When you want to know about SEO factors, you have to know at first what it is. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a tool or the process through that, and the writings come forward after the google search. If you are a beginner at using SEO, you have to learn how it works. There are keyword factors that you will need when you write an article.

The article that you will write has to be SEO-friendly. However, you also have to learn about the personal factors of SEO. In network marketing, and all the materials have to be SEO friendly, the writer will receive massive traffic.

The Amusing factors of SEO in the world of Content Marketing

Today we will provide you ideas of SEO that you have never heard of before. Millions of people work as writers and SEO developers, but you must focus on its working process as SEO beginners.

One of the main factors is the statistics of SEO. When you write an article, you have to upload it on the internet. So, it will depend on the SEO optimization of how much you will come to read the article you have published. So, let’s look at the factors on the internet.

1. Ranking on Google

When you work on SEO, you have to focus on the key factors because it will drag the audience to you. First, however, you have to focus on the keywords. Generally, keywords are always the writer uses 8 to 10 times.

You have to do the same when you want your writing to come up after searching in google. First, however, start researching on the internet and reflect on them through your writing.

2. 40% Users Have Slow Loading Capacit

Kissmetric discovered that maximum visitors have a prolonged internet connection, and for that, they can’t access the page. It naturally takes 3 seconds to load the page. But sometimes, users take 10 to 15 seconds to load a page. Because of the slow internet, sometimes even the viewer’s leave the page.

The effect of leaving a page sometimes never counts. However, for that reason, sometimes in the content marketing business, people make natural designs that will make the website easy to open.

3. Opportunity to Work from Mobile

If you are thinking of doing network marketing, you can do this from your mobile. It is easy to access the sites from your mobile. In case of initial need, you can open the tools and can access the main page. SEO is straightforward to learn and also provides considerable profits to the business owner.

However, it is the best time to create a business SEO Content business. So, don’t waste time, and start the company using your mobile.

4. 20% Content Businesses are Not only Writings

If you want to know, some contents are currently on the top of the research, not only the writings. There are many more contents. For example, you can see some websites only work on images and other things.

Now Amazon, Myntra, and other sites have their personal. Through that, they only promote their businesses. More than millions of people search and also go to these sites on their need.

5. 90% People Prefer Organic Search

Google PPC business is now top in the SEO field. If you a visitor will see, some sites are paid, and to access the pages, you have to take a subscription with money. On the other hand, the contents that show ads earn money from that.

So, the business developer earns a considerable amount of mo0ney from the SEO. You also can start a content marketing business.

6. Maximum people Spend Time Less Than One Minute

As the content writes, the viewers are also busy with their jobs. So, when they are accessing your site, that means probably the person wants to know something. Generally, people watch the subheadings and then go to the details.

If the person doesn’t find the relevant things, they generally leave the site. So, it takes less than a minute, and that is why you have to make the content relevant so that they spend time on the sites.

7. 3.8 Million Searches in Every Minute

There are millions of people that are searching on Google for a relevant title. It depends on the matter that they are typing. It depends on SEO because the search on the internet comes with relevant results.

If you are a beginner then, you will not know about the details of SEO. When you write an article, it has to come after a Google search. That is why it is necessary to know the crucial factors of SEO.

8. Maximum Local Articles Come After the Search

If you are a viewer, you need to know that you will get the articles that local business developers have created for the viewers after a general search. But, if you search for the international news or anything, then also sometimes, the local reports come at the front. So, you have to mention if you want to read the different articles. The content business managers always deal with things because they want to get the highest audience.

9. Earning from Google Ads

When you open a page, you will see some ads saying you buy something to buy or providing knowledge on a particular product. If you buy from the site or go through the details of the product, the business maker will earn money from this.

In the network marketing business, business owners make money in this way. It is effortless to earn. First, however, you start by publishing your writings on the wishes.

10. Keyword Fixing

SEO is the method through which the articles come as a result. If you want to know, we will tell you the keywords and anchor texts that help the whole article list the results.

When a person searches for something, there are multiple options.

They all depend on the proficiency of SEO. If you correctly place the keywords, the writings will come up ideally.

So, you also use the keywords in the right way and get the details of SEO.

11. Pay-Per-Click

It is also the process of earning money from the facility. So, for example, there are ads where sometimes people click, and from that, the business developer makes money. When a person searches for a specific thing, they will get a series of results and ads. If the viewer mistakenly or intentionally clicks on the ad, the owner will earn money from a single click. This is the method of pay-per-click.

12. Internal Linking

Internal linking is also a relevant part of SEO. When a person will write and then post on other sites like Quora and different, there are additional links as well. So, if you want to connect your writing with another site, you can do this easily.

It is a strategy of network marketing. Feel free to do that if you are a writer or a business developer.


These are the amusing factors that can make you surprised. It is the best time to get the deals. Nowadays, content marketing has become so successful that you can choose it as your profession.

So, don’t waste your time and prepare yourself for the network marketing business. If you adequately do this business, you will earn a huge profit. So, start the business and get benefits.

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