarding & Education – Weebly is adept in building strong onboarding and education not only thru email drip sequence, but even by means of info buttons, that are built with their platform.
  • Built-in Feature Set + Extensions – There is no need to rely upon a platform’ feature set, for building up of an own website upon own host. This is a great advantage that it possesses. By going to the platform route, it’s key ensures the entire features, that are required.
  • Customer Support – Weebly is providing an email support option, for free accounts. However, for paid accounts, they are offering an email, chat and phone support. By possessing the entire inclusive platform, customer support is capable of troubleshooting and resolving any kind of issue.

Weebly Cons

  • Content Management System – There is no a facility for adding custom content types. This is a disadvantage.
  • Advanced Marketing Tools – Since, there lacks still full authority over the site and server, it would be difficult and there is no a possibility of adding advanced marketing tolls like an EV SSL, custom email collection tools, custom analytics packages, custom social shares, specific schemes and A/B testing software.
  • Platform Lock-in – This is the last demerit of Weebly. It is difficult for moving to a new platform. Moving the self WordPress powered website, migration of the content and redirection of URLs would be a tedious process.

Simple Blogging Platform is availed to engage the bloggers, who essentially do not aspires others to find their content. It is highly minimalistic in approach for publishing the thoughts and distributing within seconds. This platform is even flexible for online resumes, anonymous letters, lecture notes and to name a few. In terms of pricing, it is free. Pros

  • There is no need of registration for the creation of blog posts.
  • The editing can be very simple. Cons

  • This lacks in customization for blogging.
  • When once, the editing password is not memorized, so there is no chance of restoration.
  • Devoid of social sharing.
  • Lack of SEO friendliness.


Squarespace Blogging Platform
Squarespace is a user-friendly online website builder and website hosting service. It is capable of summoning the entire things under one roof for website building solutions. It is availed for launching blogs, business sites, e-commerce stores and still many more. The price of Squarespace is fixed at $8 to $24/month.

Squarespace Benefits

  • It constitutes wonderful customization capacities and its interface is easier for using.
  • The inclusion of hosting and custom domain.
  • The designing and developmental talents are not needed here.
  • Facilitates the Drag and drop content building.
  • It provides the round the clock customer support.

Squarespace Demerits

  • When once, the monthly subscription costs are added up, that results in getting expensive over time.
  • There is a strange demerit, that it is highly rich in featuring provided, if simple blog is required.

Wix – Free Website Builder

best free blogging platform
Wix is a user-friendly online website builder and a website hosting service, that offers same features in terms of its website building and blog building ability. The price subscription of the Wix is based at $0 to $18 per month.

Wix Pros

  • Wix exhibits more than 500 designs for selecting.
  • There are even free plans available.
  • Facilitated with Drag and Drop content building.
  • It offers a huge support along with an online knowledge foundation.

Wix Cons

  • The blog customization possibilities are limited, when it happens to compare with other solutions on the list.
  • To be exact, this is not a dedicated blogging platform.

Blogging Platform to make money
It is the easiest way for blogging. This is from the personnel behind Evernote, and it is destined to integrate deeply into their system. To be simple, is a simple blogging platform, which is straightly attached to Evernote. The worth mentioning about is that the entire content is actually supported up upon the computer and that can be accessed from Evernote.

The price plan of begins at $5 per month, and that is inclusive of a custom domain, password protection, more themes and source code access respectively. Pros

  • is deeply integrated into Evernote.
  • Enables social sharing.
  • Support of Google Analytics.
  • Safeguard of password. Cons

  • There are only a little opportunities available for customization.
  • Literally there is no a possibility of advertising by means of free account.


Though there are plenty of best blogging platform free services, it is always better to choose a particular one, that caters to one’s personal tastes and needs. Since Content Marketing is a colossal part of SEO for business houses as of today, ranging from hotels to schools, blogging is the basic foundation of their content marketing strategy. Hence, to choose the best platform is crucial.