You may have a good website that is doing just fine in its own right. But is a simply good music website really enough to stand the fierce competition in the modern online arena? Not quite. To stand out among the crowd and efficiently grab users’ attention, you need to put some extra effort into optimizing the major aspects of your site. So what exactly can you do to start driving more traffic and gaining higher conversions? Let’s figure it out.

How Can You Make a Musician Website Better?

No matter what type of website you have — whether it’s a big services marketplace or a microsite (what is a microsite?), there are certain common “pillars” of optimization that you should know. In particular, here’s what you need to work on to make your website for musicians more widely preferred by an interested audience.


Design is the backbone of your website, and it impacts the users’ decision to stay or leave in major ways. A truly high-quality, well-thought-out design makes users want to explore and navigate the site within the first few seconds of discovering it online. When it comes to design optimization and improvement, it is only obvious that most people’s attention can be caught by tasty images — we love observing eye-candy visuals, original forms, and stuff like that. With this in mind, make sure your music website has:

  • A balanced color scheme – A standing-out overall color scheme of your website is half the improvement job done. Here, it’s best to make sure that all the visual elements are properly emphasized against backgrounds, that the colors aren’t hard on the viewer’s eyes, and that the visuals are harmoniously tied up together.
  • Distinct, smoothly integrated font types – It should be easy for all users to read text descriptions on the website. The ultimate tip here is to use the most easily-comprehensible fonts (like the basic Arial, Verdana, or Calibri), adjusting them according to the main color scheme.
  • Hi-def photos and images – You have any images or, perhaps, real-life photos on the website, make sure they are of the highest definition and quality. Even slight unintended pixelation may turn certain users off.


As much as design is paramount to the success of music artist websites, the content it is filled with also plays an important role. Thus, make sure you don’t overdo it with descriptions and provide all the essential information in a well-written manner. Balance out the content by structuring it on the pages.

You also may want to consider adding rich, dynamic content to your website in order to conquer more users’ hearts. Such content includes:

  • animated visuals,
  • interactive elements,
  • videos,
  • infographics, and so on.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There are dozens of popular websites for musical bands, the most well-promoted of which you can come across right at the top of search results in Google. The higher the search ranking of your platform is, the more chances you get to outrun the competition and get a sweet piece of popularity in the market. So you need to:

  • Work on pages’ meta titles and descriptions. They briefly describe a website on search result pages. This is what, basically, users see first once they come across your site in the search. So make sure to fill titles and descriptions with strong and relevant keywords, making them concise yet impactful, and translating what the page is about in them.
  • Build links. Interlinking and backlinking to other reputable and popular resources also help boost SEO. It’s great to have a balanced density of links leading to expert resources (like review sites and blogs), media sites (like YouTube, Pinterest, etc.), and influencer blogs.
  • Add meta titles to images. Image search is a whole other world, and your site should be easily found in it as well. For this, you should enrich and optimize meta titles specifically for images.

Social media

Social networks are today’s most dense sources of traffic where millions of people gather (many of which won’t skip on your professional musician website’s value proposition). It goes without saying that you certainly shouldn’t miss out on leading an active social presence and interlinking your site with social platforms.

How Can You Drive Traffic to Your Renewed Website?

All of the above initiatives should help you drive more website traffic in certain ways. Once you renew the resource and start taking full advantage of all of them, you can also start employing these extra pro tips:

  • Publishing guest blog articles;
  • Launching advertising campaigns;
  • Building relationships with influencers;
  • Employing email marketing;
  • Providing special offers.

If you put enough mind to it and take your time optimizing your music website step by step, you should see pretty significant results. A stylish, user-friendly website with up-to-date content will help you engage fans and expand your musical audience.

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