There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to showcasing your digital presence. What does this mean for internet marketers?

In practice, the goal of running your internet business doesn’t end with just creating a basic website for your company and / or business. Having multiple elements can ensure a successful online presence. There are different ways to look at the entire status of your web page. But before we go much further, let’s first think about one of the most basic components of your online identity – your website design. But how important is it? More info on

Website Design Tips for Website Success

Your website should also clearly articulate what you do with your audience, why you do it, and who you do it for. It’s easy to get lost because of how good you are as a company, that you neglect to address key issues your viewers might have. Great web design that is easy to understand at a glance impacts your customer experience and functionality. For some science-backed web design tips, keep reading below.

Create a preliminary sketch and plan

Don’t just start with your website design. Website design rarely starts with code. Going straight to the heart of the project is counterproductive to the bottom line! Instead, you want to start creating the wireframe. You need:

  • to plan a shopper’s journey from the first visit to your website to the moment they become a customer;
  • to ensure that your website appropriately meets the needs of your visitors.

Find out where you want to place your elements in the digital space before you start designing anything with specialized web design services.

Priority Factor – Site Speed

In the web design community, probably one of the least well-argued facts is that speed is important. You are about to visit a website, but it takes some time to load. What impression will this site leave on you? Of course not good! Good website design from django company is about providing your visitors with data quickly. No one is going to stop if it takes three minutes to load each image. Research has shown that your site’s speed can affect everything from conversion rates to sales and revenue to user satisfaction. In addition, browsers also factor your site’s loading speed into their rankings because users care.

Work on mobility too

In 2016, a survey confirmed that over 62 percent of online shoppers made purchases using their mobile phones, and statistics for 2016 showed that over 90 percent of shoppers use their mobile phones to compare prices and view customer reviews, even while in retail. Plus, if they have a negative experience with a mobile website, 40 percent of consumers will jump to a competing product. When it comes to modern website design, a responsive smartphone page is a must. More than 50 percent of web traffic goes through smartphones these days.

Make sure the navigation is easy to understand

Creating a standard look and feel for your menu makes your readers feel comfortable as they can navigate your site. Your guests shouldn’t waste time looking for the navigation bar. If they have to spend a lot of time fetching data from different pages, it is better to redo the navigation functions. You need to hit the correct chords on your first visit. Audiences typically have only 8 seconds of attention span, so it’s important to get your main points across as often and quickly as possible.

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