Are you looking for social bookmarking sites list? Here is the list of free high PR dofollow social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites list play very important role for your website and blog. Social bookmarking sites will help you to increase your website ranking on the search engine and get more traffic.

This is a simple marketing strategy which needs zero investment but give maximum profit and by using it you can advertise your website, articles, services and even more.

Before we get started, let’s cover the syllabus about social bookmarking and benefits of it.

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What is Social Bookmarking?

Basically, a social bookmarking is a process where internet user can enlist (bookmark) or share any article, web-page, videos or images. By doing this, visitors of that social bookmarking sites easily can find and get your services & offers.

Thus, when we enlist or share our webpage to any social networking platform all this called social bookmarking.

Without a doubt, we all know the fact that, most of the audience remains active on social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest but besides all of them there are various under the hood websites who just pleased the Google and as result got huge active users.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking Sites

1. More Traffic

These social bookmarking sites can be a big reference sources such as StumbleUpon.

2. More Social Signals

Getting more social signals from multiples sites is better for your content and even have a positive effect on your ranking.

3. Qualified Visitors

If you work in a specific industry, by using a highly targeted bookmarking website can help you grow qualified visitors.

4. Faster Index

A social bookmarking website is crawled almost frequently by search engines so your content also being indexed much faster.

As you can see, these are the major profits of listing your content on the social bookmarking sites.

social bookmarking sites list

Now here I have the high PR social bookmarking sites list with top bookmarking websites which can provide you massive organic traffic and provide eventual growth to your webpage by the end of the day.

Top High PR Social Bookmarking Sites List
Google Bookmarking

After that listing, I would love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.


What experience do you have with social bookmarking? Also, mention other social bookmarking sites do you find useful and effective.