A research proposal is the work plan, the outline and the statement of intent describing what, why, how, where and when to do the research. It is essentially a roadmap that shows where a journey will start, how it will end and the method to use for getting there.

A proposal must be well-structured and easy to read. It must also contain only the relevant information for the proposed study. Here are five important skills essential to writing a great proposal.

Developing Most Important Proposal Writing Skills

1. Research skills

Students need to think about the areas that interested them most in their studies and make a decision about what they would like to explore more. This will involve doing research into peer-reviewed, current research in the specific area they choose. They need to establish whether there are any gaps in knowledge or areas where they could put forward new ideas or innovations.

It is easy for students to fall into a research trap where they waste valuable time by conducting too much preliminary research and not drilling down to the point where they can conduct deep research. Mentors or college seniors give students access to the research skills of professional writers with experience in writing research proposals. This can help students who are overwhelmed by the amount of work they need to do.

2. Communication skills

In a proposal, students need to express themselves in logical, precise language. The ability to express themselves in a clear, scientific manner is what potential supervisors expect to see. They may know that their work is important but they need to communicate the value of their ideas to a reviewer. Explaining the problem or need they want to address and why it needs solving will help to demonstrate their insight into the topic.

Another aspect of effective communication is to be able to methodically organize writing and to stick to the guidelines. The style, structure and other writing conventions depend on the field of discipline. Even grammatical and spelling errors can sidetrack a reviewer when assessing the quality and relevance of a research proposal.

3. Time management skills: Use professional writers

Students who study to get an education at college often find that writing a research proposal within a specific timeline is difficult. When students are having a rough time, they can use the confidential research proposal writing services in Canada offered by Ca.EduBirdie. This means they can pay someone to write a research proposal online. These services guarantee proposals are not only delivered on time to students trying to find the time to study but they are of the highest quality. It also gives students a research proposal example to follow in the future.

4. Critical thinking skills

Students will need to critically examine different methods for gathering and analyzing data related to their research problem and decide which ones to use. A good proposal will display evidence of their ability to evaluate and synthesize material and show the ability to combine vertical and lateral thinking.

For a research proposal to be compelling, it must reveal critical thinking about the topic that goes beyond what is already known. It may help to search for controversial or cutting-edge topics in the field to address and connect with the interests of other researchers. The proposal must indicate to the reader that the student has thought ahead and considered the potential outcomes and implications of the research.

5. Listening skills

Listening skills are very important as it is essential to take advice from supervisors and fellow researchers. This can offer the perspective the students need and help them to understand how to make improvements. When listening to others and obtaining feedback, there are various devices for students to use, such as a smart notebook where they can record and make a digital version of notes to review later.

A proposal outline can help a supervisor to give vital feedback to a student, such as a need to narrow down ideas if they are too broad. A supervisor could also point out whether the student is trying to do too much or too little.


Many different proposal writing skills are required if the writer wants to build a convincing case – research, communication, time-management, critical thinking and listening skills. It is necessary to identify a specific research area within the context of the discipline and provide compelling evidence of why it is worth exploring. The research project must offer a viable way to bring a new approach to address an existing problem.

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